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Get ahead with Samsung Camera and the GALAXY Camera’s revolutionary 21x optical zoom and feel close-up even if you’re far away.
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It's Samsung... I don't trust their customer support, they didn't even gave me something like "Sorry for us to damaged your phone!"
Jay A
this is what I asked Santa!
Just do not know why I want to buy data plan for a camera. Release Wi-Fi only already!
Oh my! Wishing i could just wake up in the morning and find galaxy s3 right beside me...
+Pete Bayliss Hmmm... You have a point but remember this is geared towards the "point and shoot" market although it's of a completely different type it's still a point and shoot. I have a regular point and shoot camera and never really needed a firmware upgrade. Yes it's an android device but being a point and shoot camera, it doesn't really need the updates that much 
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