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Form and Function: An Interview with the Designers of the #GearIconX (2018)

It may be Samsung’s smallest wearable, but the Gear IconX (2018) is big in terms of features and functionality. Behind each and every function is a team of designers, who worked tirelessly to create Gear IconX. Product Planner Chahee Park and UX Designer Jungwon Choi explain more.

Q. When it came to product planning, what were your priorities and which features were focused on to optimize the Gear IconX’s usability and functions?

Park: This is the second generation of the Gear IconX, and as such we took the time to really listened to user feedback to help us improve upon our first design.

We wanted to make sure that a smartphone paired to a Gear IconX would be able to provide better and more features and functions than it can with wired headphones.

For example, the earbuds can store and play music tracks without being connected to a smartphone. We also designed the Standalone Running Coach with voice guide, which tracks your workout, coaches you by providing real-time updates on exercise and is seamlessly integrated into the Samsung Health app. In addition, holding a button will trigger voice command and those who have Samsung smartphones are able to directly transfer their songs to their Gear IconX while connected to Bluetooth.

The Gear IconX can achieve up to five hours of music streaming via Bluetooth and seven hours of stand-alone music play. But even if users do run out of battery, the Gear IconX’s charging case is able to recharge the earbuds, so they can keep on going wherever the user takes them throughout the day. There’s also a Quick Charge function to provide that extra boost when needed.

Q. In terms of design, how important was overall comfort?

Park: Well, everyone’s ears are shaped differently, but the design had to suit as many people as possible and a lot of effort was put in to ensure this. We conducted a lot of studies and sought out the most ergonomic design. Our chief concerns were about angles, ear-comfort, stability and fixedness even during high impact movement, and of course size. Since the IconX can now be used for longer than ever, we wanted to ensure that users had complete comfort throughout.

Q. What are the advantages of using a touchpad? Can you elaborate further about the process of designing one?

Park: Pressing keys requires a degree of force, which is quite uncomfortable for users while they are wearing earbuds. A touchpad eliminates the need for keys and suits the Gear IconX’s minimalist design.

Inputting through keys had to be limited in order to deliver all the functions and features that we wanted to provide.

Choi: Our designers call it the invisible UX – there’s no screen and it can’t be seen. UI feature designers often got together to discuss basic interactions and how to ensure users would intuitively understand how to use the UX. It was important to know how much users can remember and internalize, and how quickly they could adapt to the newly applied touch and hold features.

An additional challenge was posed in optimizing the sensitivity of the touchpad.

When we say “swipe up”, everyone has a different idea of what “up” is. They go sideways, diagonal and straight up. We went through every possible scenario and gathered information through trial and error. We had to enlist the help of hundreds of internal staff in the trials.

Q. How was the sound quality of the Gear IconX achieved?

Park: The kernel design of the Gear IconX optimizes sound insulation and helps to block out any noises surrounding the user. Our greatest efforts were put into making sound output seamless. Since the earbuds are cord-free, and connected to a device via Bluetooth, sound must not be staggered or cut off. We wanted to minimize disturbances in the connection, particularly in underground spaces such as subway stations, where a cord-free product encounter lots of interference.

To achieve this, the Gear IconX’s sound output is stabilized with Samsung’s Scalable Codec, which continuously analyzes interference from WiFi and other Bluetooth signals and adjusts to minimize the impact on audio performance. The Scalable Codec decreases bit rate whenever the Gear IconX senses that the signal transfer is being disturbed, ensuring seamless music playback.

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#GearSport: Designing a Smartwatch for the Everyday Athlete

Featuring a full suite of premium fitness features, a stylish yet practical design, and an enhanced and intuitive user interface, the new Gear Sport was designed to help people get more out of their day, and live a healthy and well-balanced life.

Here, two of the minds behind the Gear Sport’s design, Product Planner Sungjin Kim and UX Designer Hayeong Jeong, discuss Samsung’s efforts to design a sports watch that’s in a league of its own.

Q. Who was the Gear Sport designed for?

Kim: Conventional sports watches tend to be huge and heavy, and designed mainly for those who are interested in pushing their bodies to the limit to reach peak condition. We’ve tailored the Gear Sport to those who want to work out and stay in shape, but aren’t necessarily interested in becoming a pro athlete.

The result is a smartwatch that’s sleek, comfortable and great for everyday wear, and packed with features that empower users to get the most out of a workout whenever they wish. We set out to design a device that struck a fine balance between stylish design and powerful, fitness-focused function, and we’ve been delighted to hear that the result of our efforts has gotten great feedback from users.

Q. What are some of the ways that the Gear Sport streamlines exercise?

Kim: The Gear Sport features built-in GPS and an advanced, continuous heart-rate sensor, and is one of the first Samsung wearables (along with the Gear Fit2 Pro) to boast 5 ATM (50-meter) water resistance.

This level of water resistance means that the smartwatch is built to not only stand up to rain and the odd splash, but also dips in the pool. In fact, the Gear Sport’s support for swim-tracking app Speedo On makes it the ideal companion for any swim.

The device is packed with powerful fitness-tracking software, including a built-in “pace-setter” feature that makes it excellent for managing runs, as well as automatic activity detection. And by seamlessly syncing with Samsung Health, and allowing users to easily log their calorie intake directly into their smartwatch, the Gear Sport also offers tools to help users keep better track of their eating habits and ultimately achieve their weight goals.

The Gear Sport is also great for home training. Its Samsung Health integration allows you to easily access an expanded collection of fun fitness classes from third-party content providers that may be streamed to your Samsung TV using your Samsung smartphone’s Smart View function, while its continuous heart-rate tracking allows you to monitor your performance on your screen in real-time during your workout.

Q. How have you enhanced the Gear Sport’s familiar, circular UX?

Jeong: Our wearables’ signature UX makes accessing their functions simple and intuitive. When we set about designing the Gear Sport, we prioritized finding useful ways to enhance the circular UX, and make best use of the versatile bezel.

For example, sending a completed text with the interface used to require a tap of the screen. Now, a slight twist of the bezel will automatically pull up a prompt to send your text. We’ve also optimized the bezel to make tasks like changing a watch face more seamless and convenient. So if you rotate the Gear Sport’s bezel quickly after pulling up the watch face selection screen, now, you’ll be able to instantly view more options.

Other adjustments include the new app shortcut widget, which displays your most recently accessed apps, and the streamlined Quick Panel, which may now be accessed from any screen, rather than solely via the watch face. The optimizations we’ve made are the results of incorporating user feedback, and make it easy for users to access key functions and find the information they need at a glance.

We’re constantly looking for new, innovative ways to optimize UX – not only for the Gear Sport, but for each of our wearable devices.

Q. Were there any other fun features that you were able to incorporate into the Gear Sport’s design?

Kim: Because smartwatch users tend to be tech savvy, and IoT-interactions are becoming more ubiquitous in our lives, when designing the Gear Sport, we prioritized optimizing the device for inter-device connectivity.

This ultimately led us to develop cool functions that allow users to use the Gear Sport to streamline how they do things like manage PowerPoint presentations, navigate VR interfaces,* and pay for goods on the go.

*Using Samsung’s Gear VR headset

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Dock and Run: Samsung DeX Offers New Opportunities for Business and Entertainment

The ability to see something on a different scale often offers a new perspective. Launched with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and now available with the Galaxy Note8, Samsung DeX* lets users use their smartphone like a desktop by providing a seamless, mobile to desktop transition. Now, users have the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds in an ever-expanding ecosystem of partnerships, opening up new possibilities for coding, entertainment and productivity.

Out and About with Linux on Galaxy

At last, developers themselves are able to experience a truly mobile development environment.

Linux on Galaxy, an app demonstrated during SDC 2017 in San Francisco, is designed to free developers from their desks by providing a Linux OS environment for their Galaxy smartphone: anywhere, anytime, on-the-move. Smartphones with Linux on Galaxy are capable of having multiple operating systems running at the same time, so developers have the ability to work with their Linux-based distributions of choice on their mobile device, without restrictions. As well as using the Android OS, they can open the app to run any software they require in a Linux OS environment, giving developers the flexibility to choose.

What’s more, Linux on Galaxy is DeX-enabled, meaning that developers can seamlessly move from smartphone to desktop whenever they want to work on a larger screen with a keyboard and mouse.** Currently in its trial stage, Linux on Galaxy is already causing a buzz amongst developers.

Even More Entertainment

Samsung DeX complements the conventional mobile experience. In the world of entertainment, Samsung DeX now offers support for even more mobile games and video streaming services, so users can watch the action come to life on a larger screen.

Samsung’s partnerships with major video game developers such as Super Evil Megacorp’s Vainglory, Game Insight’s Survival Arena, Eric Froemling’s BombSquad and Netmarble’s Lineage 2 Revolution present popular mobile games on the immersive desktop setting through the Samsung Game Launcher app, with a keyboard and mouse for easier gameplay. This allows players to move from mobile to desktop, and back again, without disrupting their gaming experience. In addition, new titles – including Lineage 2 Revolution and Nexon’s AxE – are beginning to support Vulkan API in increasing numbers. The upcoming “mobile title” Square Enix FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION has been optimized for both Vulkan and DeX, pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming.

With Twitch, users of the video streaming service are provided with a better multitasking experience and can resize the window and play video while running other apps via Samsung DeX.

Powering Productivity

The service doesn’t just enhance mobile entertainment– it also heightens user productivity. Samsung DeX transforms the docked Samsung smartphone into a desktop-like workstation, increasing output for professionals on-the-go.

Users can enjoy an improved email experience—with email clients such as Samsung Email, Samsung Focus, Nine Email and MS Outlook—via an optimized interface with a desktop-like, three-column layout, flexible split view and multi composer.

Likewise, Samsung DeX enables a better collaboration with video conferencing from even more services such as Zoom, BlueJeans and GoToMeeting. Video conferencing has been made simpler with a seamless docking-undocking experience, support for screen and document sharing, and multitasking capabilities that allow the user to stay in the call while taking notes or sending email.

With the Galaxy Note8, the new All Apps user interface offers users a full view of up to 36 of their mobile apps at once, which is an increase from previous view of 25 apps. The enhanced UI makes app access and search more convenient, allowing users to identify and utilize apps faster.

As Samsung continues to expand its partner ecosystem with third-party developers and strives to broaden the use of Linux on its smartphone, the service’s ecosystem will continue to grow organically, offering a wider range of Samsung DeX-optimized apps, features and experiences for Galaxy users across business and entertainment.

* Samsung DeX is compatible with the Galaxy Note8 as well as the Galaxy S8 and S8+
**To find out when Linux on Galaxy will become available please sign up at:

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Go Beyond Fitness with the #GearSport and #GearIconX

The new Gear Sport and Gear IconX (2018) are now available for purchase in select markets.* The two devices are the newest additions to Samsung’s portfolio of innovative wearables and are both uniquely designed to meet the varying lifestyle needs of consumers.

The Gear Sport features a built-in GPS and 5 ATM water resistance** to help users go beyond fitness to get the most out of their everyday activities. Adding to this are a suite of premium partnerships with Spotify, Under Armour and Speedo that enable practical fitness experiences, as well as an enhanced user interface that is easily navigated via the device’s minimalistic circular bezel.

With its sleek, ergonomic form that can be worn with a variety of 20mm straps and watchfaces, the Gear Sport is a stylish accessory for any occasion, whether hitting the gym or going out with friends.

Boasting a lightweight, cord-free design, the Gear IconX (2018) earbuds provide a secure and comfortable fit, making them perfect for active users who are constantly on the go. A built-in Running Coach, in-ear automatic activity tracking, hassle-free controls and standalone music playback capabilities with 4GB of internal storage take workouts to an entirely new level. Furthermore, an improved long-lasting battery ensures that users always have access to the features they need and music they love.

* Devices will initially be available in a limited number of countries including South Korea, the US, Canada and select European markets, and will continue rolling out to additional markets in the weeks ahead. Availability dates may vary by retailer and market.

** The Gear Sport has a water resistance rating of 5 ATM (50 meters) under ISO standard 22810:2010 for wristwatches under defined conditions of pressure, time, velocity and temperature. This means that the device is safe to wear while walking in the rain or showering, and may be used for shallow-water activities such as swimming in a pool or the ocean. However, it should not be used for scuba diving, waterskiing or other activities involving sudden temperature changes, high-velocity water or submersion below shallow depth. Rinse in fresh water and dry after use in salt water.

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Samsung Removes Barriers with Improved Smartphone Accessibility

Samsung has developed tools in collaboration with people with reduced vision capabilities to improve the usability of its products. Small changes mean that more people can enjoy smartphones without missing out on functionality.

The New Black

Some of the most recent developments can be seen in Samsung’s smartphones. Samsung’s High Contrast theme, which can be downloaded from the Samsung Themes Store, was designed to help users with reduced vision capabilities read text more clearly. The company recently launched the second version of the High Contrast theme, called Sky Black, which has been well received by users.

High Contrast themes are predominantly black to help readability without overwhelming users with bright light. Users with reduced vision capabilities tend to hold their device close to their eyes. A white background would be too bright for them to read. The use of a dark palette helps with overall usability.

High Contrast functionality from Sky Black is applied to the entire range of the phone’s main screens such as the home screen, menu and functionality. The design of Sky Black has become so popular that all user types are downloading it for their smartphones – even those without restricted vision.

Sky Black follows the success of the first High Contrast theme called Sunset Black. The original theme of this type was launched earlier this year alongside the Galaxy S8 and has been downloaded a million times. It prompted Samsung to listen to the feedback of its users with reduced vision capabilities and refine this accessibility feature even more.

Clearer Browsing

Surfing the web is an activity that all smartphone users frequently do. It made sense then, for Samsung to introduce High Contrast to its Samsung Internet app. It serves an important need because previously, when users deployed the Invert Color option to make the text more readable, the images would become distorted. High Contrast mode on the Samsung Internet app makes everything easier to view – both text and images. This new functionality is receiving positive responses from users participating in the ongoing beta phase. The official launch of High Contrast mode will be within the coming weeks.

Our smartphones are now such an integral part of everyday life. It’s vital that everyone can interact with them easily and without restriction. We’re doing our best to break down the barriers and enable the best experience for everyone.

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The S Pen: Newly Optimized for the #GalaxyNote8

The S Pen is the Note series’ defining feature – a versatile tool whose intuitive design and powerful functions make multitasking a breeze, and allow users to express themselves and connect with others in fun and creative ways. There’s truly nothing else quite like it.

The Galaxy Note8’s is the most powerful S Pen the series has ever seen. Here, Hyesoon Jeong, the Principal Engineer of Framework R&D Group for Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business Team, discusses various ways that Samsung optimized the implement’s latest iteration to streamline more facets of users’ daily lives.

Q. One of the new features, Live Message, has been particularly well received. What were your main focuses when developing it?

Live Message is a fun GIF-creation feature that’s an evolution of sorts of Smart Select, which was introduced with the previous Note device. We wanted to expand this type of functionality because the ability to create GIFs has proven popular among Note users, who are very active on social media. Live Message takes GIF creation a step further by allowing users to add personal touches to messages, via animated text or live emojis, and customize their photos with various pen effects.

Our main focus when developing it was usability. We wanted to make sure that the function would be freely available for users in markets across the world. Because people in different countries communicate via different channels, we worked closely with popular messaging services around the globe, working out conditions and regional restrictions, to build something that would work with them.

We also want to show users how easy it is to utilize the function when communicating with their friends. Our developers are currently working on software updates that will introduce more beautiful and decorative examples of animated GIFs for users who may not be entirely satisfied with their own GIF-creating handiwork to plug into messages. We’re also looking into expanding the selection of pen effects that users have at their disposal.

Q. What are some of the ways that users can utilize the S Pen when using Bixby?

Bixby integration currently allows users to utilize its voice command feature to adjust the type of pen they’re using, as well as its color.

The S Pen’s Bixby support also makes it easier for users to shop. When you’re surfing the web and you find an image of a product that you like, you can activate Bixby Vision via Air Command, hover the S Pen over it, and instantly search for it online.

Q. How did you improve the Screen off Memo feature?

Screen off Memo is another feature that’s receiving positive reviews from users. It automatically activates when you remove the S Pen, and allows you to instantly jot down notes to the off screen. This is a new function that enables users to write even when the screen is off, so that you don’t forget any passing thoughts.

For the Galaxy Note8, we’ve enhanced the feature to deliver new levels of convenience after listening to the consumers’ voices. Whereas before this update, the function was well-suited for simple, temporary memos, now, Screen off Memo supports up to 100 pages of notes and allows you to pin notes to the AOD and make edits. This makes the function perfect for taking notes during meetings or presentations, managing to-do lists, or writing quick reminders for important tasks.

Q. Could you elaborate on how collaborating with Wacom has helped Samsung maximize the S Pen’s utility?

Our collaboration with (pen display, tablet and stylus manufacturer) Wacom, incorporating its tablet technologies into mobile devices through the S Pen, has been excellent – a win-win. Although other mobile-device manufacturers could design a smartphone with a large screen, by introducing Wacom’s solutions to the mobile realm, we’ve been able to establish a new standard when it comes to productivity.

We’re currently working with Wacom to explore new possible S Pen features and B2B solutions, including support for secure digital signatures, that could offer users and businesses additional convenience.

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Do More, Play More: The Entertainment and Productivity Features of the #GalaxyNote8

Inspired by the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy Note8 builds on Samsung’s heritage of creating stunning designs with meaningful functionality, incorporating a large, bezel-less Infinity Display that lets you see more, do more and play more. Additional screen space paired with enhanced entertainment features and refined multitasking capabilities make the Galaxy Note8 the ideal device for those who want do bigger things in work and life.

An Entirely New Viewing Experience
The 6.3-inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display takes mobile entertainment to the next level by offering a noticeably more immersive viewing experience with a screen-to-body ratio of more than 83 percent and an aspect ratio of 18.5:9.

With the new ratio, content shot in 21:9 will fill the Galaxy Note8’s display, increasing the viewing area by 14 percent compared to the Galaxy Note5. This, along with the phone’s MOBILE HDR PREMIUM™ certification granted by the UHD Alliance, lets you see vibrant colors and contrasts in the way content producers intended while watching the latest binge-worthy shows. Likewise, gaming experiences are also heightened thanks to the phone’s expanded viewing area and powerful performance capabilities.

Multitask Like Never Before
In addition to offering a more cinematic viewing experience, the Infinity Display optimizes multitasking so you can work smarter, not harder.

Multi Window allows you to complete multiple tasks on one screen for enhanced efficiency. But now with the Galaxy Note8’s new App Pair feature, you can create a custom pair of apps on the Edge panel and launch them at the same time with a single tap. This means that you can simultaneously launch Music and Maps apps before leaving on a road trip.

Likewise, the Snap Window feature lets you pin a specific area from a recent app to the top of the screen, and continue using the area below it. The feature is especially useful for keeping an eye on continuously updated content, such as stock prices and news headlines.

By balancing competing demands – HDR capabilities and the ideal viewing ratio for watching today’s content, and the need for expanded screen space and enhanced productivity features – the Galaxy Note8 is the ultimate multitasking phone for all of one’s work and play needs.

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Redefining Mobile Photography: The Camera of the #GalaxyNote8

Samsung has once again set the standard for smartphone cameras in terms of both hardware and software with the Galaxy Note8 – the first smartphone with two 12MP rear cameras with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on both the wide-angle and telephoto lenses.

With 2X optical and up to 10X digital zooming capabilities, images are crisp and clear, even when shot at far distances or in low lighting conditions. Furthermore, new Live Focus and Dual Capture features give users added creative control over their images.

The Dual Camera—What It Is and Why It Matters
Like its name suggests, a dual camera is made up of two separate cameras and their respective image sensors that work in a complementary way to each other.

Generally, one camera functions more or less like a normal camera, capturing color images in the same way most typical smartphone cameras do. The second camera, meanwhile, aims to add elements that can’t be captured with the primary sensor. When a user takes a photo, the camera captures two separate images. It is the combination of both of these images that produces a clear, high-quality photograph with a greater depth of field.

Correspondingly, the dual camera of the Galaxy Note8 utilizes both the phone’s rear wide-angle lens and telephoto lens simultaneously to produce optimal results.

What’s Zoom Got to Do With It?
With 2X optical and 10X digital zooming capabilities, the dual camera of the Galaxy Note 8 is able to capture clear, high-quality close-up shots.

This is because its telephoto lens uses the optics of the camera, or the optical zoom, to make the subject appear closer without enlarging any portion of the in the way that a digital zoom does. In doing so, the optical zoom produces professional-looking images without losing quality, even if the subject is far away. So, for instance, if taking a picture of a band during a concert, a user can use the camera of the Galaxy Note8 to zoom in to see the details on the stage.

Photos That Stand Out From the Rest
In addition to its zooming capabilities, the dual camera, with its fast F1.7 wide-angle lens with Dual Pixel technology and F2.4 telephoto lens, quickly and accurately pinpoints the subject the user is focusing on, and thus is able to capture sharper and brighter shots even in low light environments.

Also, with dual OIS, users can get crisp, focused images in all lighting conditions, even when they’re shooting with an unsteady hand.

Additional new Galaxy Note8 camera features also give users creative license to produce unique photographs that stand out from the rest.

For example, with Live Focus, users can adjust the bokeh effect – the aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image – to change the depth of field of a shot. Users can control the intensity of the overall blur effect and apply it before taking the image in preview mode, or after capturing the photo in the Gallery app.

While many users prefer to make their subjects stand out by blurring the scenery around them, sometimes the background is just as important, such as when photographing a loved one in front of a famous world landmark. In Dual Capture mode, both the phone’s rear wide-angle and telephoto lenses work simultaneously to capture two separate images. Users can then access both zoomed-in and wide-angle versions of the shot from the Gallery.

The Galaxy Note8 is also equipped with an industry-leading F1.7 8MP autofocus front-facing camera for sharp selfies and video chats. Its bright lens keeps details clear even in low light, while Smart Auto Focus tracks the faces in the shot.

Incorporating Samsung’s best-in-class dual camera, with dual OIS on both lenses, along with new Live Focus and Dual Capture features, the Galaxy Note8 is the ultimate device for taking photos that are crisp, clear and capture special moments in the way users want to remember them.

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Fully Powered and Protected: The Foundational Galaxy Features of the #GalaxyNote8

Built on the Galaxy foundation users have come to know and love, the Galaxy Note8 offers the same great collection of cutting-edge features that have over the past few years redefined the mobile experience. With enhanced performance capabilities, water and dust resistance and expandable memory, the latest addition to the Galaxy Note lineup is a device that is designed to help users do more and make things happen.

The Power to Do More
Providing up to 6GB of RAM memory plus up to 256GB of expandable memory via microSD card*, the Galaxy Note8 provides large-scale capacity for running and storing essential data such as documents, movies and music. These features along with the phone’s 10nm application processor (AP) give users the power they need to browse, stream, play games and multitask.

The Galaxy Note8 is also gigabit LTE and gigabit Wi-Fi ready, meaning that it is built to give users superior connection speed by tapping into network speeds that can go as high as 1 gigabit per second.

Protection Against the Elements
Because the entire device including its S Pen is IP68** water and dust resistant, the Galaxy Note8 lets users take photos, check email and jot down their thoughts without interruption – even when the screen is wet.

To create a water resistant device, Samsung engineers had to ensure the protection of every component.

In particular, the S Pen required the integration of multiple technologies including printed circuit board (PCB) molding and rubber sealing. The molding covers the surface of the PCB and consists of a special epoxy material. Rubber sealing, meanwhile, prevents water damage by sealing off all vulnerable passageways and by covering important components without affecting their functionality.

The S Pen’s pen tip, for example, reaches to the internal components of the pen and makes tiny movements that trigger the pen pressure switch. In addition to preventing water from flowing in, the sealing process also ensures that there is enough room for the pen tip to move as needed.

Unlock at Once
Equipped with the latest version of the industry-leading security platform Samsung Knox, the Galaxy Note8 provides strengthened security features and enhanced convenience through a combination of biometrics. Leveraging Samsung’s innovative iris and fingerprint scanning, the Galaxy Note8 offers various services to provide an additional layer of security while facial recognition capabilities enhance convenience.

Users can opt to access Secure Folder, an encrypted folder that lets users manage private apps and files securely via PIN, pattern, passcode or biometric authentication to keep private and personal data sandboxed separately on their smartphone. Similarly, Samsung Pass enables people to quickly and easily log into mobile banking apps and websites on the Samsung Internet Browser using biometric authentication rather than having to repeatedly input usernames and passwords.

Galaxy Note8 users can also make use of iris and fingerprint scanning to access Samsung Pay, enabling a secure, yet more convenient way to pay.

Charged Up and Ready to Go
The Galaxy Note8 features a 3,300 mAh battery and charges quickly using a USB-C port. The phone also continues to support wireless charging, so users can get a quick, convenient charge without having to mess around with ports or wires, and have more time to get things done.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note8 has passed the 8-Point Battery Safety Check, the most rigorous in the industry. It is also approved by UL, a leading independent safety science company.

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*MicroSD card sold separately.
**Water resistance rating is based on test conditions of submersion in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.
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Created to do bigger things: The Design of the #GalaxyNote8

The Galaxy Note8 showcases Samsung’s heritage in both hardware and software innovation. The phone offers an optimal user experience with a large form factor that easily fits in one hand, innovative display design and technologies, and a line-up of thoughtfully designed accessories.

The Big Screen for Bigger Things
The innovation of the Galaxy Note8’s design makes possible the 6.3-inch Infinity Display. Without obstructive bezels or physical buttons, the display seamlessly blends into the device’s body, adding to the phone’s eye-catching aesthetic while improving its functionality.

To ensure that the Galaxy Note8 achieves optimal performance, the enhanced Infinity Display incorporates a slightly more squared design and a slim bezel – refinements that help to maximize the flat area of the screen, and thus provide more surface area for writing and drawing with the S Pen.

The Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display takes more than 83 percent of the body of the device, making it the biggest screen on a Note device yet. Its expansive screen space – which in landscape mode offers a 14 percent wider viewing area than the Galaxy Note5 – and aspect ratio of 18.5:9 allow for incredibly immersive viewing experiences.

The back of the phone, which features a new dual camera as well as a fingerprint scanner, maintains an equally clean and continuous silhouette as the front of the device with virtually no protrusions. Together with its symmetrically curved design, these changes help to create an ergonomic grip that enables comfortable one-handed operation.

Easy on the Eyes, Smooth to the Touch
Available in four stunning colors, including the all-new Deepsea Blue, as well as Midnight Black, Orchid Gray and Maple Gold, the Galaxy Note8 has a premium look that fits almost any style.

Each color is enhanced by the glossy finishing of the phone’s materials, which was created through an intensive polishing process. The polishing was also applied to the frame of the Galaxy Note8, allowing for a seamless flow between the front and back sides of the device. The texture of the material is smooth to the touch, creating a sense of comfort.

Note-Worthy Accessories
The accessories of the Galaxy Note8 are designed to both protect the phone and offer a contemporary look and feel that fit a wide array of lifestyles. Many of the phone’s accessories have been designed to focus on the standing function of the Galaxy Note8 to enable users to more comfortably watch their favorite shows and movies on the device’s large screen.

The Protective Standing Cover, for example, is a military-grade protective cover that provides unsurpassed protection of the Galaxy Note8 all the while offering a full view of its Infinity Display. A kickstand in the back props the phone up for better viewing, and pops off if too much pressure is applied so it doesn’t break. The Clear View Standing Cover also protects and holds the Galaxy Note8 at an optimal angle for viewing media, while its dedicated UX makes it easy to check alerts, take calls and more, without having to open it up.

The Alcantara Cover, 2Piece Cover and Clear Cover, which were all well received when launched with the Galaxy S8 and S8+, will also be available with the Galaxy Note8.

For more convenient charging, the Wireless Charger Convertible can be effortlessly adjusted to be a horizontal pad or vertical stand so users can continue using their device while powering up. Or, should they need to keep powered while on-the-go, the stylish and slim Battery Pack easily slips into a bag or pocket.

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