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I really want to see the true form of "Samsung Galaxy S5".
im so keen for this, but this movie and the leaked picture in the 'gear 2' ad or whatever, looks like it is a very similar design to the s4, but with a new flash (like the gear) 
Saul C
Yeah, Xperia Z2
Which time the event will start? I'm in Barcelona
The traditional silhouette finish to the teaser .. yeah .. yeah ..we all know its the next galaxy S .. :) 
I just bought a wonderfully discounted Note 3 :-D
1..2...3...4...Knox5...goodbye SAMSUNG...
i guess there goes my tax return fix my note 2 and get the S5 when it comes out
Based on the photos, it's pretty disappointing so far.... The new back looks awful.... I hope it's just the lighting... 
Soooo, physical buttons again!?! Shame on you Samsung.
+Emmanuel Pacamalan I know that right , we the residents of Barcelona have access to mobile world congress TV , that is the reason I asked that question
Duy P
+Marko Simić why would you want on screen? waste of screen space....
Saul C
+Richard Yarrell hahaha you must enjoy battery draining gimmicks and stolen ideas. Glad I left Samsung and their sheeple
Wazza A
where is the jellybean update for galaxy s duos
+Duy Pham software buttons are better on so many levels, and I am not willing to go into that discussion right now. Just look at it in this way, Samsung is the only major manufacturer that still use hardware buttons on their high end phones. Moto X, Sony Z2, LG G2, new HTC One, Nexus, all use software buttons.
+Emmanuel Pacamalan I've seen on Instagram, by searching through the Galaxy S5 through their Hashtag. It was very dissapointing to see the same design again. :( 
I Thought Samsung Promised That The Galaxy S4 is  Your Life Companion Everyday Life! Then What's the Galaxy S5 for ? Because I Have My Galaxy S4 With Me , And I Found Out That The Galaxy S5 Will Release It Soon, I Would've Been Jealous Because Of it's Specs ! :(
we are 6 hours ahead of the Spanish time. At what time is it here in Thailand? 
+Daniel Courvoisier  I Know Right ! They just break there own promises ! SAMSUNG please don't make that kind of slogan ever again it makes people want it but then this another innovation comes and so on....
I hope Samsung doesn't do what they did with the last unpacked event. Please Samsung no more dancing and singing to unveil a smartphone! Horrible! 
after seeing the new leaked images, I'm not excited anymore
Its leaked... We've seen it. You blew it with this one. Let's hope you can get your crown back with the S6. Because you're gonna lose it this year with that one. It's a new Nexus for me, or maybe I'll give LG a shot. You've lost a 4 generation customer with me samsung. 😕
S3 was a huge sucess but the S4 disappointed A LOT of customers with its milky plasticky unfantasticky cover on the back and other stuff. That's why the S5 isn't that hyped.
Unlike other people I would like the S5 to be plastic. Those aluminum phones scratch easily and if I drop it might leave a visible bump.
Samsung, I am disappoint.
I hope that these leaked images are not true because it will be very disappointing
Meh only reason I'm not considering is cause I'm stuck in a contract right now...but Galaxy S6 is serious contender for my next phone! I'm glad Samsung is sticking with a plastic cover...I would love to be able to put a SD Card in and change battery! And I've had an aluminum phone and a plastic phone now...and the plastic one looks much better after dropping it a bunch of times than the aluminum one did!! This whole premium look stuff is stupid if I'm going to throw it in a case anyways!
The leaked images look pathetic.... TTTTT^TTTTT I've had my hopes up high for this phone but it just became pretty disappointing....the specs can be pulled of but the design is a big looks like a cheap/fake China phone and the back cover looks like a phone from around 2004-2008 :///

I just wish those photos are just prototypes or a different brand line of a Samsung phone.....
+ohohzaximo and I'm hoping that your new Touchwiz UI wouldn't be horrible....
Waiting on note 4. Once you go big, you don't want to go back:)
Shawn K
Where's live stream?anyone?thanks!!!
Shawn K
Oh my god i like gear fit!!!
Shawn K
Love gear fit design!!!
Shawn K
+Azam Shaikh thank you for the link you're the best thanks bro.!!!👍
Thank you Samsung for providing tools that truly serves the purpose and help in our daily chores. The heart rate monitor was such a thoughtful addition. But I didn't find the thermometer in either the S4 or the Note III! Thanks anyway.
Please give sweden S5 with Exynos processor 3gb ram and more. Prople here dont like the bad processor and only 2gb ram. 
Shawn K
Where's finger scanner??? @_@
Now NSA have DNA. I hate finger print!
I don't like you Samsung, if I want to download something then I can't because I don't trust the apps! THEY HAVE ALL MALLWARE INSIDE, so I have an iPhone 5S Champaign 32GB, Bye!
I stay on S4 to bad to upgrade. I will have more ram 64bit processor and more powerful battery 3300mah is ok. Lg g2 have 3000mAh 
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