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If technology is to be truly smart, shouldn't it fit into your life naturally?
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sheeps = iphone users!? rofl :D
Samsung, I salute you. Awesome teaser, and that iPhone-sheep joke at the end is HILARIOUS. Can't wait for May!!
Andy LL
what on earth is that? i can open the link now ?
not dolly but shaun the sheep or maybe apple fanboys the sheep aka isheep.
Teasing with meaningless videos is not innovative at all. It's not clear how Samsung can call anyone but its own customers sheep.
+Drasko Draskovic what do u mean meaningless? it tells us about the phone “a galaxy fits perfectly into your hands" means it comfortable into ur hands and "your view of the world grows even wider” hints to bigger screen at the edge-to-edge display that has been rumored. “As you gain the power to explore freely and swiftly” could hint at the all day battery life and the new exynos soc processor that Samsung has been talking up.
Meh, learn how to make decent radio hardware and improve the durability of your handsets, and kill off touchwiz, then I might get excited.
Mmm fits perfectly in hand...hopefully not bigger than s2 & 12 map wide angle camera. That hoard of Isheep epic!!!!
+Drasko Draskovic i know why samsung is mocking at apple fanboys that because apple fanboys is too fanatics for apple product so samsung not aiming apple fanboys they are aiming for android fanboys! android have the biggest maket share right now but with different manufacture so samsung try to get all that market share and beat apple cause apple still have the biggest market share compared to samsung if they succesfully do that apple fanboys will admit samsung and choose samsung than apple product! its just about trend!
+Sazzad Hossain its not bigger than s2 the size is still the same but it have a bigger screen from edge to edge just wonder the s2 with screen from edge to edge of the phone and no button.
and still waitin for ics update for galaxy tab 10.1
Running 4.0.4 since 1st april on my s2 ;-)
what does samsung try to tell us with this video??
This is about to be the event of a life time. I hope they announce the Galaxy SIII and a new Galaxy Tab 10.1 with amazing specs
+Brad Blumer like the new A15 soc cpu.
i like tegra soc.. the cpu are still behind exynos but the gpu are the best in android!
no wonder nvidia is the king of gpu and the next tegra will bring ps3/xbox360 like games on android!
How about finally revealing the 11.6 inch HD tablet which has been rumoured for ages?
Go for it sammy....s3 compatible with jelly bean
I'm pretty excited about this phone. That probably has to do with the fact that I haven't seen any substantial leaks and want find out until the May 3 unpacked event. Bring us something good, Samsung!
if all the rumors we have heard about it are true or at least some of them, the Next Galaxy or Galaxy S III will surely be this year's hotest Android phone.
It's also certainly to be the phone that finally convinces me to make the jump away from iOS.
I own a Galaxy S II now, it is a great phone but with the rumors of the Galaxy S III having a quad core processor, i want the "Next Galaxy"
I hope you guys live up to all the hype you are building. If you do.. it will be one for the record books... if not.. you may end up pulling an HTC. :)
s2 owners will be loyal to sammy's s3!!
Well I won't buy this phone. Bought the Galaxy Nexus when it first came out at christmas but I really enjoy the hype!
Heck yes! I had the first Galaxy S, the Galaxy S II and I will get the 3rd one.
never gonna happen! i hope in steve kondik
hey Touchwiz isnt a bad UI, i like it better than HTC Sense because its not a resource hog on the phone
samsung has shown disrespect to users especially older customers who are waiting for ICS updates for so long now. this video shows absolutely nothing to us. we may as well all be sheep buying the iphone
still the best is coming from sammy
Amazing trailer, Samsung has an Android app for the unpacked event. Just go to Google Play and search Samsung Unpacked
Yess the samsung galaxy s3. How long do you estimate that the cell arrives to Argentina?
There are rumors that there will be several events around the world. It is said that the phone will be immediately available in this part of the world after these events.
"Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S III smartphone may not be called the Galaxy S III at all. It may also just be a small update from the current Galaxy S II and will only offer faster speeds and “eye-tracking” a report says.". And what do you think?
This info is all over the web.
"SGS III will be more incremental update than bold new flagship, insiders claim, boosting speed and adding a new eye-tracking control system but otherwise being more of a Galaxy S II refresh. “It’ll be like the iPhone 4S was to the 4″ a UK telecoms source told CNET, referring to the more moderate changes Apple made to its smartphone late last year, despite persistent rumors of outlandish improvements. Meanwhile, Samsung might not even call it the Galaxy S III, according to the tipster.".
It may even turns out that Samsung will name its next flagship phone as the Galaxy S3 - using numerals instead of numbers.
At the moment there is nothing certain. We have to wait for the London event. Be patient !
With these disadvantages:
Incapable of 3G video calls without a 3rd party app,
No microSD card slot,
Non-user-accessible battery,
Not inspiring picture and video quality (complicated video framing),
hardly anyone will decide to turn to the HTC One X, knowing that a New Galaxy is waiting just around the corner.
+Dakra Faren There is one thing that stands for a totaly new smartphone. It's the foto that came from samsung to invite us to the unpacked event. There we cab see the shapes of a smartphone that doesn't look like the SGSII at all!
I think all the rumors and leaked Galaxy S 3 prototypes we have seen so far are fake. I honestly think Samsung would want to design a device that would battle the iPhone 5. From what has been rumored along with what we have already seen in the past, the iPhone 5 will be a redesigned device. Samsung is indeed Apple's biggest competitor and vice versa, why do you think the two companies have been at each other's throats for the past year and a half? The Galaxy S 3 will be a device with significantly improved features over previous versions of the Galaxy S just like the iPhone 5 will be. The issue is can Samsung create a device that can keep its customers interested and can it even pull users from iOS to Android. I think it can and the Galaxy S 3 will once again be the best Android phone on the market!
You're right, 4212 is disappointing. I was sure that the Exynos 4412 will be used and even guessed on the basis of the moved presentation that Samsung will apply dual core Exynos 5250 as a more innovative for a present big screen smartphones.
Referring to the shape of Next Galaxy, what we're seeing today are "dummy" units that contain the (so called) Galaxy S3 guts and software.
There's one more surprising rumor! Have you heard of Galaxy S II Plus?
Samsung Denmark claims the Samsung will officially introduce the Galaxy S II Plus on May 3 and not the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III.
"Just above the time and date of the launch event there's a small “+” sign, while to the right we can see the rounded shapes of a phone.

Add to that the recent “previews” of the alleged Galaxy S III, which might be in fact the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II Plus. That would explain why the latest leaks mention an 8-megapixel camera and a 4.6-inch display. there is another rumor".
How about that?
I wonder how many will be variants of the NEXT Galaxy S?
I see a correlation between + character and a shape of the phone under the blue textile (Galaxy Nexus-like shape) and Galaxy Nexus-like design can be also correlated with Galaxy Note-like device with an Exynos 4 or S4, and better photo cam.

And one more thing.
"SGS III might not only be coming with Android as a new rumor pegs the company as possibly releasing a Galaxy S
III type phone running Microsoft's WP 8 sometime during the fall of this year."
+Samsung Mobile isn´t it about time to release a new teaser? Please, show something... anything of the new device... i beg for it!!!!
quad core.....4.0...........4.8 inches!!!!!!!!!!!! our GALAXY GETTIN bigger..... S III.......
I hope…. Samsung will not disappoint us…. Just like Apple did on iPhone 4S
I hope Samsung doesn't disappoint either, as i was really disappointed with apple and who i'm switching from to get this new device :)) Roll on 7pm BST tomorrow
Nice one ? :)
May 3 = 5 - 3 = S3 :)
Compared to OneX, I am expecting a micro SD slot, bigger and better screen and a better camera. My purchase decision will be right after I read the first two reviews of this mobile.
Why does the Android Samsung UNPACKED App not support Google Plus as a sharing button at the bottom of the app.. FAIL SAMSUNG!
Hey, why don't you guys do a live Hangout on Air on Google+ for the launch coverage of the S3?
i hope that the server will handle it... would be very disapointing if we cant watch it...
Please Samsung, can I get ICS on my tablet now that the phone has been announced?
I'm hooked. When can we get it in the U.S.?
How can you be disappointed? :))
The screen is PenTile type or RGB? The battery is Li-Polymer or Li-Ion?
Where are these specifications?
It's Li-Ion 2100 mAh.

It seems to be a PenTile, 4.8'' Super AMOLED Plus HD screen has not yet been put into mass production.
Sorry but according to LG, Samsung's Super AMOLED HD in the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II HD LTE and the like is "fake."Samsung's use of PenTile, which shares green pixels and creates a slightly fuzzy look, allegedly doesn't represent a real HD picture.
Actually Tarik, its the blue wavelength that the human eye can't entirely focus on. So there are 2 green, 2 red and one blue between them. Sorry to burt your bubble. ;)
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