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Become a Productivity Powerhouse with Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX, the company’s ultimate mobile productivity solution, allows users to easily connect their Galaxy device to an external display to enjoy a PC-like experience powered entirely by their phone. Now, thanks to the solution’s new support for easy-to-carry HDMI adapters, as well as its deep compatibility with the Galaxy Note9’s S Pen, mobile multitasking has never been simpler.

Let’s explore how the Galaxy Note9 and Samsung DeX can help you become a productivity powerhouse.

Made for Mobile Lifestyles
Samsung DeX offers an Android-based, PC-like interface that allows you to seamlessly access your phone’s apps, and adds comfort and convenience to viewing and editing documents and presentations, watching a favorite show or movie, mobile gaming, and much more.

The interface is easy to navigate, supports keyboard and mouse gestures such as shortcuts, scrolling and dragging and dropping, and features a variety of optimized apps that allow users to get the most out of working on a larger display. The ability to effortlessly toggle between apps and view their contents on a bigger screen makes multitasking a breeze, and makes working on your smartphone more convenient and efficient.

Your phone still functions as a phone when it’s plugged in, and calls, texts and settings are all accessible via the taskbar located in the lower right corner of your monitor.

More Ways to Connect
Samsung DeX offers a variety of simple ways to connect your Galaxy smartphone to a display and get down to work (or play). These include the previously introduced DeX Station and DeX Pad, as well as the solution’s new support for HDMI adapters^. To get started, simply connect your Galaxy Note9 to a monitor with one of those choices. It’s just that easy.

The solution’s support for HDMI connectivity means that the HDMI adapters can be easily dropped in a bag, creating more opportunities to enjoy a PC-like experience at home, at the office, or on the go. Meanwhile, the DeX Station and DeX Pad support multiple screen resolutions (up to HD+ and WQHD) and open even more apps at once. With all choices, Samsung DeX is compatible with a broad range of accessories, including keyboards, mice, headsets and more.

Even Better with the Galaxy Note9
The Galaxy Note9’s newly added connectivity support for Samsung DeX enables users to enjoy a full Samsung DeX experience by simply connecting the smartphone to a display via compatible HDMI adapters. Samsung DeX’s new dual mode support enhances multitasking, allowing you to work simultaneously on your display and on your Galaxy Note9, so you can watch a video on the display while jotting down notes on your Galaxy Note9 with S Pen. Samsung DeX on the Galaxy Note9 also lets you utilize the smartphone as a touch keyboard, touchpad, or a surface for drawing with the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) S Pen.

In addition, the S Pen’s new remote control capability also functions as a handy clicker for delivering presentations on Samsung DeX-connected displays.

An Ever-expanding Samsung Ecosystem
When Samsung DeX launched in 2017, the solution had almost 40 strategic partners. Now, that number has almost doubled, and continues to expand – partnerships which include popular software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe, Blackberry, Hancom Office and many more.

The service also includes support for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, including those from Citrix, VMware and Amazon Web Service. Mobile professionals can utilize Samsung DeX to enjoy PC-like experience that combines Windows and Android into one powerful productivity platform, and offers access to their Windows PC from virtually anywhere in the world.

The list of Samsung DeX-compatible devices continues to grow, and with the Galaxy Tab S4, extends to tablets as well. Samsung DeX on the Galaxy Tab S4 can be accessed standalone, or the device can be linked to a larger display using a HDMI connection. Samsung DeX integration creates more opportunities for users to multitask efficiently, and helps cement the Galaxy Tab S4’s status as the go-to-tablet for mobile productivity.

See for yourself how Samsung DeX and the new Galaxy Note9 can help you master multitasking.

^HDMI support is currently available with the Galaxy Note9. Samsung’s HDMI adapters include HDMI Adapter (EE-HG950), Multi Port Adapter (EE-P5000) and DeX Cable (EE-I1300).

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Live in the Moment with the #GalaxyA9

Samsung Electronics announced the Galaxy A9, a smartphone built for those who love to explore, capture the moment and share it as they see it. The pioneering Galaxy A9 debuts the world’s first rear quad camera and is packed with features designed to help you live each day to the fullest.

“Building on our legacy in smartphone camera development we’re introducing next-generation technology across our entire Galaxy portfolio to give more consumers the opportunity to experience cutting-edge innovation. We’re excited to deliver on this promise and debut world leading smartphone camera technology with the Galaxy A9,” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.

The Galaxy A9 is packed with Samsung’s best camera innovations, to enable all consumers to achieve more, experience more and unlock more possibilities every day.

The Innovative Rear Quad Camera

The Galaxy A9 allows you to capture dynamic and beautiful photos effortlessly. With four lenses, experience even more ways to unleash your creativity and capture, create and share stunning images.

- Get close without compromise with 2x Optical Zoom for incredible and detailed close-up shots even from far away.

- Capture the world in its fullest and without limit, with the Ultra Wide Lens, and shoot like a pro with the Scene Optimizer. Thanks to AI Scene Recognition, your camera is now smarter, and able to identify the subject and adjust settings accordingly for the best photo, in an instant.

- Express your creativity with the Depth Lens, giving you the freedom to manually manage the photos’ depth of field and focus on the subject for stunning, professional looking images.

- Capture clear and bright images in both bright and low light conditions with Galaxy A9’s 24MP Main Lens, for gorgeous photos at any time of the day.

Powerful New Features for Exceptional All-day Performance

The reliable 3,800mAh^ battery life on the Galaxy A9 lets you live without limits and enjoy outstanding long-lasting performance. You can now capture everything, without restriction, store more and delete less with the Galaxy A9’s 128GB storage and up to 512GB of expandable memory.

First Class Design

Building on Samsung’s heritage in first-class design, the Galaxy A9 is styled in three unique colors; Caviar Black, Lemonade Blue and Bubblegum Pink (availability may vary depending on country) with a sleek and ergonomic design, that fits in one hand with a 3D Glass curved back for a high-quality comfortable feel.

The Galaxy A9 will be available in selected markets from November.

^Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 3,720 mAh. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.

^^All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice.

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Widen Your World with the #GalaxyA7

“Samsung is committed to delivering meaningful innovation to all consumers across the Galaxy family, no matter who they are or where they are in the world” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “That’s why we’re excited to introduce innovative new features to the A series with the Galaxy A7, a practical but powerful device that is built to help make your everyday both convenient and extraordinary.”

Snap and share experiences with the Galaxy A7’s powerful triple camera;

Never miss a moment with the Galaxy A7’s 8MP 120° Ultra Wide Lens. With the same viewing angle as the human eye, the Galaxy A7 captures the world exactly as you see it for unrestricted wide-angle photos.

With the 24MP Lens and Depth Lens, the Galaxy A7’s Live Focus feature lets you control the depth of field to create stunning photos.

Get crisp clear photos in both bright and low light conditions. The Galaxy A7’s 24MP Lens automatically lets more light in by combining four pixels into one pixel in low light conditions.

Featuring Samsung’s intelligent Scene Optimizer, the Galaxy A7’s camera categorizes your subject and adjusts the color, contrast and brightness to instantly optimize image quality.^

Snap bright, clear selfies any time of day and never worry about searching for the ideal lighting again, with the Galaxy A7’s 24MP front camera and adjustable LED flash. Take bokeh effect selfies with Selfie Focus, and mimic professional studio lighting with Pro Lighting Mode.

Featuring a premium 6.0-inch Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy A7 lets you experience and share the world as you see it. Adding on, Samsung’s signature Infinity Display makes the most of uninterrupted, immersive viewing.

When it comes to style, the Galaxy A7 does not compromise. Coming with a premium glass design, a side fingerprint sensor for greater convenience and smooth seamless curves, it’s both practical and comfortable in your hand. Available in four stylish colors to suit your personal style – blue, black, gold and pink^^ – expressing yourself with the Galaxy A7 has never been easier.

The Galaxy A7 will be available in select European and Asian markets from this fall and expand to additional markets in the near future.

^19 categories available: Food, Portraits, Flowers, Indoor scenes, Animals, Landscapes, Greenery, Trees, Sky, Mountains, Beaches, Sunrises and sunsets, Watersides, Street scenes, Night scenes, Waterfalls, Snow, Birds, Text
^^Available colors may vary by country

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Here’s one that’ll capture your attention. Four times over. Meet the world’s first quad-camera smartphone. #GalaxyA9 #SamsungEvent
Learn more:
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Bringing the #GalaxyNote9’s Water Carbon Cooling System to Life

Designed for those that want to do more, the Galaxy Note9 pushes the envelope further than ever, featuring the latest and greatest chip sets, up to 8GB RAM, and a 4,000mAh battery. But all that power under the hood takes some engineering magic to make sure it all stays cool during gaming or intense multitasking.

In the Galaxy Note9, Samsung has innovated once more with an all-new Water Carbon Cooling system that improves both the capacity and its efficiency, since the system’s debut on the Galaxy S7.

01. The Problem
Making phones with batteries that can last all day and play console-quality games comes at a cost: heat. When a phone’s internals become too hot, the CPU slows down – a problem known as thermal throttling – and leads to a loss in performance. Sluggish gameplay and poor multi-tasking are two major problems that a good cooling system addresses.

02. The Goal
We wanted to create a phone with a battery that could last all day, provide a PC-like experience with Samsung DeX, and handle graphically-intense games like Fortnite. That meant putting in a 4,000mAh battery and the latest 2.7GHz mobile processor, which would challenge the phone’s performance. The new cooling system needed to be both faster and more efficient than previous generations.

03. The Idea
When we launched the Galaxy S7, we introduced a new type of water-based cooling system that used a porous thermal spreader filled with water, which absorbed the heat and turned into steam and then carried the heat away through a pipe. Once the heat dissipated, the steam condensed into water again. This system was the blueprint for the Water Carbon Cooling system in the Galaxy Note9, but we wanted to make it bigger and more efficient.

04. The Solution
The most difficult part of improving the cooling system was making it more efficient. The original system was thin and used two Thermal Interface Materials (TIM), one made of highly conductive carbon fiber, to transfer heat away from the processor. Our answer was to add a layer of copper between the two TIMs, making it possible to transfer more heat between the two materials for more efficient heat dissipation. We also engineered a wider thermal spreading pipe, coming in at 350mm3 compared to the Galaxy S9’s 95mm3, to dissipate heat over a wider surface area.

05. The Result
Thanks to the improved Water Carbon Cooling system, the Galaxy Note9 can effectively manage heat generated from its powerful processor. With the wider thermal spreader and enhanced Carbon Fiber interface, the cooling system conducts and transmits heat efficiently to the surface of the device, allowing the Galaxy Note9 to operate at peak performance consistently. Compared to the Galaxy Note8, the upgraded cooling system’s heat absorption is three times greater and the thermal conductivity is 3.5 times higher.

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4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of the #GalaxyNote9’s S Pen

The Galaxy Note9 was designed to offer users the levels of power and performance they need to get the most out of work, play and everything in between. Perhaps no feature embodies this more than the Galaxy Note series’ signature stylus: the S Pen.

Learn how to utilize the S Pen’s new Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) connectivity and other convenient enhancements to enjoy a more fun (and efficient) mobile experience:

Tip #1: Customize Clicks for the S Pen’s Remote Control Function
New BLE technology transforms the S Pen into a handy remote control that allows Galaxy Note9 users to manage a wide variety of functions and apps from within 10 meters of their device.

Single clicks and double clicks can designate different actions, while holding down the pen button can be assigned to opening other apps and the S Pen features. This means that you can launch the camera by holding down the S Pen’s button, click once to take a picture and twice to switch cameras, without needing to touch the smartphone’s screen. The S Pen’s single and double press functions are compatible with more than 10 apps and is expected to expand to further apps, thanks to the S Pen’s open SDK.

Tip #2: Flex Your Creative Muscles with Photo Drawing and Live Drawing
The Galaxy Note9’s new Photo Drawing and Live Drawing features offer simple tools to add an effortless creative flourish to your images. Both feature integration with PENUP—a social network for creative types to share S Pen-created artwork. Photo Drawing allows you to use the S Pen to draw over images as you would with a sheet of tracing paper. Once you’re finished, you can delete the original photo or drawing and save your new creation as a separate image.

Live Drawing, meanwhile, allows you to see for yourself how seasoned S Pen artists create impressive works of art. The feature’s wide selection of step-by-step tutorials offer simple instructions for drawing everything from everyday objects to cute characters and scenic landscapes. The videos make it easy to see exactly which colors and brushes the artists used, and you can also trace over the featured objects, scenes and characters to practice drawing them.

Tip #3: Make Your Emojis More Meaningful
Introduced in the Galaxy Note8, Live message allows users to easily send handwritten notes, make animated GIFs, and create the perfect emoticon to capture the emotion they wish to express. In the Galaxy Note9, the feature has been enhanced with three new pen effects (bringing the total number to six effects), and various pen colors to choose from. Live message can also be added to users’ AR Emoji Stickers, bringing an even more personal touch to their messages.

Introduced with the Galaxy S9, Samsung’s augmented reality-based emoji feature utilizes machine learning and facial recognition technology to create a 3D model that matches your appearance and facial expressions. From a simple selfie, the function automatically generates a total of 36 sharable stickers that feature your unique AR Emoji expressing a wide range of emotions.

The combination of AR Emojis and Live message creates a unique way to make your messages more personal, and makes messaging friends and family that much more fun.

Tip #4: Take Advantage of User-favorite S Pen Functions
Screen off memo has been a user-favorite feature ever since it was first introduced with the Galaxy Note5. The Galaxy Note9 has made Screen off memos more dynamic by adding color to the mix. Now, when users compose a note, the S Pen’s markings match the color of the S Pen itself—either yellow, light gray, lavender purple or metallic copper. Users who prefer Screen off memo’s classic gray pen can easily select this option in the function’s settings.

The S Pen’s Air command menu offers users instant access to some of its most convenient functions. The menu can be customized with up to ten of your most frequently used functions with S Pen and shortcuts. Such S Pen functions include Smart select, which allows users to select, clip and collect content in one quick move with the S Pen in a desired shape, and the Translate function which lets users highlight and translate text on the screen, without the need to navigate away to another app. The Air command menu can be accessed simply by taking out or hovering the S Pen over the screen, then clicking the S Pen’s button.

Air view is another convenient function that offers instant insight into your phone’s content, simply by hovering the S Pen over the device. With Air view, you can see a short preview of your schedule in the Calendar app, text of webpages, and enlarged thumbnails of your pictures saved in the Gallery.

With innovative features designed to enhance your work and play, the S Pen for the Galaxy Note9 has redefined the mobile lifestyle, as the connected stylus brings even greater convenience and fun to both work and play.

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Samsung #GalaxyNote9 - Optimized for Next-level Gaming

The Galaxy Note9 holds absolutely nothing back when it comes to speed, power and performance. It’s packed with innovations in software and hardware that not only take mobile productivity to the next level, but mobile gaming as well.

In games where timing and accuracy are everything, the slightest changes in performance, such as unstable FPS (frames per second) rates, can mean the difference between life and death. Mobile gamers want to ensure that their device is equipped with hardware and software they can rely on.

Smooth, Stable Performance
Many of today’s most popular mobile games place players in vast open worlds that can be wonderfully immersive, and incredibly taxing on a phone’s processor. And since a phone’s CPU and GPU performance can make or break your gaming experience, Samsung optimized the Galaxy Note9 with a cutting-edge 10-nanometer processor that handles graphics-intensive games with ease. This allows the device to provide 33 and 23 percent better CPU and GPU performance than the Galaxy Note8, helping gamers stay engaged and in the zone.

The Galaxy Note9 also features an on-device AI-based performance-adjusting algorithm that regularly monitors the device’s heat and performance, supporting up to 40 percent more stable FPS when gaming. Thanks to machine-learning technology, the device can predict a change in temperature before it occurs and adjust the CPU and GPU, before a drop in FPS occurs.

Cool Under Pressure
To help the Galaxy Note9 perform consistently at a maximum level throughout gaming, the new cooling system needed to be faster and more efficient than previous generations.

The Galaxy Note9’s specially designed Water Carbon Cooling system allows the device to run cool throughout heavy gaming sessions. The system, first introduced in the Galaxy S7, utilizes changes in the phases of water to efficiently radiate heat – in a cycle where water in a porous structure absorbs heat, turns into steam, moves through pipes and eventually cools down turning back into water.

Samsung enhanced the system for the Galaxy Note9 with a heat pipe, or ‘thermal spreader’, that’s three times larger than the Galaxy Note8’s, and dissipates heat more effectively. The company also increased the system’s internal water intake to foster greater heat absorption, and incorporated an enhanced carbon fiber TIM (thermal interface material) that transfers heat from the processor to the thermal spreader with 3.5 times greater efficiency, thus boosting thermal conductivity.

Giving Gamers More Control
Game Launcher – a one-stop hub for mobile gaming on Samsung’s Galaxy Devices – offers a range of innovative tools and features that allows players to streamline and concentrate fully on their mobile gaming sessions, by preventing alerts and unintended screen touch. Users can also share their gameplay using the launcher’s screenshot and video record functions.

The Galaxy Note9’s improved Game Launcher now allows users to customize performance settings for individual games. Users can specify the frame rate, resolution and battery usage level for each game in their collection, fostering a gaming experience optimized for enjoyment. In addition, a pop-up window function has been added to the launcher, allowing players to effortlessly launch certain apps – like looking for winning tips and tricks on YouTube or sharing game information online – during gameplay.

Game Launcher on the Galaxy Note9 brings games such as Fortnite, Black Desert and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to even more fans^. Galaxy users are also offered special discounts and in-game bonus items, such as an exclusive Galaxy Skin for Fortnite^^.

Power to the Players
The Galaxy Note9’s 4,000mAh capacity all-day battery is especially well-suited for graphics-intensive games, whose impressive visuals can drain a battery quite quickly. It allows users to enjoy their games uninterrupted, without needing to constantly keep an eye on the battery’s charge level or worry about connecting their phone to a charger.

And with stereo speakers powered by AKG, the Galaxy Note9 offers mobile gamers a more immersive experience.

The Galaxy Note9’s high-performance specs and immersion-amplifying enhancements prove that Samsung’s newest flagship was designed for those who work and play hard.

^Availability of games may vary by region.
^^The exclusive Galaxy Skin can be redeemed by following the instructions found here.

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For more information:
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The Design of the #GalaxyNote9

Samsung approached the Galaxy Note9’s design with equal focus on usability and on empowering users’ expression. The result is a Note that’s not only easy to use, with its customizable, Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) connected S Pen, it’s also easy on the eyes, with a thoughtfully refined display and frame design. And with a total of four standout color options, which users are encouraged to mix and match with S Pens and accessories of various hues, the Galaxy Note9 offers users more ways to express their fashion and style.

Enhancing an Iconic Design

The Galaxy Note9 furthers the Note series’ stunning design heritage with a sleek and square form factor, as well as enhancements that enable users to multitask more efficiently and enjoy immersive multimedia experiences.
A cornerstone of Samsung’s design legacy, the Infinity Display is known for its seamless form and captivating visuals. The Galaxy Note9’s 6.4 inch, Quad HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display is the series’ largest yet, offering more room for work, play and everything in between.

To amplify users’ immersion, Samsung rounded the corners of the display to a bare minimum, and refined the Galaxy Note9’s barely-there bezels to conceal its iris sensor. The screen itself is also a deeper black, to blend in with the bezels when the device is off and enhance the overall aesthetic. Other enhancements include the redesigned camera deco and the repositioned fingerprint sensor.
The smartphone’s design is rounded off with a choice of four expressive color options: Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Metallic Copper and Lavender Purple.

A Standout S Pen

Each Note adds new capabilities to the smartphones’ signature feature: the S Pen.When designing the Galaxy Note9, Samsung’s team focused on enhancements that would take the S Pen’s ‘freeing’ aspects to the next level, transforming it into more than a tool, but rather a device in its own right, complete with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity and its own independent functions.
The S Pen’s individuality is also reflected in aesthetic elements of the Galaxy Note9’s design. For example, unlike the other colorways, which each feature an S Pen in a matching hue, the stylish Ocean Blue model comes with a vibrant Yellow S Pen that stands out from the rest. And because each model’s S Pen is compatible with any other Galaxy Note9, you can easily swap your S Pen for another if you feel like a different color would better suit your style^.

A Refined Frame

The Galaxy Note9’s comfortable contours are the result of a frame design that reflects thoughtful consideration for both usability and aesthetics.
The metal frame was forged using a cutting process known as Dia-cutting, which utilizes a fast-rotating artificial diamond tool to create smooth, glossy surfaces that accentuate design details. The process involved tapering the surfaces of the frame that blend into the device’s front and back, and carefully rounding the middle section, which comes into contact with your palm the most. The tapered parts of the frame feature a glossy finish, while the rounded middle section is matte.
The resulting frame is sleek and slim, and features an interplay of glossy and matte finishes that complements the Galaxy Note9’s premium design cues.

Exceptional Accessories

The Galaxy Note9’s accessories selection includes a wide range of stylish covers that offer users more ways to customize their smartphone’s aesthetic. Designed to suit a wide array of tastes, the protective covers span from fine leather to military-grade options.
The new Leather Wallet Cover is perhaps the most eye-catching of the bunch. Crafted from genuine calf leather, it features a handy card pocket as well as a soft microfiber lining that helps protect the Galaxy Note9 from scratches. It’s available in a choice of five colors—black, brown, red, blue and yellow.

Also included in the Galaxy Note9’s collection of compatible accessories is Samsung’s new Wireless Charger Duo. A combination of the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand and the Wireless Charging Pad, the fast-charging two-in-one allows users to quickly charge their phone alongside another Qi-compatible phone or wearable. The charger eliminates the need to fumble with cables each time you need to top up your devices’ batteries, and its built-in stand offers easy access to your phone’s screen.

^Each model’s S Pen is also available for individual sale.
^^Certified MIL-STD-810G-516.7 compliant.

Original source:

For more information: http://
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The #GalaxyNote9’s High-Performance Features

Featuring an all-day battery, expanded storage, fast processing and network speeds, and Samsung Electronics’ latest advancements in cooling technologies, the Galaxy Note9 has been engineered to offer the highest levels of power and performance.

All-Day Performance
A phone designed for power users requires a likewise powerful battery. That’s why Samsung equipped the Galaxy Note9 with an all-day^, 4,000mAh battery—the largest ever featured on a flagship Galaxy device. Offering 21 percent more power than the Galaxy Note8’s 3,300mAh unit, the powerhouse battery allows you to spend more time being productive and less time tied down by chargers and power packs.

The fast-charging, wireless-capable battery is not only the most powerful that the Galaxy family has ever seen; it’s also the most reliable. That’s because its power and performance are backed by Samsung’s 8-Point Battery Safety Check—the most rigorous in the industry—and have also been validated by the experts at UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and Exponent.

Save More, Delete Less
To offer users more freedom to create and store dynamic content, the Galaxy Note9 comes with a default base storage of 128GB, including 6GB of RAM, and is also available in a 512GB model with 8GB of RAM^^. The latter opens the door for over one terabyte of storage via microSD card^^^.

Just how much dynamic content can the Galaxy Note9 hold? The 128GB model offers enough space for approximately 545 full HD (FHD) videos, or over 22,000 images, while the 512GB version features room for some 2,315 FHD videos, or over 93,000 images^**. The smartphone’s combination of ample storage and microSD support means that users will likely never need to erase old content to make room for more apps, files, or stunning photos or videos captured with its innovative camera.

Built for the Fast Lane
To offer users superior speed, the Galaxy Note9 comes equipped with a 10-nanometer processor that, in addition to boosting CPU and GPU performance by 33 and 23 percent, respectively^^**, supports the fastest network speeds available, with downloads of up to 1.2 gigabits per second (Gbps)^^^**.

The Galaxy Note9’s connections ensure that you’re never stuck in the slow lane when downloading or streaming your favorite content.

Cool Under Pressure
The Galaxy Note9’s combination of premium power and performance is made possible, in part, thanks to its Water Carbon Cooling system, which allows the phone to run smoothly during heavy use.

Samsung’s cooling system counteracts heat with a heat pipe, or ‘thermal spreader’, that ensures that the processor functions at optimal levels. The system utilizes changes in the phases of water to efficiently radiate heat.

To help ensure that the Galaxy Note9 remains cool under pressure, Samsung equipped the device with a heat pipe that’s three times larger than the Galaxy Note8’s, and increased the system’s internal water intake to allow for greater heat absorption. The system also benefits from an enhanced carbon fiber TIM (thermal interface material) that transfers heat from the processor to the thermal spreader with 3.5 times greater efficiency, boosts thermal conductivity, and helps prevent overheating.

The Galaxy Note9 also features an on-device AI-based, performance-adjusting algorithm that provides up to 40 percent more stable FPS (frames per second) when gaming. This allows the smartphone to provide smoother visuals and a more enjoyable experience when playing top games like “Fortnite”.

In an action-packed game like “Fortnite”, FPS drops can mean the difference between life and death. Timing and accuracy are everything, and unstable FPS can hinder your ability to anticipate an attack, and can cause a carefully aimed shot to hit just off the mark. The Galaxy Note9’s smooth and stable gameplay makes it easier to immerse yourself in the on-screen action, offering a competitive edge in your quest to become the last player standing.

^Estimated against the usage profile of an average/typical user. Independently assessed by Strategy Analytics between 11-24 July 2018 in Santa Monica, CA, U.S. and Milton Keynes, U.K. with pre-release versions of SM-N960 (128GB). Actual battery life may vary.
^^Availability may vary depending on region.
^^^For 512GB models equipped with a 512GB external SD card (sold separately). Availability of 512GB SD card may vary by country and manufacturer. Actual storage space availability may vary depending on pre-installed software.
^**Full HD is the Galaxy Note9’s default setting. Figures describe files 60 seconds in length and 200MB in size. Photo figures describe images 5MB in size.
^^**Compared to the Galaxy Note8.
^^^**Speeds may vary by carrier and region.

Original source:

For more information:
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The #GalaxyNote9’s Intelligent Camera

The Galaxy Note9 builds on Samsung Electronics’ legacy of innovative camera technologies with an intelligent camera that takes the work out of capturing the perfect photo.

Optimal Color Every Time

The Galaxy Note9’s new Scene Optimizer function makes it easy to photograph breathtaking moments just like this by automatically optimizing camera settings to capture the full beauty of the scene.

Scene Optimizer utilizes deep-learning technology to analyze objects, scenery and time elements in the camera’s frame in order to identify exactly which type of scene you’re about to photograph. The function is currently capable of recognizing 20 types of scenes—including ‘Food’, ‘Flowers’, ‘Indoor scenes’ and ‘Landscapes’— and automatically adjusts the color tone based on how the scene is classified^.

Snap Flawless Photos

Even the best photos can be spoiled by a simple blink, a blur, a smudge on the lens, or by harsh, overpowering light behind the picture’s subject. That’s where the Galaxy Note9’s Flaw Detection function comes in. Once a photo has been snapped, the feature automatically scans it for flaws and notifies you if any are found^^.

The function helps users capture and save more memorable moments by ensuring that the picture they take is the best possible shot.

Crisp Images In Any Lighting

Samsung has outfitted the Galaxy Note9’s camera with an array of innovative technologies that allow it to produce stunning shots day or night.

Combining an F2.4 aperture lens with an F1.5, the brightest currently available on a smartphone, the Dual Aperture lens automatically adjusts to light just like the human eye, letting in more light when it’s dark and less when it’s bright to produce images that are crisp and clear.

The Galaxy Note9’s multi-frame processing technology adds further clarity to photos taken under less-than-ideal lighting conditions. This technology, which combines several photos into one to create an optimal image, allows the camera to provide better HDR at night, and enriches the Live Focus feature with improved brightness and noise when taking pictures in low-light environments.

Capture More Moments In Epic Detail

The Galaxy Note9’s camera also includes support for Samsung’s recently introduced Super Slow-mo function, which ramps the camera’s shutter speed up to 960 frames per second to allow users to record spectacular slow-mo videos.
Four times slower than traditional slow-motion video, Super Slow-mo is powered by the camera’s Super Speed Dual Pixel image sensor, which supports much faster image processing thanks in part to its integrated DRAM memory chip. The feature also includes an automatic Motion Detection function that instantly starts recording as soon as it detects movement.

The Galaxy Note9 allows users to transform 0.4 seconds of footage into approximately 12 seconds of Super Slow-mo video when taken in single shot mode^^^.

More Customizable AR Emoji

Capable of mimicking users’ movements in addition to supporting dozens of pre-set expressions, AR Emoji stickers offer a fun way to express yourself and inject personality into messages. The Galaxy Note9 analyzes your distinct facial features to generate a 3D avatar that matches your appearance.

The feature, whose face-tracking function was recently enriched with more landmark detector points, has been enhanced for the Galaxy Note9 with an array of customization options that make it easier for AR Emojis to copy your distinct style. With loads of new outfits and accessories to choose from, as well as the ability to fine-tune details like your hair style, skin tone and facial features, the opportunities for expression are endless.

Galaxy Note9 users will also be able to customize the backgrounds of their stickers with an array of new options, and enjoy access to Samsung and partners like Disney’s ever-growing roster of AR Emojis based on iconic cartoon characters—a roster that’s set to become even more fun and diverse with the feature’s open SDK (software development kit).

^Accuracy may differ by settings and surrounding conditions.
^^Accuracy of Flaw Detection function may differ depending on surrounding conditions or subject. Blink detection works within 1.5 meters and a maximum of 3 people are detectable at the same time. Blur detection feature senses when the camera shakes, and recognizes face blur in the photo.
^^^Video is initially recorded at 480fps and digitally converted into 960fps footage.

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