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Soon, you'll meet the next galaxy.
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Yawn, we're all terribly tired of the hype

Come tell us when you actually have something to announce, rather than announcing announcements
Can we PLEASE get it in U.S. the same time as the rest of the world this time or is that asking for too much??
I just get SII at the hand seeing the SIII rolling out.
+Jack zeng I wanted the S2 then the S3 hype picked up heat, now I want the HTC One X, but am sure the HTC One X2 would be announced soon
Be much more interested in meeting ICS on my Galaxy Note! When?
+Gerrell Blake that's the thing with these things, the thing is that, once a good product comes out, they have to make a trilogy out of it, like a bad one, with a better camera
+andy woodman I am still waiting for the vodafone AU to release the ICS on my SII. But according to the samsuang youtube channel, the ICS for Note suit is amazing.
Upsetting to see this, considering I just bought the galaxy nexus.. 
+Emanuel Williams No worries about it, at least you will have a good price on it. More over, Nexus has the NFC chips which is not supported by SII at AU.
+Jack zeng it's not just handsets, it everything concerning technology, there was an ad a few years back for a laptop commercial can't remember the brand, anyway, the ad was about a guy who happily bought this laptop and gleefully putting on the passenger side of his car, then he looks up while driving only to see the NEWER model of the laptop being shown on an ad, he looks at his with disgust.
+Khalid Hamdi Im not even concerned with what they do and don't in prove I just hate seeing" releasing everywhere else mid may but releasing in the U.S. late oct." I mean sheesh samsung its ok to take all of our money at the same time
+Gerrell Blake I feel you, we [Sudan - believe it or not] get the product a month later after release, but it's triple the price, and that's from Samsung, quadruple the price if by any other vendor.
+Khalid Hamdi that is real bad story!!! LOL. Maybe, by the end of that ads, he got a car accident which destroyed his old model and gave him a new one via insurance.
I realized that this is an official Samsung Mobile post, and the fact that I said Samsung Mobile triples the prices in Sudan only because of the dealership, I meant no disrespect or offense, thank you for the wonderful products, I own a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I'm inconvenient but manageable).

Thank you Samsung Thumbs Up
As much as I have loved the S2, its pure Google for me from now on (fed up of bloatware I never use and horrid TouchWiz skinning). Roll on next Nexus.
not.another.galaxy! too many freakin devices that you can't do one properly!
+Hennie Martens I've a GS2 and its superior to any Android, FPhone out in the market. Stop Trolling Please.....
+David Dakota that's why custom roms are neato, no bloatware, all the juicy bits, tweak til ya drop(or fry the darn thing)[overclocking]
Carm N
I think the android phones are getting too big. They need to be slightly smaller (like iphone) so there's a difference between them and tablet. Phone still needs to fit in shirt and pants pocket.
They became like HTC last year. Just release 3 a year, a low budget, medium budget and a high end one.
+Carmine N Did you ever used an Android Phone ??? 4" Phones easily fits in pocket. In fact you can also carry 5"+ NOTE in pocket easily :D
Samsung phones are not good...i am having one with regular problems. Two other friends of mine having Galaxy and Wave, but again regular problems.......DO NOT RECOMMEND SAMSUNG PHONES AT ALL
+Carmine N No
+Bhushan Vaidya CM9 still at nightly on HTC Desire HD (My phone for 20 months now) been using android since it came out (infancy level), used to dual boot it on my HTC Touch Diamond (teary eyed)
Hey people, add me to your circles and i will add you !
Finally! I can't wait this 3rd of May :-)
Hey people, add me to your circles and i will add you !
I've already got the galaxy nexus, but the Pentile RBGB AMOLED HD is suck. Galaxy S III must be the AMOLED Plus HD with RGB. I don't care about the four cores CPU, that's useless.
i seen the leaked pics of it but i still like the design of the galaxy s 2 1900 or whatever it is i wish they would make one that looked exact that had 4g
+Orion Chen first of all your name is magnificentastic, second what do you mean four core CPU is useless ? angry birds in time
I'll give you that, Ramiro, their phones aren't bad. Their tablets, however, don't give much for the amount you pay. That's what I should've said. Roommate has the Nexus w/ ICS on it, and it's a nice phone.
in ur point of view fb means boy friend right........
No Samsung devices for me until they start to compensate the workers who contracted cancer in their factories.
I hope it lives up the hype .Been waiting ages for this :-)
+Emanuel Williams By now you should know how often Samsung rolls out new Android phones. I remember wanting to get the Galaxy S so bad and when I had just saved up enough to buy one, the S II was out. And now the S III already?
What will happen to the Nexus? It will become redundant.
dorio x
Waiting for s3. Htc one x or s3?
Can the old galaxy have ice cream sandwich please? We helped you make the new one now didnt we? Where is our "thank you!" treat?
lol at Oudia Turner its true but why are these phones rolling out so close together? Its like they are saying to everyone "this nexus phone is our best phone ever" then two months later "this Galaxy S3 is our best phone ever" getting pretty fed up with this market. Hope video game systems don't get like this..
Btw everyone, I have only encountered 1 and only 1 problem with my Galaxy Nexus, and it was actually my fault; the battery life has lasted until the end of the day, from 7am until 6pm.. all the issues people keep talking about this phone is crazy.
Agreed +Vivek Vinodkrishnan . I call mine a galaxy family. From tab to note i got them all. The Nexus S just got icd yday n m still waiting for the rest.
+Khalid Hamdi lol, that's the first constellation I recognized when I was a child. 2nd I think u should buy a PS vita... there is a saying in my county"術業有專攻". Search for meaning :D
I really hope it will be a phone that can beat the hype around Apple. I can't stand this any longer!
Btw, you're doing a great job guys!
I've got a galaxy fit. I hope this will be good so I can upgrade!
If you want to beat iOS, leave the Android software alone; the layering to make it more "iPhone-esque" is awful. Unlayered Android is sleak and futuristic but the awful layers Samsung puts on its phones makes them appear just awful.
stop teasing and launch already (providing this cheap PR is the SIII)
Wow! Awesome photoshop generated image! Where can I buy some liquid metal like that? Is the Next Galaxy made of liquid metal? Awesome!!
Ok Samsung. You make great phones ... which I won't ever buy again. Extremely long wait time for new firmware updates and short end of life for older ones is no go for me.
It seems to be they will use ceramic instead of plastic in the caver
h ha h ah ha h aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
Yes! This is good news! I can't wait to replace my desire with something else..
not much aware about galxyyyyyyyyyyy like to add comment hope you guys not mind
Can't wait for New Galaxy S III.
Why would anyone want the next Galaxy when Samsung hangs users out to dry on Android updates. Where is GSII ICS update? It's the middle of April...
I want quad core !!!
Great products, but fragile. The cost of replacing a broken glass cover of a Galaxy SII is currently $ 400 in Norway. Insurance and extra protection will keep you covered.
Why wait for hardware manufacturers to release updates? Isn't that why Android is superior to Apple? You can go and install whatever custom ROM you like on your phone. Stop waiting around for the manufacturers to update and try the custom ROMs and donate to the developers if you really like it. sent from my galaxy S running ICS.
Sorry, for my SGS2 still no ICS available and SGS3 announcement is three months too late. Yesterday I bought a HTC One X. When you will change your update policy, I will come back. But not before!
Hope they finally change a conflicting hw buttons positions.
And use hw buttons for Menu and Back instead of sensors.
The world has been waiting for this. Now I think it's about time all the rumors and renders stop
that's great, I just bought what I thought was the new one
First update galaxy s to ics
Yep, as much as I have liked me Fascinate phone, Samsung is the slowest to update software.
I'll only go back to Samsung if they make a public excuse for what they made to me! Otherwise... other brands will get my money in the future!
I am hoping for an improvised and better UI!:)
Better make sure its better than the One X ....i am a +HTC fan and i need to be wowed
+Samsung Mobile These guys cant even tell me when my SGS2 will get ICS update. For my next phone I would prefer the company which is prompt in issuing updates
+Able Lawrence If I'm not mistaken, it's not just the fault of Samsung that ICS isn't on many SGS2' has as much to do with the carriers too. At least, it does in the US, as if Sprint thinks I still care about their "Sprint Spot" or "Sprint TV" or "Sprint ID"....either way, I agree in a way. I would like a phone that can keep up with the latest software. It's severely disappointing.
give the blue color s3~~~~
Omg about time. Anyone know release date for USA
Another great piece of hardware that will be ruined with Touchwiz and Kies. I wish Samsung would sell Pure Android Experience versions of their devices.
Big deal! Doesn't the pharmacy call you before you need a refill? Big Pharma excuse to raise the cost of medicine.
Please give me~~~~~~~~~
At least Samsung could release all the code necessary for teams like Cyanogen to be able to make solid, 100% working ROM'S with full hardware support and GPU acceleration.
about time, I can look to replacing my evo 4g.
Danggggg. I should waited... Got the Galaxy S2.. tsk.
The galaxy phones are always released around June EVERY year so this is when u get a great deal on a phone and I'd recommend buying outright. If u want the latest phone then a contract is OK if the price is right but in many cases it's better and cheaper to buy outright. I'm hoping for a nice rounded back which is easy to hold, an option to use stock ICS, memory card slot and 720p amoled+.

Oh, sgs2 and galaxy note both have ICS released, the note was a few days ago. Complain to your carrier...
The lte nexus is not recommended as Verizon has trashed the software with their radio chipset. GSM nexus is a superior device.

Oh and NFC would be cool in the sgs3 to use Google wallet.
The wait is finally ending the long-awaited release of Galaxy S3, I hope Samsung does not delay to sell it worldwide...
So is the handset to have. Add more cores for what? Does ICS even have support for four? No more waiting for updates or for source. Ill never get a non nexus device unless source becomes available at launch as a standard. Other phones will theoretically be better than nexus devices but most features dont function properly without proper drivers and such.....have fun with the S III. Ill stay awah
I have owned the galaxy s and gnex phone. I have never had a problem with either of them. I love Samsung and the phones they put out. My only wish is that they put out updates as often as they make phones.
Diya D
I can't wait
How beautiful this is! but not samsung.
I am techo-emotionally waiting for Galaxy S3..
yes finaly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have 20 months left on my contract.. :( damn you samsung ;P
but i just bought my HTC ONE X !!! DAMN
Was due for an upgrade last month, but I'm hoping this phone will be worth the wait for AT&T users, since who know when we will get a current Nexus device.
looking forward to it
it looks like .... jelly bean?
I expect sumthing much better den smartphone&tab such device which will b a combination of 3 device (smartphone,tab&desktop)
+Ian Turner Have you ever used an android phone? A good one? In what areas does the iphone beat the android phones?
it´s only a phone, but i like it!
Som mange andre venter jeg på 'S 3' - de seneste rygter siger at Samsung har indkaldt til pressemøde den 3. Maj i London..
5/3 → S/3 → S3
Oh Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
Just got a Note. SIII is going to have to be special to be better than a Note. Perhaps that is why the Note does not have ICS yet, it would make the SIII look bad?
I would love to see this support the S-Pen as an accessory/option. And please launch in the U.S. quickly
Can't wait to see what Samsung will/might/possibly in some markets, in 1/3/6months time with the lastest/previous, soon/sometime/maybe never to be upgradable version of Android. :rolleyes:
Since the day i bought my Galaxy NOTE, theres nothing left to imagine for me.. but Galaxy NOTE 2
It's going to use liquid metal technology me thinks :-)
Hey Samsung. Can you tell me when an update will be out for the samsung galaxy mini. its an amazing phone, im just wondering
oh man. I'm really going thru a conflict here. Galaxy Note or "The Next Galaxy" ?
why did the site say "you can take the next step" yesterday? what step are you talking about here? are we all made to be idiots here? it's the most disrepectful action to blatantly mislead people as part of some stupid campaign
+Thomas Clothier you could take the next step. first step was the site with timer, next is the site with video. I actually don't know what step was the page with scrambled letters flash.
+Vuyo Mtoba I think they are releasing a new galaxy family according their videos, so wait and see before you buy.
싸게좀 나와라
these are the two colours that S3 will be coming out with :)
it will be available in those two colours :P
I desperately need a new phone & SGS3 will do the job just fine! :)
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