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Merry Christmas everyone!
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Merry Christmas!
Where's my gift? Pls give me a note 2.. :)
Thank you for a perfect phone, the Note 2!
Does that include all the people STILL waiting for Jellybean updates and driver sources?
It's not good without new update for galaxy s3.
galaxy note 11 n galaxy s 3 which one is latest..?
Merry Christmas. I hope I can buy you Galaxy Note 2 soon
Mary Christmas. Oh...Oh..Oh..
Ver A.
craving for GNote 3, bigger screen !
very good...
Ha santa was awesome to Samsung this year. They made billions off this phones. Loving my note 2 
+caroline mary - The Galaxy S3 came out first, and then a couple months later the Galaxy Note 2 was released. The Note is essentially as S3 on steroids with it's 5.5" screen.
I have a S 3 but I want you too baby! Hmmm note2
Galaxy S2 - 4.1 Jelly Bean update would be a great Christmas present :) Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas indeed! Thank you for that and not the generic "happy holidays" stuff. Much appreciated 
Thanks . How about a lap top or note pad for christmas ? Hmmmmm !
Merry Christmas and thanks for my GS3 4.1.2 update :-)
Merry X-Mas !!
-S3 running Paranoid-Android Hybrid ROM
Merry Christmas, and looking forward to 2013 with even more great SAMSUNG products!
une action en faveur des personnes défavorisées, et nos fêtes seront forcement joyeuses. bonne et heureuse année à tous .
Almost to say bye to 2012,2013 welcome.
What about Galaxy S/Galaxy S Plus? Update our phones to jellybean. Please, because they are still good phones. 
Galaxy note2 the best device for my hand,male hand!!!
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