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Draw a less than arrow on your GALAXY Note II and you'll quickly return to your previous screen. What other great Note II tips do you know?
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i think the galaxy S III is magnificent, but the note II is definitely out of this world. Please someone out there buy me one for christmas!
the Samsung galaxy s3 alpha is much cooler than note 2 ... Someone must buy one for me this Christmas! :D
i haven't heard about the SIII alpha, is that the improved SIII? 
yeah.. A reiterated s3 introduced in japan. it has 1.6 ghz quad core,2gb ram and Android 4.1! ..someone Must buy me one.
yeah.. A reiterated s3 introduced in japan. it has 1.6 ghz quad core,2gb ram and Android 4.1! ..someone Must buy me one.
that's the equivalent of a NoteII smartphone, there will never be an ultimate smartphone coz soon it'll be 2.5 GHZ and 500G internal memory, that would be a superphone!
In the picture above you can see that the power button is a third of the way down on the right hand side. To have it parallel to the volume buttons on the original was a very poor design fault.
just watched a youtube video of the S3 alpha, it is a really amazing phone with 2gb ram. I think samsung should be the most valuable company in the world.
I'm using my note 2 right now it is awesome!!!!!!
man, i envy you. i'm on a nokia symbian: it sucks!!! 
The only drawback is that we don't have the update for the multi screen yet only very few apps right now but Gmail and YouTube will come soon hopefully
i thought you recently received software updates to JellyBean?
oops, you're on the note II, i thought you were on the S3. 
guess you just have to wait a bit, however, icecream sandwich is not bad afterall! 
Note 2 + Swype + Stylus = super fast writing.
Just got one 1 hour ago!^^
Had to decide between Note II and Nexus 4. My choice was right! Thank you Samsung for making awsome phones!
Had one for a couple of weeks. Super fast, multi screen way cool. The best
So I'm loving this phone if you hold the return button then you can get the list on the left hand side to see all the apps you can use in split screen just choose the two you want and there you have it, two apps one screen = split screen. 
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