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Capture memorable moments over the holiday season with the GALAXY Note II. Explore the features that will help you do this!
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Cant wait to try the slo mo recording. Thx for the tip
Between days 22.-24.12. I have taken over 600 images and some videos too. Using mainly Note II. Love the media device. Can't really say "phone" because I'm using it mostly to so many other things than phone calls. 
Apple has the similar features to this 
It's not the same as Paper Camera but it looks like it was made by the same people.  Best Face mode does look pretty awesome.
It' really not the same, but paper camera is also a very nice app.
I've had the phone for about 2 weeks and its great. The new one will be out before I learn all the features of this one.
Yes, the Software House of PaperCamer is the same of Paper Artist :) 
It's needed some other option like undo, the ability to choose front effect and background effect, che pencil coulor, the pencil pressure, but it's a nice app ^^
"Recorded and editted with a Samsung Galay Note 2"
If they added this message in the footnotes i'd totally buy it.
Had this phone for over a month now, been on one holiday and just finished Christmas with it. It's the best phone I've ever owned. It's big enough to read books on, amazing to shoot video and snap pics and edit them.. I've been hiking, tracked my walk using Google tracks as well as took some slow mo vids.. the battery just keeps rollin.. love it. Only phone I would get next is the Note 3. Awesome job Sammy!
Just got mine and cannot Put it down. I find it easy to write with the pen. As I am doing now. Oh and the video looks great on this bad boy also.
+Natraj Chaturvedi you need to find extra lens made for mobile phones. I just found couple of those in one of electronic store's news papers in Finland. Fish eye and wide lens. And you can always use telescope and mp holder for that. There are kits of those that includes telescope and holder. 
Caleb bar to bad apple sux with there apps and needs google to rescue them
You mean "how to capture memorable moments"
Excellent work by the 4.1.2 update to my s3 with all features available in note 2 expect s pen....
Note great features but still ugly
Waiting for note 3 release like child waits for Christmas. :-D
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