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Keeping time on your side is easy and you'll never miss a minute with Premium Suite for GALAXY Note.
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I want ICS on my italian Galaxy NOTE!!! :((
+Armand Tiede You're just stupid. I have a Galaxy Note and no Apple product, so I'm absolutely not an Apple fanboy.
Galaxy Note is simply the best smartphone. But please, I want ICS, I'm not so geek to flash a ROM.
Could be better... but cannot complain as this is better than all the apps out there :)
Everytime you guys put an update with functionality of the NOTE there seems to be a number of us Note users who complain that we have not got the latest update yet..

Wish you guys would take a litte time to read the comments below your posts and make a more serious effort to ensure that upgrades from GB to ICS 4.0.3 to ICS 4.0.4 are quicker..

Atleast we will not feel that you guys forget about the people who have bought your products.. +Samsung Mobile 
+Nicky Elphinstone Install CM9, you will never go back to touchwiz. You have to root though which voids your warranty. Do it at your own risk. I'm using cyanogenmod on my S2 from CM7.1 days and I am really loving it. 
I'm from Turkmenistan and I got the ics. But the sumsung software could be much better. Not every one is a hater, just complaining.
Ever since ICS update my Note keeps rebooting twice a day. Switching apps or going to home screen takes 2-3 seconds. Well done. golf clap
Just root your device and have plenty of options and if you don't like any of them come back to stock ROM. Yes Samsung makes great product but software is really not their strength just look at BADA OS.
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