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How HDR live preview works on #GALAXYS5

One of the roles of Samsung Mobile is to uncover valuable insights from our users, such as taking backlit pictures showing both the shadows and highlights, and make informed decisions in the development of products.

So we’ve introduced an advanced HDR feature on the GALAXY S5 designed to help you take better backlit pictures with a real-time preview.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is used in photography to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity. An image sensor typically gets a limited amount of light with full well capacity ranging from 0 to 1,024. Using HDR technique, you can extend this limited range. What this means is that you’ll be able to see both the shadow and highlight regions clearly. However, when you enhance the shadows without doing the same for the highlights, you end up with shadow noise. HDR on the GALAXY S5 lets you to enhance both shadows and highlights at the same time so you get clearer results.

But we took it one step further. The advanced HDR on the S5 works not just in post, but also in live preview mode. This means you can see the difference in real time and make a decision whether to capture the frame in this mode. In most cases, the camera captures multiple frames in different exposures and merges them. Each image carries information including brightness levels, tone and dynamic range. 

On the GALAXY S5, the sensor is able to receive, and process, two different types of exposure at the same time. This enables you to preview your photos and videos in HDR, as well as take burst shots.
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+marlowe marzan lol, seems you dont know what you are talking about. HDR was already in the S3
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Samsung Mobile

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Ready for the #GALAXYS5? Which color will you pick: electric BLUE, copper GOLD, shimmery WHITE or charcoal BLACK?
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Black ♥
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For all the dogs out there who want to boost their exercise regimen, we're introducing the Samsung #PuppyFit
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Oops! I'd like to ejoy it

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We go hands-on with the new #Gear2 and #GearFit wearables. 
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thank you
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Introducing Samsung #Gear2, #GearFit.
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Where is the first Gear introduction video?
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I buy it
I pay 51,000 for s5
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Tech meets Art.
Smartwatches have been discussed extensively for their hardware and software designs, but the Full Screen exhibition at the XPO Gallery in Paris, France, is celebrating the art their screens can...
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Dont update kitkat, it will make ur s4 useless
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Developers take note. Tizen SDK for #Gear2 and #Gear2Neo now available! #TizenOS #Developers #Wearables
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trashy brand genius could not service the product are you taking there employees the product what if there are saying if he wanted one of them writes and sends a complaint from the phone 5 times going and competent one out does not say why this phone 5 times the same complaint from the service entrance is doing he says, and your phone are you giving 15 days worn by the same product having the characteristics of a product allocation is supposed to show no interest and give feedback, they do not return only customer satisfaction survey're doing it for branding not institutionalized mention the brand emblem is a business and it's all social media will announce
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We go hands-on with the #GALAXYS5.
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+Joshua Ryan Shame you support ignorant comments as such. Shame you're sheep.
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Introducing Samsung #GALAXYS5.
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the note 3 is fukn better
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