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This holiday season, capture everyone looking their best with Best Face on GALAXY Camera from +Samsung Camera.
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Got to get the Samsung Camera for my New Year 2013
This holiday season, let Samsung pick the face that doesn't look like you're dropping a duece.
But seriously, cool feature.
The battery life on the sgs3 is one of the best on the market, maybe check your battery stats to see which app is using the most battery and update the firmware to the new multi-window one that has just released.
IE...the battery, I bought a docking station and two extra batteries that stay charged at all times. I just swap them out when I go out. I have a Note II though not a S3
The guy kinda looks like Bill Gates. Thats not good.
I'm looking for a new camera, and this does look interesting but Samsung's slow updates are now concerning me - my Note 10.1 - a flagship tablet - is still stuck on ICS.
I'm a note guy from now on
now you have touchwiz Nature UX
why not in the future twist it to become:touchwiz Urban UX
on galaxy S4, show city lights, buildings instead on nature and trees
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