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Effortlessly smart and intuitively simple, the Samsung GALAXY S III reveals a new concept of smartphone.
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Nice phone #gs3 I just don't like touchwiz on my #gs2
I don't think it looks anything like a iphone or #ifail But I did hope for a bit of a better device. The pixel density is a little disappointing for text reading. #iphone5 will sadly beat this phone and I hate apple
sorry to say, the 8MP camera (same as S2) is a turn off :-(
Woah! Thats my next phone def.
Frinstance, will it tie itself up in knots several times a day like my Galaxy I?
great phone. the white one looks really nice, but i am happily staying with my galaxy nexus. :)
B Ossia
As usual the rudimentary core game upgrades plus the same ugly design though inventing a new size again: 4.8".
WOwwwww i want that one . it awsome :-)
Why do they keep customizing Android? :(
Haven't you seen the Galaxy note? That's huge.
Looks very cool! I own a Galaxy S II and it rocks!
looks rlly cool but i still like the iPhone better :)
don't do it. I got the "best" same samsung at the time (the Wave) and it stopped being supported almost instantly as they moved on to producing the next thing.
Would have preferred Super AMOLED Plus. Pentile is a non-starter. HTC One X wins.
they are selling for $800! I will wait until price gets below $200.
Bina Y.
A new concept of smartphone? It looks like any other large touchscreen smartphone.
Bina Y.
but its coolerr well, it looks cool xD
Bina Y.
say it loud and proud bro!
Bina Y.
hold up bro.. its amazing..
Epic phone, but I want an iPhone.
Bina Y.
very appealing 2
unbelievable. for t-mobile?
Looks like I'll be glad I didn't get the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus looks great but I think it's a bit like the Nexus S. A great concept that doesn't pick up a lot of support.
Bina Y.
Mario, dude i <3 ur name.. it reminds me of the actual Mario and Luigi... good times :D
Bina Y.
Mario, i <3 ur name.. reminds me of Mario and Luigi.. good times :D
Bina Y.
enoch, very technical O.O
Which DAC chip does it use? The sound quality of the SII is awful while the original Galaxy S has the best sound quality of all mobile phones to date. The Galaxy Nexus is also quite good and is a good match with my Westone ES5. Really want to know which DAC chip the SIII uses.
Bina Y.
Enoch, very technical words O.O
Samsung please, do not delay for it launches in Brazil...
Too big, when will you figure out that anything over 4.5" is too large and most people want to be able to fit it in their pocket. Ridiculous.
I had the Galaxy SII and now I have the Galaxy Nexus and also the iPhone 4S. The SIII is going to replace my Galaxy Nexus.
I will stay with my GNex. Skin Free stock is the best!
I'll never buy another samsung product after my first one: the galaxy tab 10.1. It came with lots of un-installable bloatware that slowed it to a screeching halt. It also came with a promise that it would be updated to the latest android version. It's currently running on a 3.x version that's been out for more than a year.
Meanwhile, HTC, Asus, Motorola, and everyone else has updated to at least 4.0, which samsung had first, before any other company, probably about this time last year.
samsung punishes their customers who aren't ready to upgrade to new hardware every few months.
As a sg1 & sg2 user this is way too unwieldy.
is it on tmobile at and t or what?
Tim KH
+Sincere Hagewood so you have an iPhone because you like getting software updates? iPhone has the same issue with siri not being able to run on the 4...
Is there a black color option?
The terms "effortlessly smart" & "intuitively simple" are not simple or smart.

Damn.... I want one right away
Finally a good piece of hardware!
I'm seriously addicted to this phone. I might need hypnosis to come down.
But I just got the Samsung GALAXY S II. :P
If Samsung send me a free new Galaxy S III, I will tell the whole world how awesome the phone is. :D
I thnk...
Mah nxt phn:-):-)
Saw the unpacking today and it was off the hook. Have to get one when it hits the states
If Sprint gets this phone for their CDMA network AND Sprint is smart enough to allow this phone to make use of their Direct Connect feature, then this WILL be my next phone!
Sorry, I would rather talk to a dumb person than a smart phone or computer generated voice.
I did not like the front look .... why top and bottom things have to be uneven.. why cant they be of same height.
+Lily Baumgart not sure how apple is relevant but your plea is what they have phone recycling stations for
Bee Kay
Keen to get one of these for sure. Love Samsung products
Wei Ye
what new concept?
My sgs2 skyrocket is way sexier.
I would like to add that when we build one 2,000 square foot home we use approximately 1 acre of trees. So much for American ingenuity. The Greeks and Romans built with stone. We have access to metal, concrete, glass etc...
wish that i can have it this gadget so0n....
Since this is obviously an ad, not even attempting to look informational, I shall mark it spam.
Okay,finally SGS3 is announced. But now, what's about the ICS update for my Galaxy Tab 10.1???
In fact, I feel so disapointed about this product,
The first thing I did was uninstalled unpack Samsung app and then checked other previews of S 3. Needless to say its awesome!
Was really hoping for something game-changing, but not sure if this bumps the Evo 4G LTE out of first place. Some cool features though, and I love the blue color.
I think iPhone4s is much more better than this one, although I am using moto atrix 2
iphone4s doesn't have any chance to stand against it sgs3 is the perfect phone
i don't know y people use iphone it has low processor power u can not replace it's battery u can't insert any sd card ,u can't download any app from outside of app store tell me y u use iphone
Adam M
"Much more better." This is the intelligence level of IPhone users. Just goes to show you owning a "smart" phone doesn't mean you're smart. This phone wipes the floor with the iPhone. Then again, so did the S2.
I want one, when will be available in us?
When and at what price will it be available in India?
I cant wait for this to come out in the states.
Why is everyone so excited about this? Ugliest phone i've seen in a while...
i still remember how sgs2 thrashed htc sensation .....but i think time has now x to me looks more complete phn
Maybe waiting for Galaxy S llll will be even better!
Didn't blow my socks off.
Sure it has some really good but small improvements over the Galaxy Nexus but it can't wow people for long.
Granted, a low-light zero shutter lag camera is important. The friend detection feature is handy.

Granted, natural eye motion tracking interface will be valuable.

Granted, S-voice features might prove to be more effective and beneficial than Siri

Granted, I want a removeable battery but 2100mAh isn't going to be enough.

Granted, a minimum 16GB onboard internal storage is an upgrade over some phones, 32 really ought to be the minimum. It's good support for 64GB microSD is declared officially.

1GB RAM is very disappointing! Should have been closer to to 2GB RAM

But, really, where is the S-Pen and QWERTY?
I'll probably buy one but I will miss the slide out keyboard on my Epic. I will also load a custom rom on it. Those guys at XDA really squeeze out every ounce out speed and battery life possible
1280×800 would have been preferred
FHD Super AMOLED Plus would have preferred desired

Waterproofing (like fujitsu&panasonic) would be very useful.

Instead of S-Beam wireless (really just like Google's Nexus Beam), Samsung's Beam pico projector would be good.
im dying for it ,when it will come to india !!!
Samsung, keep doing great hardware but let the software to Google. This phone could be so much more without TouchWiz. Go ahead and add some apps like everyone else, but keep in mind, TouchWiz doesn't make the ICS experience any better.
You are an idiot to own Samsung phone in my country Malaysia. Software support is super duper lousy. Until today no Ics upgrade while other competitor phone are all upgraded. Shame to be Samsung user. Next pgmmdg. Iphone 5
I like the software buttons of my Nexus, which disapear and allow full size video when using apps like Youtube etc.

Strange to see that the S3 is NOT following Google's direction here. Where is the task switching button?
Should I be solely impressed by a picture of a phone? It looks nice. And what??
I don't understand why Samsung is putting together a bunch of self developed core features, which are already on Google's development roadmap. Why to build your own Voice control, when Google is working on it already? So you just waste development money on something that is going to be obsolete pretty soon.

And what is S-Beam? There is already Android Beam...
I don't see a "new concept of smartphone". I see a much-improved existing concept, which is a good thing...
Please stop building your phones out of cheap flexible plastic. I literally was going to throw money at you for this phone but it's just so terribly underwhelming knowing I'm stuck with it for 2 years. Plus its beyond ugly.
I like a Galaxy Nexus owner the small screens of Iphones are pathetic. I won't be getting this as I like pure Android... But it gives consumers choice, something brainwashed Isheep don't have. Unless you consider the same phone a year later with an S after it's name as choice.
Superb in design, performance and user experience! That's the way to do it Samsung!
i might have to switch from using my nexus s to this version :)
every indian'll desire to get it once in their life time.
Ouch Brad. They did a lot of cool stuff with it! Will it last the 2 years of tumbling and drops and being knocked around remains to be seen! May have to wait for the Galaxy S 1111! Did you have to say its ugly? Just bigger than what we're use to. I can see you're not good with change are you? No Worries, everything is going to change pretty soon!
To big for my taste. I need to be able to operate a phone with one hand.
+Ricardo Trevizo Exactly the other way around for me: I borrowed an Android phone to test it out for a week. I ended up handing it back after 1 day because it failed where the iPhone excels:
- interface is less intuitive
- interface is not consistent
- it feels slower
- the UI looks ugly
Wow, ugly, ugly! It's worse than the precedent one O_o
Why this design, is Samsung crazy, they had a lot of success and they will ruin it....
Also, this size is pretty stupid, it won't help android fragmentation, 4.8" I assume it's just to be able to say "Hey! Our screen is bigger than the One X screen!"
gosh who wants this type of phone definately not worth ur money and u use sooo much money just on internet not on texts or calls!
All I want is the OS this will come with, to put on my Galaxy Note...

Short of the Quad Core specs... Don't see much that would make me get this over the Note...

Even FlipBoard will be ported soon enough...
achchha piece hai kitne ka hai ?
looks great.. cant wait to get my hands on one :D!!!!
I still have my HTC G2 and although I have been very happy with this phone I think its time for an upgrade. Was going to get the S2 but I knew this was coming soon so I decided to wait.
I'll be having myself one in the marbled white please.
nice. i wish i could have like that gadget. :)
i hope some point they realized that #TouchWiz is the worst thing that cloud happen to an android device!! By the way I lova my #gs2 and cyanogen9 :P #dietouchwizdie #touchwizui #Samsung #TouchWizFail #SamsungFail #Android #ICS #Ice #Cream #Sandwich #Mobile #Gingerbread #Galaxy #S #II

+Samsung Mobile USA +Android
Nice looking on paper, but nexus all the way for me!
great,i hope some point they realized that TouchWiz is the worst thing that cloud happen to an android device!! By the way I lova my #gs2 and cynogen9 :P #dietouchwizdie
Galaxy SIII seems dull and boring.... My Galaxy Note is an amazing product.. It is alltogether different experience to enjoy this Phablet.......
For me I'll stay with note until the release the second generation of note :-P
I won't be replacing my Galaxy Nexus for this. Benchmarks aside, how much faster do I need to swipe pages and type out a message?
Worth buying...the quad core will make things run smoothly. The only other phone competing is one all phones need to catch up.
too bad its still a samsung..and android ...oh nevermind..........
way to big, is it really that hard to make a 4" phone?? apple crammed everything in 3.5" why not other's??
Samsung should bring another update for S II so that it can have some of the new features that S III has, namely, s voice and others. Atleast let those users also get the feel of GS III who arent upgrading their phone this summer.
In india it gonna cost us 38000 INR equivalent to HTC one X price
After all the hype, I was expecting alot from the design!!!! Look at the back, like the cheap Samsung Series! And where is the ceramic material?
Designed by engineers, not for people? Lots of emphasis on technical specs/gimmicks/etc. But a lot of it looks like bloat - like the last Galaxy S II..... (written by an ex-engineer)
Doesnt look sleek like S11. It looks like galaxy nexus which was not well designed. If this is the way it looks....i wont buy can do something now before it it is too late!
I actually really like the galaxy s3 a lot. This will absolutely be my next phone. It can keep my galaxy nexus company ;) but I'm also going to import the international version, I need me some exynos four quad processing power! Does anyone know if the sgs3 comes in black? I've only seen white and blue so far.
does it really need such a big screen?
I want one! Like now.. in a 24 month contract thought, so will have to wait for the next galaxy :)
I think some of you guys should look at the launch videos of the gs3 before making comments about what it does/ doesn't do. Its nearly 75% quicker than the s2 whilst using 30% less power, the camera whilst remains at 8 MP has ZERO lag and can shoot bursts of auto face focus shots, record 1080p video whilst taking a pic and auto tag friends in images to Facebook. There are so many cool software features that make using the phone so much easier than all other phones. Ill wait to see what apple come up with for the iphone 5, but to me this take it to the next level whilst matching the best on the market already. It looks phenomenal.
Sorry Gnex, your bigger brother is coming to town!
wow!someday m going to have that one for me
Karl W
Plastic cheap looking and pentile. I so would have like a a ceramic shell. I heard the next gen iPhone will have a "liguid metal" case look it up. Guess I stay HTC
Why people complain about dropped calls that much. Could it be that you network sucks? I can't remember when was the last time I had a bad reception or dropped call.
I know "SAMSUNG", you know everything but still let me remind you what you FORGOT:
- We need a phone not a tablet or sth as big as this - remember we've got the NOTE for this purpose.
- It can't go in the pool with me - WHERE IS THE "WATERPROOF" TAG?
- It looks so STUPID - it ought to be a smartphone not a pebble.
- PLASTIC!! WHOA! Its "2012".
- Price: $$$$$ - would it "LAST" that long?
Nice design. Hope it can compete with Iphone 5
It is a nice one n i will call super machine. lol
SORRY, I take my words back - IT'S NOT UGLY - just had this phone in my hand. But yeah its not the ultimate smartphone yet.
Its a good phone but it shouldn't have been pentile. I'm not too sure about touchwiz either
I just wish it didn't have any navigation buttons. I put a rom on my Epic 4g Touch that uses ICS screen navigation and turned off my capacitive buttons. It is way more intuitive that way,
Only Samsung with their design can stand againts those iSheeps,
Go Samsung
Only Samsung with their design can stand againts those iSheeps,
Go Samsung
Design could be much better. SII looks much better than III.
Now if that was only the same design we saw state side. Hopefully they keep the quad core for the US variant as I already have a dual core in my S2.
still happy with ma i9100...:)
it is sooooooooooooooooo cool, I got mine yesterday and I love it.
Love it! Wouldn't be surprised though if it was like 500 dollars
Thank you sumsung for creating a phone that is only going to get a dual core processor in the usa just because you can't be arsed to interface ur current quad core processors to 4G.. Meh.. You suck..
Интересно сколько будет стоит. SGS2 взял за 30000 rur
واقعا محشره
Looks like the galaxy nexus. But I'd say the nexus is better.
Can someone please answer this question?

Since a physical camera shutter button is missing, which is a great shame, is it at least possible to remap either the volume rocker(s) or the lock key to act as a camera shutter button instead?

Thank you!
+Karol G. Rückschloss but of course it is! wait til the developers at XDA behold this piece of art, they will tweak it in every way imaginable.
I still vote for S2 as this phone is basically the Same old S2 but with some icing and cream on top of it. Samsung SII Still ROCKz
i luv dis cellphone hw i wish i wil hav 1 of it
Tim KH
+Dejan Jancevski hey actually Sprint is coming out with a Direct Connect app for Android only, I work at Sprint and I did the training for it, should be out end of 3rd quarter if this year.
Specs are good. The design however, is a bit of disappointment.
a rounded rectangle design is more appealing like its predecessor
My dream phone.............too bad my first salary can't even cover half the cost
I love when people complain about phones made out of plastic, then they buy a non-plastic phone and put it in a plastic case so it won't smash
Just upgraded to a Nexus. Within months this is the new standard. One can only dream what will be available when my contract expires in 20 months time.
nice phone lets see what happen a iphone killer or!
when it is gng to launch in INDIA......i think postponed the launching
samsung give differant product every time
I used to work for Samsung they realllllly don't like it when you point out design flaws
+Achraf Chikhi I'm not willing to root my phone. I just want to use the standard software from Samsung on the device. Thus, my question still remains: can I use a hardware button of ANY kind to take pictures or do I have to rely on the barely usable onscreen button?

this phone looks different from be for galaxy S2
I like they made the single key home button and s voice. Seems like a little.... You to some other manufacter.
#SGSIII #Samsung They better come out with a black version. I personally love the white but i am not everyone.
samsung mobile product is good ,i like this smart phone.
Samsung is selling software features with the SGS3 not impressive hardware specs. We all know that similar hardware specs exist in phones already. We all know that in 6 months new impressive hardware will be out. Samsung is focusing on Samsunging the user with the S-Branding and starting to build their own ecosystem and I just love that.

Great job +Samsung Mobile!
Great work Samsung! Looks like a sweet phone! It's gonna sell like hotcakes. But I'm staying with my Galaxy Nexus (slightly smaller for factor and pure Google experience).
wow now that is a nice new feature
the question is...WHY do you people want to stick with your iPhone? I'm curious as what features about it make you instantly say no to the latest/greatest mobile device in the world?
I was expecting more... I don't like its appearance very much...
this is having very good price
Rs 35,000 only..............................
Vieleicht ein super smartphone aber fuer mich gibt es im moment nur das galaxy note
i dont think its so much the phone as it is I wouldnt give up my iTunes account
by the time it comes to aus my contact should of ended :D\
I want this phone. Better than the iPhone.
Well a good phone but it's hard to say it's the best. The only two spec that are better than the One X (that i care) are SD card slot and Glonas. And i'm not sure they are worth choosing this phone. PenTile? Come on.
Not as pretty as the GSII IMO but I like it, I know what my GSII is getting upgraded to.
Isn't so awesome it's similar to s2
when i will get this phone #hopeful
S2 is still nicer. This one is too curvy around the corners and I though ICS was suppose to be created to avoid the need to have home buttons. The home button is a waste of screen realestate.
when i will get this phone??????????????
awesome phone...awesome features..
it's the most powerfull smartphone but im kind of disapointed with the designe and the dark blue color
Sadly I was a little disapointed, wasn't the one I had in mind. I'll wait for another one.
The Xperia S looks better, but Samsung has Grown
Reza H
خیلی عالیه من می خرمش. وووووو
Im on the I9000 running ICS 4.0.4. I waited for this, now I'm gonna go out and buy the HTC One X.
They should have made it more like the Gnex with better materials, camera and no bloody touch wiz!!
السلام عليكم
لا أعلم إذا كان Samsung s3 يحتوي على الوغة العربية ؟
androids getting better and better...galaxy beats anything..:)
very good phone. I will buy one.Yes i hate iphone
Sammy my have handed the best phone title to HTC. S3 is more powerful. HTC maybe cheaper.
I currently have a $2. Its the best phone ever.. I wanted to see the $3, but think its too big. Think I'll hang onto my $2 for another year maybe they'll come up with a better phone or I'll try the I phone or a Nokia.
too big samsung! why oh why
Big very Big... I have the nexus so why bother
so specia...SonyGlaxy Sl...true....take care everyoneªªªªªªªª,,,,, and i love much....ªfrom aracellieskarlette....ª
oooooo...... i want one how much is it
is it still with android on it, goddamit ?
Ende Mai gehört es weiss natürlich :-)
I expected a much better design I thing galaxy note was the peak in samsung mobile devices galaxy tab 2 ... NO THING NEW ( my galaxy tab 10.1 is better design ) and galaxy s3 look very tradiational .... Nature eah :P
You have nice ideas but your problem is apple release one model of its phone each generation but you release like 100 no one remeber it or let it become as brand .... AND THIS last one SIII has very nice ideas but it looks like S 9000I.003 AND LOOK cheap .... AM SAYING THAT COZ AM A VERY SAmsung fan all my mobiles , tablet , notebook .... and hate when seee the luxury of the bran drop to some thing like LG junk
Hm, my LG junk has lasted all the way to hell and back for 7 years.
any idea how much this would cost for tmobile? I mean with an upgrade, not full price.
human centric design inspired by nature maybe the design not as you guys expected but when hold it you will feel it
this phone is very comfortable in hand the case is plastic but i dont know how they make it when you hold it the case feels like ceramic(plastic like ceramic case) and i really like the motion tracking and eye tracking feature its make the phone feels like our bodyparts
not a gadget (like samsung said technology should fit into our life naturally) and looks like samsung try to avoid apple patents of rectangular design like sII that device was sued by apple just look at the new touchwiz the app icon doesnt have rectangular background and the dock menu bottom of the screen was not permanent the dock only appear in home screen and gone when go to app drawer.
#galaxys3 may be good but I am not interested. In fact my interest in Samsung products declined because of the delay in #icecreamsandwich update for #galaxys2 in #india
SAMSUNG KIES pls read this hole article...........

1)) Very BAD & STUPID software samsung KIES forever......

2)) Another bad thing is that pc's performance goes down....

3)) It takes more time to opening... and after then connecting the mobile phone..

4)) After installing kies it uses internet access it's self automatically without any notice...

5)) There is nothing i found any facility to direct download various android games, application in pc and install throw mobile as like as NOKIA PC SUITE doing...(actually newest KIES doesn't give SAMSUNG APPS in KIES store)

6)) It is very complicated to use..

7)) I like to advise to samsung software engineers pls.. make a good, simple, beautiful and useful kies software........ improve ur software as like as NOKIA PC SUITE or OVI SUITE.....

8)) I think NOKIA PC SUITE or OVI SUITE are ur roll-model.......
woah ho ho ho..!! d revolution of phones.! a new species man..!! simply awesome.!
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