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The momentum in 2013…
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Yup that's because they make an irresistible product that is super productive! Well at least the galaxy note from the 2nd one going forward
Migs B
Samsung conduct business right, and they are the best at it
..Галакси в книге рекордов типа, у самого 2 шт. галакси
Samsung Mobile r the best smartphone company right now
Yes u r right, i love samsung smart phones especially d samsung galaxy S4
The best Smartphones ever ...... Note 3 the special one 
I have galaxy S4 but im suffer with heating problem...
Can l get that figure again?
It'd great if they would upgrade their devices like they said. They are great products if you like the current os version on them don't hold your breath for updates. 
Samsungs fearless man. The note line up pioneered the "phablet" space & gave lots of people what they were waiting for. 
Samsung is by far the worst phone company when it comes to updating phones to the latest android software!!!
Where is 4.3 update for the note 2? If not getting can you expedite to get 4.4? Ridiculous
I have a note 2 and if the rumor is true the 4.3 update has been pulled due to issues with the gs3.
Very frustrating we may still get by end of year but not looking good
John W
Love my note 3. While the size may not be to everyone's liking, I can't imagine ever going back down in size. I doubt I could go bigger either though, it's a beast at its current size. 
+John W Go get yourself a Galaxy tab and your note will feel tiny after. 
Yet they roll out a update to the uk that looks like a kindergarten kid made with more bugs and errors so why did we buy a Samsung device
Amazing apple can't touch u guys I love my gs4 thank u
You forgot the millions of S3 users screwed over the past six months stuck on 4.1.2 for you to sell more S4s and the bodged abandoned S3 rollout to 4.3! Apple upgrades the OS simultaneously, since you are trying to better them you should try that too.
+Chosen Havoc which version of Android your rocking at the moment? I got all updates regularly on time, device is s4 unlocked Netherlands version at the moment rocking 4.3
Maybe your carrier is to blame not Samsung. 
4.3 was a mess for the S3 so much so they pulled it my next phone will not be a Samsung as i'm fed up with late updates so Nexus all the way 
The only reason to consider a Samsung phone would be to run stock Android. So the S4 would be good-enough to convert to Google Edition and get KitKat as soon as end of month. Otherwise... stay away!
Any word on when the S3 might get the 4.3 update or has that been scrapped altogether and I have to wait to possibly get 4.4? I won't hold my breath on that though. 
Its not been scrapped just sent back to get sorted the BTu should never of been rolled out first if networks pulled there finger out and passed this or told Samsung in the first place then we would not be in this mess

Lessons Learned about solving knowing problems.

When you have just one user point a call at your support, it is just an “ISSUE”. You can take a while to solve it.
When you have a lot of users with the same problem at your support, it is a “PROBLEM” that should have your attention, and quick solve solution!

In Fri, 15 Aug 2014 14:55:27 +0000 (Build date), Samsung delivery their Android 4.4.2 version (Product Code: ZTO, PDA: I9505VJUGNH2, CSC: I9505ZTOGNH1, MODEM: I9505VJUGNH2) to all GT-I9505 users in Brazil.

This version was delivered with some problems that have been pointed out by users in Samsung support site, and various websites specializing in Android. However, so far, Samsung only suggests users to wait for a new version of the OS that will fix the problem, but not informs WHEN this will happening!

The IR Blaster problem is a knowing issue (BUG), but there are others problem with this OS version,like: “” process stops.

I have no idea how many devices were sold in Brazil but, as far as I know was a lot. Which mean, many users with the same problem! Which should draw the attention of Samsung to quickly solve those problems, isn’t it?

Strangely, even after 54 days, Samsung has no provision to resolve the problem, and let all your users literally unsolved.

Possible quick solutions:

The best one: Identified the problem (not functioning IR Blaster), compile a new version of the OS with the problem solved and immediately deliver to all users (via Kies or OTA);

The second one (workaround): Compile the previous version of the OS with a new number and immediately deliver to all users;

The third one (the worst): Leave everything as it is, because this is really the intention of the company (SAMSUNG) remove intentionally the functions of devices, so the users consider buying a new device, which is ILLEGAL! Or maybe users choose to change its choices and buy others companies devices!!!

For me, or they show a solution, like first or second presented here, or it will be consider relevant when I will change my device to consider other players. I still believe Samsung is better in hardware and software, but after that episode I start to consider other options!

Or I’m taken in serious, or I’ll not take them as well.
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