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Send emails and texts, or search the Internet using Quick Command with the S Pen on GALAXY Note 10.1.
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Premium suit upgrade has great features and options
Ken Ume
Probably...just wondering when it will arrive in the UK....?
When it will arrive worldwide ???
Only 36 days for me to get it. I will be in Dubai tomorrow morning. Tomorrow evening, I have it...
1nda whn will it come to South Africa so I can have it as well
Are you sure this is not in South Africa ? It's available in Ghana !
Well I have not seen it yet. maybe if I look around I myy find it but i doubt
In Germany we have it for a while, ~ three weeks. 
+tissot regis I wish they would release their Exynos source so if they don't update their devices atleast +CyanogenMod and others can. I like a lot of the new features I see with the Note 10.1/Note 2 but would hesitate to get one based on their lack of updates.
They are not as good with updates as they should be. But of recent which other Android manufacturer has been faster to push out updates than Samsung? Not HTC, not Sony, not Motorola. They were the first to push 4.1.1 out before any of the others and now 4.1.2 is now available at least in most of Europe. You would have to go the Nexus route.  
It is a bit frustrating to see new and useful features and not know if/when you would get it on a device you paid a premium price for.... we all pay the same price irrespective of region, why not roll out to everyone at the same time. If this is not possible, let me know at the point of purchase where my model/region falls in the priority list. I think it's only fair. 
+Bruce Jr Kraft Note 10.1 has double speed <technically speaking> & more features thanks to the S-Pen.
Nexus 10 is better only in terms of super high resolution, yet the note 10.1 has a very decent & good looking display.
If you are into the nexus 10 just for the features introduced with the Android 4.2 (like swipe keyboard, daydream, multi-user), these few features have apps in the market that function almost identically, like: switchMe for multi-user support, and the note 10.1 has a better swipe keyboard, in addition to the handwriting-to-text.
As a summary, Note 10.1 is better in all aspects (almost).
+Samsung Mobile, are you going to release 4.1 and Premium Suite for the 10.1 in the UAE or is it better if I go, root it and download a ROM made for some other country? :-P
I dont know but i think this note is missing something in shape
**original post***I dont have those features yet. **edited post** love my galaxy note with premium suite!
Desperate for the update now! I want these goodies! 
When is my no1te 10.q going to be upgraded to jelly bean?
+Kunvarjigada Shah like you are REALLY going to make a difference trolling a GOOGLE social network in a SAMSUNG group about an ANDROID device. Just go away.
Update using the German rom according to the instructions on XDA Developers. No root needed! I LOVE the update... the 10.1 is twice the device on Jellybean.
Ken Ume
Looks like Jelly Bean is rolling out in the UK...just got my 4.1.1 OTA update but no sign of the Premium Pack or if it's there I have no idea how to access it.... :-(
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