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With its intelligent 8-megapixel camera and Pop up play feature, the GALAXY S III is a truly smart device.
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I have an S3. It's great. Too bad that one of their updates did something funky to the stock OS. I had to install CyanogenMod.
I got mine couple of days ago , still learning on its functions and didnt know bout cyanogenmod could be installed on it
i prefer the evo line. except for galaxy note, and even there the evo is more solid, smoother, and just plain better. and im using a two year old evo, mind you, that i got cheap off craigslist recently after my iphone 4s was stolen. so im saying a creaky old the year before last years evo hands down beat both galaxy s 2s. (why did i get a second one? first one was defective. as were two shiny new iphones. the note was pretty nice, tho).

i havent tried the 3 but i spent an afternoon with the latest evo. it equals and even bests iphone, in some areas.
I got this mobile ...
Its Amazing !
I've got one too and I love it ! I just hope that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean will be available soon on this device...
Gotta wait until my hardware upgrade is available next year, picking up this phone or its successor then!
Its amazing . But a short battery life
For the battery life , ive got mine on power save mode works well for me but cant tell you hours , but a lot longer
Honestly my s3 lasts all day with me using it constantly ( I'm in IT people call a lot ) you just can't have the lu 've wallpaper or news feed apps on it cause that will drain battery like a mopho.
Uscellular hasnt come out with that yet, besides alittle to big for what i need, although i was thinking about it
This is truly the it phone. Comprehensive features are exactly why Apple patent trolls!
Galaxy s3 is the best phone ever :-)
Is the S3 supporting USB-OTG so you can plugin in usb harddrives and more things like that ? i would love to be able to directly plugin my DSLR's to this, shoot and instantly deliver images to clients. If so then i might consider this phone next year.
+Magnus Rönnkvist Yes, it can act as a USB host. I've tested with USB drives, keyboard, and a gamepad. The USB used to be a bit buggy (nothing terrible), not sure about latest updates.

I'm glad that I got this phone, although I was so wanting a Meego phone at first. Too bad that Nokia went M$.
Still not liking it. Sorry but I'm an Android purist.
Sweet! thank you very much for your answer Suvi-Tuuli :) bugs should be expected in new devices no matter who the manufacturer is. As long as users report back to Samsung they should fix it asap.

The device itself looks like a real killer, but what worries me a little is if the battery even lasts a full day with that big display. I mean it must suck the battery dry pretty quickly when you use it.
Depends how you use it , i havent figured out bout the pop up video yet
+Jack A Jones you have to record a video or have a video saved in (videos) app. Click on the video you want to see to play it then at the bottom right corner select that box looking thing......
This GS3 is like a mini computer in my hand seriously
I have to disrespectfully disagree with +Kami McKinley as I have a gNex running Jelly Bean. This thing is butter smooth and though I've talked several friends coworkers into getting the s3, I'll gladly stick with my gnex. Note, perhaps the camera may be the downside to the phone though I'm fine with it as long as the shots I take with it are in good light.
I gt tis s3 amazing woo..just the batteries wories me.
Sorry all the Samsung lovers I have owned my first HTC phone & its truly the one in today's market bcoz its the best of all "ONE X"
Alan V
I own a galaxy 3 the battery has been nothing but awesome I had the nexus and that phone lasted me half the day where this bad boy last me one to two days top
We got it waiting to activate
Alan V
Yup it's been nothing but great for me had it for about almost a week now
and I use my phone here and there at work but I show it off at work alot
because I work at a cell phone booth
Alan V
Yeah it's great phone I just got this phone for me and my wife she had the iPhone 4s and was hating iTunes and the size of it too small froze too much
I love mine. It's an amazing mobile device! I'll never be able to go back to something ordinary. It makes iPhone look dull.
Alan V
LOL so true
The battery lasts better than my iPhone did.
Alan V
That's another great plus about this phone's battery just too awesome
I like the sound about the batterystatus on this device. :) those of you who own it and use it already with your type of usage, how long does it last for you before you have to recharge ?
Totally awesome device. Only got it a couple days ago so still learning the ropes. Can anyone recommend any good apps/widgets?
I really wish that you offered a Nexus vanilla Android version of the s3. Actually it would be cool if you offered a Nexus variant of all your flagship phones. I think you would save cash. Think about it, instead of building a seperate device for the Nexus program you use what you already have. Just my two cents
Bryan, can't you just install a vanilla Andoid version of your choice on it ? i'm sure Samsung wants to ship a ready-to-use product which you can start working with directly from the box. A complete well packaged product where their custom OS is part of the whole package. Although i can see the problem with that, any update will be massively delayed because it has to pass through their developerteams first.

Eight hours after a full charge, hmm.. that's not really enough juice to last a full workday. :(
Roms aren't vanilla android and they even take awhile to get onto devices. Look at how long it took to get a workable cm9 ROM. My dream is to have apple like updates with the hardware of my choice.
I know, more frequent updates for ALL customers regardless of the device they use would be very welcome.

I got a HTC Desire HD and i'm still waiting for 4.0 to be released to us, and even earlier rom's. But nothing, HTC appears to have abandoned this two year old device by now.
I think all top manufactures should have a Nexus, kinda like a pro device that's a Google experience phone. They charge a little bit more and make limited quantities. Most regular users have no idea what version of android their using and I don't see a financial benefit to manufactures besides a higher cost.
Yes battery is better on s3 than gNex. It uses a 2100 mah where gnex uses 1850 (the Verizon flavor).
Even though the S3 is technically superior to the S2, I still prefer the S2's design...
Alan V
Yeah HTC some time does that just like the thunderbolt
The best Phone ever!!

Apple Sucks!! Samsung Rocks!! \m/
Apple doesn't suck however, the GS3 is awesome....
I think there are those, such as me, who are sick and tired of Apple's patent litigation tactics. For me, that's what causes me to think they suck!
So I guess Microsoft sucks as well?
Not necessarily so, although I don't particularly care for Microsoft products. My opinion of Apple is based purely on the aggressive patent trolling against Samsung. Just a personal opinion though
I got mine and it truely is amazing. Thanks for my first NON HTC smartphone.
I went back to android because of Apple annoying limitations in syncing device, i really hate iTunes. I have to state here, i bought my S3 two weeks ago and i'm in love with it. Still playing like a child with this device in my hand... Best cell phone i ever used it. Totally recommend it 
Alan V
That is what my wife is saying she is so tired of itune
I tried to get used to it, i had my iPhone 4 for a little over a year. But the truth is Apple needs to make things more simple.
And iTunes just does the complete oposite. My school is windows, i grew up copying and pasting and that is what i want/need to do to put files/music/video on my mobile device.
Apple just wont let me. Ok, i'm with Samsung now.


Thiago Raposo
Alan V
The problem with Apple is they are trying to be too simple, simply
frustrating one choice doesn't fit all that's the thing about people we all
have different wants and needs Apple thinks for you and thinks that's the
only way
Personally the GS3 in my opinion is hardware crack lol
Ah man that's messed up! Sorry to hear that, I pls tell me u have insurance on it.
When will you release Jelly Bean For S3 ?
Alan V
Arthur Davis the problem with Apple lately they are sueing for ideas or patents they never invented they just bought them and they are a acting like big baby's when something else makes something better that is not good business practice they just through ideas they bought and claim we did it first
Alan V
I'm not an Apple hater I like what they make but I'm not going to blindly just give Apple my full support for
Alan V
Other company's hard work to make them what they are now
Lol but what have they sued for that they didn't have an original patent of? That's what I want to know.
Not being blind to what Apple is doing with IP but what I will say is this argument will never end. I like both companies I just want them to solve the difference but I will not say I hate Apple nor will I say I hate Samsung nor Google nor Microsoft. The only phone on the market that doesn't look like or similar to an I phone is Nokia and Windows phones, and Sony as well....Tablets hmmm
Alan V
I don't want to get in a big thing about apple vs Samsung but llike said
they sue out crazy for patents dine they don't own you ask like what will
I'm pretty sure we all have heard about them sueing over slide to unlock
which is something they never really owned neons own that first
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