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#UNPACKED  in Barcelona. 24 February, 20:00 CET.
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YES! Can't wait! I'll miss it but I'll come home to see this EPIC event! The S5 is coming soon, with a sneak peak. +Aranan Thangarajah +Chathumini Mallawa :D New icons? Maybe even Tizen? The return of Bada, haha.
Hmmm.....I do sense that Sammy is gonna announce their very own OS alongside a Galaxy S5 going by this promo !
Can't imagine the S5 to be greatly different from the S4. If they took some design tips from the HTC One I may be interested 
Looks like Samsung is about to change Touchwiz.
I do love the way that they flog you something that is "cutting edge" and "lightyears in front of the competition" and within weeks it gets surpassed and overtaken by something they had "in development". Phone contracts are usually for 2 years so it would be nice to get 2 years support from Google. At least Samsung are trying to buck the trend this time with the S3 and Note 2. Fair play to them. But why is a cheap Moto X running Kit Kat and me with my expensive S4 is still on buggy 4.3 with STILL no word as to when we get it? 
+Praveen M there's no more Tizen all support dropped out and they signed a patent deal with Google agreeing to lower the and add more Google services. Only Google has the money to afford to sell things at such low prices Samsung had no choice and neither did Google they need each other; so they sold moto and kept the patents from Motorola. 
+Mick Steadman blame Samsung not Google for your updates then add an extra thanks to the carrier you're on. Moto x is near stock as well. 
Migs B
+Andres Reano there will be some tizen just not for the western world, and ZTE already has their own tizen phone (geek) coming to the Chinese market, China mobile still wants it .

And don't forget tizen was never only to do with phones. 
+Andres Reano don't worry, I know Samsung are responsible for updates and it's down to their fudging it as per. My carrier, Virgin, leave their high end phones unbranded thankfully as they got caught out with ICS and Symbian Belle a couple of years ago and didn't need the grief. I'm in 2 minds on that one as at least you know your carrier has tested it on their network and it isn't going to brick your phone as in 4.3 and the Note 2 And S3. The same people who were screaming for the update then wanted Samsung 's blood, quite rightly as it hadn't been fully tested as it would've been if it had gone to the carrier. 
Mohd MW
They said S5 gonna be much better than Note3 spec-wise
+Mohd MW don't think so ;) Only difference in specs will be the qhd resolution of the display, that's it. 
And maybe an update for the note10.1 2012 edition :'( feeling confident...
E Bo
+Mohd MW go to my Google+ and check out my benchmark score on my t mobile note 3. The same thing as the galaxy s5
So much for Google "smacking" Samsung (see article in Forbes) and forcing them to put Google apps in the forefront :D
Esperando con ansias el 24 aunque a mi pobre s3 no le guste jajaja
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Loving kitty kat on my note 3. Cant imagine what could be any better.
I'm expecting GalaxyS5 haha
5x speed 5x brighter 5x better ui 5x fun ui 5x better social networking 5x better style 5x stronger security and privacy 5x better fittness app = galaxy s5 the 5th generation of galaxy s series which will be 5x better than galaxy s4?????
But I don't know that you're really lunching galaxy s5 or lunching something else but I know what samsung will make it will be best
I'll wait for the Google Play Edition. I'll never touch CrapWiz again. I want the pure Android experience without all the bloatware and the awful UI that comes with Samsung firmware.
I'd love to see them improve their present technology rather adding new unfinished technology which later is labeled as a gimmick.

For example they should improve the camera, rear and front...improve their eye tracking features. Improve battery life instead of just bigger batteries. Instead of packing just more pixels in their screens how about having better and correct color reproduction etc...
+Samsung Mobile Privacy?? Hope for a full featured Permission Manager = Android the most secure spread OS in the world!

Give us a hint please, we like your real and visible innovations :)

But don't exaggerate that please, so you can easily give us updates soon, you don't need to change Android much.

Will you preserve replaceable battery for traveling?

And what about waterproof+replaceable battery, is it possible for great Samsung? :)

And what about extended desktop through AllShare to video-hangout (or video) + work together?

+ front speakers
+ full HD 50p video
+ hook for a string
+ durable material so we don't need a cover like fragile iPhone
+ handsfree for tablet app
+ accessories (bulbs, locks, car lock, blinds, computer switch, TV remote, gaming console remote etc)

Really just what people need now, nothing special.

Great work Samsung!
+Chaitanya Breed  Besides being laggy, TouchWiz is really ugly. It looks exactly like Android 2.3 Gingerbread, that was released years ago.
+Thiago Vinhas and android 2.3 is not bad. It is old and slow again 4.4 but when it is new. Every one think it is fast and beautiful ui. Today android 4.4.2 is fastest os but After few years later everyone think android 4.4.2 is slow and old.
Mind this goes to show Samsung 's view on the customer. On finding on the last update that on a netbook with fixed 16:9 ratio screen, the bottom part of the window with the accept button was missing in Kies so you can't start the download and asked could they address this issue? Their answer is to a, take it to a dealer for the update and they will charge or b, get another computer! 
추구하는 바를 표현하기에는 너무 잡다하다. 핵심이 뭔지?
삼성은 욕심이 너무 많다. 일단 하나라도 제대로. 깊이있게. 
Samsung less bloatware please. Most of the s4 functions don't work properly, don't add new features until they r optimized.
Not Tizen I don't think...more likely just an improved UI like it obviously the Galaxy S5 or something like that...
Does anyone think they will show their "Galaxy Glass"?
i love all the stuff you're doing, sammi, but give us a chance to opt out if we decide your offerings aren't a good fit for us. i'm looking at you Samsung Hub, My Magazine, Samsung Hub....
I cant wait for S5 but i am happy with my S4.
I'm selling my S4 and getting this bad boy can't wait to see what it looks like! 
I'm gonna hold on to my note 3 for now but if I feel it's worth it to upgrade to the s5 I will 
I'm looking forward to the reveal in 10 days :)
제발 제대로 된 디자인이기를바랍니다
+MOHAMMAD ALI SHAKERI which country you are in? I m in India and already received kitkat for note 3. . But after update, there is occasional autorestarts which is bothering me
I am not interested in this new appearance, older one is better...
please no knox 2 please no knox 2 please no knox 2
I'm not a s fan.I like notes. I'm waiting for note4
Please éclate nous sam!!!
impatient de connaitre la prochaine experience "galaxie"
Dear all,
                My name is Vishnu  , I had purchased Samsung galaxy ace plus on 12/12/12 . Its works as smooth for few months after that i got a first complaint. I would like to mention the complaint , It is Loud speaker not working it has occurred four times with in one year . Every times i given my handset to service center ( Complaint Ref No : 8449830728 Daksh , Vyttila, Ernakulam) but they didn't solve the problem yet . Lot of times i called to customer care and i am not satisfied with your customer care , Because of when i am call to customer care they are totally forget me. But i am call back to your customer care every 30 min inter well . But the told me our supervisor call back you with in 30 min . But i didn't get the call. i told you  before the same complaint has occurred at four times. what i do next ..? I don't think this complaint will be solve after the service, Because of the phone parts (2 times Mother Board Changed , Speaker Changed,  Software re-installed ) has replaced many times , that's why i am talk about like this. I very feel bad about your service and i think you are cheat me. If you can't possible to solve this problem permanently then i would like to request to you replace my phone or you will make sure pay back the product cost . other wise i need to move legally. I expect your answer very nearest future ....
I would like to know how to update the Android 4.4 on my Galaxy S3 mini.
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