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With intelligent features knowing who matters the most while always showing them at their best, the GALAXY S III ensures you have a memorable camera experience. Which is your favourite feature?
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I give up complaining. They don't read what we say so what's the point? Looks like we have all got well and truly Samsung'd.
It takes a few minutes to adapt such imates to Google+ - why are you still using the exact same Facebook ad, then?
I still don't get why you even asked, then... Have fun joking tho ;P
Zu Nobi
Could have done a bit more with the in-app UI but I suppose it wasn't as much a priority as the feature set, eh?
I obviously got that it was ironic... I guess pretty much anyone who knows what Google+ is does know that the S3 exists or has enough brain to get it fast. I didn't get why that should be funny, tho. Whatever, let's drop this.
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