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With ChatON, +WhatsApp  and +Skype  discover the best communication apps for your GALAXY Note II. Which do you use most?
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wait, is that the first galaxy note
FB messenger, Gtalk/ G+ messenger / And Twitter are my communication tools. On Galaxy Note II I prefer Skype :)
Neither. I never initiate conversations using IM. Only through SMS or email.  Worst case, FB mail.
I like how it's on N900 where everything is built together with the default phone calling and sms functionality and you don't need to have other applications running.
Google+ Messanger. I hope that Google will integrate it with Google Talk. 
+Darrin Rich lol that's exactly what I wanted to find out :)... but, I don't think so... maybe in Asia but not in UK/US
Chat on finde ich um einiges schöner und besser als die anderen!
i mostly use Line and Whatsapp, whatsapp is not better than chaton, but it is a main IM for my country, so.... .
 i love samsung product but ChatOn just still not mature yet , still have many minor bugs, no voip , doesnt support symbian line, server still lag, etc
i know it is still beta version though
Using Line since the day it came out in Europe. I use whatsapp also but as little frequent as possible
Sa Eva
Vvive chaton
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