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March 14. Mark your calendars.
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Gary Ng
Wow can't wait to see the new S IV
9AM on the 15/3/13 on the Gold Coast, AUS
That's what we were waiting so long. I hope SGS IV will be the last nail in Apple's coffin. 
Ich hoffe endlich mal auf eine bessere Material wahl
+Nico Brüske Plastic don't get cold like aluminum. Looking very much forward to this day. Samsung is a trendsetter. Not the only one, but a very important one.
Ich freue mich wie ein kleines Kind auf die Präsentation.
Darauf bin ich gespannt. 
Ready "4" show?? I am not implying anything at all..
+Mads Thomsen mir gefällt Plastik sogar besser als Metall aber die glossy Rückseite ist einfach nur rutschig und nicht schön. Am besten so wie bei dem S2 oder bei meinem Galaxie nexus. Mit rauher Rückseite. Mehr will ich nicht. Kein Metall oder so etwas 
Oh no, my SIII is gonna get old :-D 
+Christian Schulz Not really correct. It's not a Nexus device they will present. There is already a Nexus 4. it's made by LG.
+Nico Brüske It's a matter of taste. I think the new HTC One i awesome looking. And it's aluminum. But there are plastic phones out there that look great also. Sony's "Z" model is plastic, I belive. They all get scratches eventually. But look at the back of at black iPhone 5. They really look worn after only a few months.
Well this is the first time samsung is reveiling a successor for its flagship so soon, i think it might not be the s4 yet something in the middle between the s3 and the s4 ... the s3 sales are still very high - why plunk it ? What do you think 
But the 4 is pretty obvious in the ad ... 
can't wait to see what you got for us :D
Ich hoffe das Samsung mit dem galaxy s4 es allen zeigt. Samsung kill Them all :-)
Dont express your feelings too much,,as soon as you canot afford it,,,!!!

Sorry,,but thats is truth!!!!
+Ernest Maleev iPhone? Every Android handset maker already has devices that surpass the iPhone and Android has overtaken iOS two years ago. People are moving away from Apple but there is still enough people who will buy their stuff even today. Apple could sell a piece of wood with an Apple logo for 100 USD. People are that stupid.
Will it have 4.2.2 Jelly Bean? And is Samsung committed to do fast system update to 4.3/5.0 when it is announced in May in the next Google I/O? History would say no, but please do surprise me.

If S4 has still 4.1. Jelly Bean then Samsung has a lot of catching up to do, it won't matter what the other tech specs of the phone are.

That is why Nexus 4 is still the best phone out there.
If the rumors are true then the screen is way too big.

Getting the Galaxy S3 was already a stretch for me since I hate these obscenely large phones - save that for the people that are in the market for a Galaxy Note. 
Mads,,,are you promodiser,,???

Lol :)
Also one way to surprise with S4 would be to make a phone with a battery that lasts more than a day or two.

It makes me think of the amazing basic phones we had about 10 years ago in the market. We had non-smart phones which had a battery lasting for over a week without recharge. Back when Nokia still knew what they were doing.

Also don't make the physical size of the phone and screen too large, all the latest phones are really looking clunky and unusable when are getting to the +5 inches territory. 4,7" is looking like the maximum size.

Save the big sizes for tablets.
I used to have a 3.7" phones - HTC Desire Z (Vision) and then the T-Mo MyTouch4GSlide (Doubleshot). My wife's HTC Sensation seemed pretty big at 4.3. My colleagues Galaxy Nexus and SGS-3 phones seemed huge.
I now have a Note2 because of the pen, otherwise I'd have an S3, and even after months of use the Note2 still seems to be on the limit of usability due to size (but I love being able to sketch/draw/annotate).

4.5" for me is a natural size for a phone if there's not much bezel. OTOH, a lack of space round the screen means the screen is more vulnerable to cracking if there's a side impact.

Your post saying that you see it already,,,,dreamer boy,,,hahaha
The new HTC ONE is the mobile phone that Samsung has to beat!
+Juha Meriruoho People should stop mixing up smartphones and feature phones. Of course old Nokia phones lasted for weeks. They couldn't really do much more than make calls, send text messages and play snake though. Stop comparing these devices to todays Smartphones! If you want battery life like that get 50 USD feature phone and stop complaining!
+El Jay People who just signed a contract with an S3 don't deserve better to be honest. It's not like the S4 is coming as a big surprise.
+Amir Rehman, thing is, all current smart phones have atrociously bad batteries. That is one of the key points all manufacturers need to work on. Not adding features all the time, but making the existing functions work better and longer.

Of course great battery levels of old times are impossible to reach because of the huge variety of functions that smart phones can be used to. As you said, old phones were only used for texting and calling. (or throwing like here in Finland) :-)
S3 already bought by my mom,,,and now i dont think,,she gona buy this one for me,,,,,,<<<---foor little boy ;(
I am using S3 waiting for S4.
I am a fan of Samsung, because I am using maximum of gadgets are from Samsung like, led t.v, washing machine, refrigerator and 3 mobiles( S3, fit and dous).

+Chan Apoll No...not, but I really think Samsung makes the thing at the moment. And they showed Apple what happens if you stop innovating. Then you get run over.
Can't wait to see it though now I willget the s5 because I have the s3:P
+Juha Meriruoho Well, I personally don't think that "all current smart phones have atrociously bad batteries". Of course some of them are pretty bad, not even lasting a full day. Many smartphones out there are doing pretty good though, considering what they (can) do. My old Galaxy Note lasted 24 to 65 days on one charge, my Nexus 4 does 24 to 48 hours, depending on usage. For me that's absolutely alright. As long as my smartphone lasts a full day, I am alright with it. I had the Palm Pre back in 2009 and that device sucked. When I got it, it lasted for about 8 hours. Soon after it went down to just 4 hours! When I went back to the shop, they said, that this was normal and I should get used to it. After sending it in 3 times for various reasons, I got my money back and purchased the SGS instead. Well. A bit off topic maybe. Anyway. Battery life has improved in my opinion. There is a lot of room for improvement though.
Das S4 kommt viel zu früh... Da wird keine große Innovation dabei sein. Hätte auch lieber ein Android 4.2 Update für mein S3... Schon allein wegen Photo Sphere.
Putang ina nyo,,,puro kau cant wait,,,wala nmn kaung pera pambili,,,husto lng kau s yabng,,,!!!
This is only slightly related to this post. . . why do people feel the need to wait on release day in line to buy something that will be the newest thing for at least a month or two?
Phil chen,,,,ningaw-ngaw-ma,,,!!!!
Saul C
Dont tell me what to do
I love and used to have s1,s2 but don't like s3. I hope s4 make a different and let me fall in love with it 
I feel bad for some of my friends that bought the galaxy s3 recently. But they just won't listen if I told them the s4 is coming out soon
waiting for the event very eagerly
OMG! I had been waiting for this phone for almost six months. Soo exciting! Guess I wont be sleeping that nite lol
If your waiting for it in the states o hear we may have to wait longer. June or July
Yes one day she will buy for you so wait and see
Marked and waiting! I hope the IV will come out with the newest Android running. Or else I'm getting a Nexus instead! 
It's disappointing that they will unmask it in NYC, but still launch it first outside the Us. 
And with that we lose OS updates for the SIII. I guess it's time to root.
hai nagarjuna  bat  ratpresentaion pore paying poroper pojo chaee masechthi happarey kollu i m nagarjuna  
Ready for another plastic unveiling. 
+Ganesan Suprumanian Of course it should stop charging when battery is full. If it doesn't, your unit is obviously malfunctioning, which should be covered by warranty. 
i have been waiting for something like this for months with my broken gs2. finally the wait is almost over
Now I am ready to use my card for this SAMSUNG S4 ...hope that this s4 will kill the apple products.....
Love it knowing that Apple has nothing. 
Pi day Yay! And what does episode 1 mean? More episodes for more Galaxy devices throughout the year? 
+Juha Meriruoho battery life isn't that bad. My SII does 15 hours of hard use easily. (With official Samsung extended battery) and I'm pretty sure the Note II has a good life too
I just hope that it has dual front facing speakers. 
Heck yeah +zachary Kew-Denniss I personally don't mind having headphones or a BT headset on but sometimes I just want to take them off and watch a video or listen to music without cranking up the volume to the max because all the sound comes out of the back of the device, or the bottom of it. Sound is supposed to be directed at the ears, not at the empty space behind the device. 
Got a year left on my s3. So can't be excited yet. Bring on s5!
Darn...I need to be awake at 1 am. Why not a friendly hour for Europe too ? :(

Hope the rumors are not true about the non-Exynos and non-amoled screen. I can't wait to say "Bye bye S3, welcome S4"
Finally. Something worth waiting for! !! I hope this raises the bar again. +bhaskar r I know the feeling with matching TV and washing machine!
Yipee I can't wait!! Wish I could go!!
Wieso geht Mir Samsung nur so dermaßen auf die Nüsse?? 
Iv got a s111 screan has shtterd gettin a new one on Thursday will I lose all my pics and apps iv down loaded
If its only ur screen dat spoiled ur files will nt be deleted
Thnk god for tht lad in shop said I would lose all my apps iv downloaded im not gud wth technology lol thnk u
People should stop!! Be a Islave n buy Samsung products lol
Very good mobil samsung Galaxy pocet.
I will Love tO have this in my hands
I hope the buttons on the bottom are Back, Home, and App-switcher.
Ich hoffe das S4 über trifft meine erwartungen:-D 
Can't wait but please step up your game in the hardware department
I just hope the rumoured move away from amoled screens and in house exynos processors are just rumours.
+Ian church actually it would be good for the S IV if no closed source exynos soc would be used
how do i switch my mesdia hub purchases to my boost zte?
lowprice&plastic or "normal"price&aluminium would be sooo nice :D
S600 is a very nice processor, LCDs are fine too :)
Can't get here fast enough.. The home button on my phone is breaking!! 
ran yan
Take my money samy, n give a phone now!
not marking any dates down until you guys fully open source both kernel and fw/ROMs up, especially the Exynos ones. Seriously ffing fix this fw I9100GXXLSR it's plagued w/ SODs 1st OR better yet drop that ball and give us 4.2 instead. If you can't do it, start paying some of your loyal xda dev guys to get that done. kthxbai P.S:- no offense intended but S IV's 4.9" scr just won't do it for me as I'm aiming for Note III so...g'luck to y'all S IV hopefuls /i9100g/Android 4.2.2/CM10.1 nightly builds user
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