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Mark your calendars! #UNPACKED
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Galaxy S5!!!!! we love u Samsung
Hope this time it's a high quality device without lag or gimmicks that only clutter the experience. You have the opportunity to do it right, Samsung. Don't waste it.
I want to see what samsung brings to the table this year. Sure they have gimmicks, but some of the features (like multi-window) are actually pretty good.
Give us some metal body smartphone
+Orlando Jimenez Vega Have you ever seen anyone to have a case on their Samsung phone? No.. Because you don't need it. The way the "plastic" is designed is to prevent the screen from breaking when you drop it.
+Orlando Jimenez Vega I prefer plastic over metal which gets cold during cold weather and hot during hot weather. Aluminum is a climate absorbant. Besides, if u put case on it what is the point of metal under the case? 
I dropped my s4 many times and nothing happened. Plastic means flexible and easy to remove cover for sim card sd card and battery change. 
TouchWIZ sucks. Please either improve it or get rid of it at all. 
Xo Mom
touchwiz isnt that bad and if you dont like it stop being a faggot and flash a different rom
Please, let it easy with the touch wiz, stock with little enhancements here and there is the way to go, just like #motorola
And please no cheesy presentation.
doesn't mean if you don't like what Samsung is doing, they are doing it wrong. Some people like Samsung and some don't. Don't talk like all people in the world hate their phones. 
FINALLY! I've be holding of buying a Nexus 5 because of this! please don't disappoint us!!
this time please dont increase the screen size please.dont make it more taller like grand2.
Who cares if it's plastic. You put a plastic case over your phone anyway 
Hope Samsung bring a new design and metal body instead of plastic
Could this be an indication that 5 products are going to be revealed? The S5 obviously being one of them.
In English this would be read as "Unpacked to the power of 5".
I'm hoping the new screen tecknology has extended the battery life by 5…but I'm not holding my breath´
While launching this update the Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 edition 
Maybe a Samsung WC with WLAN (gives a "pling" when you're finished and send a message to your facebook friends)
Sorry, owners of S4, but decided to launching S5 earlier! :)
awwwwsommme.the best news to hear today and it is also my birthday!!!!
+Sonny G. il take the nexus device over most phones ! That's why I sold my Samsung s4 so I didn't have gimmicky stuff and bloatware witch equals lag!! now I have silky smooth experience for my wife and nephew and me with the "Motorola x" and the "HTC one" and the "nexus" in my hse hold.
Can't wait to see the new Galaxy with redesigned TouchWizUI.
Now I can tell U when My S4 will get KitKat.....approximately 5 Weeks later. Last Week of March 1st Week of April
Cost .. I would not shell out 50K INR on smartphones. Let S5 better be cost effective!
I don't care that much about the design, or material long as the back cover can be removed and the phone isn't slippery in hand.

Pretty please, let the users decide which apps they want to use. In other words, give users the power to uninstall the duplicate apps which are pre-installed by Samsung...this doesn't mean "turn off" but complete removal.

And for the gear...let it work with all Android phones (+4.x), not Samsung exclusives. Keep the price down and increase the battery life too.

And finally...please no Broadway shows for this one. Just keep it simple and to the point. Last time it was cringeworthy to watch.
Unless they could launch the GS5, Active, Zoom, Mini and Tizen Phone 
+Richard Harker no its that samsung has started on the path to the darkside with bloatware, and its movement away from gooogle. But all is not lost the two giants have recently signed to a new ten year aggreement. 
+Jay Squared Of course people have cases on their Samsung phones as they could break if you drop them. Like most phones.
I can't wait for this beast, I'll take the premium one with 64 operating system along with the 64 gig internal storage. I don't care if it has expandable storage if it has a large capacity which they're talking 32, 64 and 128 gig options. This thing is going to be a BEAST!!!!!!
Ralph P
Cant wait!! Love my galaxy's! 
I've sold my phone and I'm ready to buy a new galaxy it's time to switch.
Why would I bother to pay A LOT OF MONEY for phone WHICH WOULDN'T BE MINE (NSA, Samsung and malware can access the system while I can not)?
The Samsung Galaxy S5 will be amazing!
Neues update für samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0
Note series is better than s
Do not buy things too early. Samsung is making offers later. This happened to many customers in Switzerland. They sold the Note 3 and after 3 weeks they gave a watch for free. The early buyers where treatened like a..holes!
I bought mine too early and the watch wasn't even in the store :(
SAMSUNG MOBILE galaxy s5 have display 2k (2560x1440) or (1920x1080) and scanner iris ?
All those people who said the s4 want crack when u drop it full of it i droped man and traded for the lgg2 a better phone over all in my opinion 
I don't like a phone is with a i pefer s series. Zz
Note is better I think cause currently I have note3
i would love to be there!
but i can't,first:i live in Belgium an secound:it's school that day.
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