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A look at what’s inside #GearS3

Inside the elegant 46mm x 49mm x 12.9mm body of the Samsung Gear S3 is a delicate balance of analog craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. To incorporate standalone connectivity and numerous features into a compact device is no easy feat. Here’s a closer look at some of the major components that make up the Gear S3.

Bezel and Front Case

Navigation of the Gear S3’s circular UX is facilitated by a two-way rotating bezel. This component consists of a bezel guide—located between the bezel and the front case—as well as ceramic balls and springs that enable its 24-detent bezel interface. The stainless steel case is not only rugged and reliable but also functions as a radio frequency (RF) antenna for standalone 3G/LTE connectivity.


Corning® Gorilla® Glass SR+, a first on the Gear S3, is specifically designed for wearable devices and provides greater scratch resistance and durability on the 360 x 360 pixel Super AMOLED display. An ambient light sensor helps to adjust the brightness of displayed information, and works to automatically disable the Always On Display when users can’t see the screen, such as when the watch is in a pocket or a bag.

Bracket and Mainboard

Inside the Gear S3, the bracket protects the components from shocks and impacts and contains a built-in speaker as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi receivers to allow for multiple connectivity options. This, along with the microphone on the mainboard, allows users to make calls, activate voice messaging and listen to their favorite music without earphones.

The Gear S3’s mainboard houses a number of sensors that enable the device’s fitness features, including GPS, an accelerometer, a barometer and a heart rate monitor. The mainboard also contains the optional SIM card (for 3G/LTE connectivity)* , 4GB of internal memory and Near Field Communication (NFC), which allows for the use of Samsung Pay**.

For more information about the Gear S3, visit:

Original source:

*Standalone 3G/LTE connectivity will be available exclusively on the Gear S3 LTE models.
**Samsung Pay services may vary by country or region.

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Ž Owq- k 
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Samsung Mobile

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#ProMode on the #GalaxyS7edge puts DSLR-quality photography right in your pocket.
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is nämn är ann mari
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Fitness challenge accepted. The updated S Health app has a new interface and improved social connectivity.
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Improved App, thanks a lot!
Even if fitness is only one of the billion$ of ways to use correctly our SAMSUNG' smartphones and or tablets during our day by day life.
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Samsung Mobile

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The engineering behind the #GearFit2

The all-new GPS-enabled sports band, the Gear Fit2, is the latest product in a long line of cutting-edge wearables from Samsung. We sat down with the engineers who were deeply involved in the development of the Gear Fit2 to discuss how they worked together to set a new standard for fitness wearables.

Q. When it comes to hardware, what is most notable about the Gear Fit2?

Chaekyu Choe: To improve performance as a sports band, we added a GPS, an application processor (AP) on the level of a smartwatch, and improved sensors.

With an embedded GPS, the Gear Fit2 allows users to go out and more accurately track their activities, like walking or running, without bringing along their smartphones.

By separating the LED and photodiode, both of which are needed to measure heart rate, we were able to use a bigger photodiode and enhance heart rate accuracy. Also, the Gear Fit2’s barometer sensor, which is now about 10 times more precise, made it possible to measure elevation accurately enough to know how many stairs people climbed.

Q. How were you able to embed full GPS capabilities?

John Kim: The antenna has to receive the satellite signals but getting it to perform well was a challenge. Antennas work better when they are further from the human body. To address this issue we created a hybrid antenna. In order to place the antenna as far as possible from the wrist, the antenna was embedded inside the display and an assistant antenna was installed in another area, thus forming a dual antenna that enhanced performance.

Q. How did you improve battery efficiency?

Hyukbeom Kwon: During the development, we found that power consumption can be reduced by controlling how often the GPS is accessed according to signal intensity. In general, exercise that requires GPS data is normally done outdoors where GPS signals are usually strong. So, we decided to make it turn on and off using a radio frequency blocking function.

Through this low-power GPS technology, we were able to reduce power consumption significantly, so it uses about one-fourth the power of a regular GPS device.

Q. How does the automatic workout recognition work? And were there any challenges in developing this feature?

Wonhee Lee: The accelerometer sensor is used to identify the user’s motion first, and then the gyroscope sensor detects the direction and type of movement. The Gear Fit2 can detect five types of workout– walking, running, cycling, elliptical trainers and rowing machine– and automatically recognizes when those activities have been done for at least 10 minutes.

As there wasn’t any systematized database telling us “this workout is such-and-such,” we had to understand the data and figure out how to use it to identify each type of activity ourselves. To identify the exact type of workout, we had to get data from as many people as possible– because even for the same workout, the speed and intensity differ greatly depending on one’s age, height, gender, and so on.

For more information about the Gear Fit2, visit:

Original source:
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@Samsung Mobile:
service NO - 4224478229 , 4225255711 , 4226034426
I am Using S7 edge from April 2016
For the last 2 Months am facing Battery Related Issue and my Mobile is getting Heat up while using
Regulary Complaing Online and with Communication with CEO offices Miss Sonia , I have given my Mobile for thrice for checkup and everytime they just watch online video on Utube and provide feedback that there is no such Battery Related issue and dey just provide Screenshot
Few days back i have logged a complain with My Screenshot ad it clearly show within 2hr.30 min my battery drains upto 48%
Today Customer service ,Miss Sonia Clearly told me that untill Service center doesnt find an issue they will not solve my problem

This is very much annoying , My whole family uses Samsung Mobile
If this time my problem is not resolved i have to move towards Consumer cell And lodge a compain

Everytime its the same thing
Your department just watch youtube videos and surf net in my mobile and give d decision that mobile is working fine and there is no battery issue.
I have taken all the screenshots from d tme my Mobile is switch on after charging 100% and within 2 hrs my battery Drains to 50 %. I have forwarded all the Screenshot to and to the concerned person who took my Mobile for service
But as Mis Sonia Told me that until Service in charge person doesnt give ny negetive feedback my problem will not get resolved

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Samsung Mobile

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Location tracking and SOS on the #GearS3 will alert your loved ones if an adventure goes off course.
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I hope SAMSUNG said the company give me note5 because I admire him and I dont have enough money to buy and thanks
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Samsung Mobile

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The #GearS3 has multiple watch faces and is compatible with all 22mm watch bands to match your personal style.
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Woow it's amazing
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Samsung Mobile

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#Gear360: Camera technology that captures everything around you

Samsung’s Gear 360 provides an entirely new way to share life’s every moment, but successfully capturing your entire surroundings was no small technical feat. Six camera engineers who worked on the Gear 360 project sat down with us to explain the challenges and lessons they learned during the development of this cutting edge camera.

Q. Tell us a bit about the Gear 360 and how it came to be developed.

Yongwook Kim: In the same way that consumers once prompted camera manufacturers to support video recording on digital cameras, they now want to see photos and watch video content in the same way they would with their own eyes. Gear VR provides such an experience, allowing viewers to feel as if they are actually in the moment.

Yet people also want to capture these moments, along with every little object and action that appears in them, as accurately as possible. Understanding this, we developed the Gear 360.

Q. How did the development process of the Gear 360 differ from that of traditional cameras?

Dongwoo Kim: Traditional cameras allow you to capture an image within a limited angle of view through the lens, so you have to actually point the camera directly at the subject you’re shooting to capture it. In typical lenses, there is a central area and a peripheral area. Because we naturally focus on the center of a photograph, camera lenses, in general, produce the best picture quality at the center and relatively lower quality on the sides.

But 360-degree cameras are different. They shoot in all directions and don’t distinguish between the central and peripheral areas. If there was a drastic difference in picture quality between central and peripheral areas, it wouldn’t feel very lifelike. Therefore, we had to minimize this difference on the Gear 360, and placed a great emphasis on designing and manufacturing the lens to ensure consistency in picture quality.

Q. How did you accomplish this?

Dongwoo Kim: Since it was our first time developing a 360-degree camera, we had to go through numerous procedures including analyzing consumer demands, determining design specifications and developing a methodology for evaluation and standardization.

Soojung Kim: To adjust the sensor and lens for the Gear 360, we needed equipment to carry out the “active align” process. However, in the initial stages of the Gear 360’s development, facilities that manufactured this equipment were also in their infancy, producing only 10 to 20 units per hour.

Because of this, it took an enormous amount of time to manufacture a pilot device for testing. We really couldn’t afford to wait, so we had to roll up our sleeves and personally help out with the manually-operated equipment. I remember how excited we were when we finally saw the module completion process working properly.

Q. Why do you use fish-eye lenses?

Dongok Choi: Videos and images taken with a fish-eye lens are displayed in a sphere-like form. So if you look at them in 2D, such as on a smartphone, they look flattened and distorted. Considering a 360-degree camera needs to shoot and record everything around you, a fish-eye lens is favorable because it captures things more accurately.

To put this into perspective, imagine a globe in a classroom. Thanks to its spherical shape, it represents scale and size more accurately than a flat world map.

For more information on the Gear 360, visit:

Original source:

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Hws de plice 
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Samsung Mobile

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The Always On Display on the #GalaxyS7edge keeps everything you need on screen without sacrificing battery life.
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I dont have the last 2 displays on my edge
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Samsung Mobile

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Focus on your form while the #GearS3 automatically tracks and detects your exercise routine. #SHealth
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Gear S3 from SAMSUNG is enough to track and monitor Your fitness, so I guess no needs to use big and powerful SAMSUNG smartphone to do the same.
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Spend less time charging and more time living. The #GearS3 can last up to 4 days on one charge.
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"Spending" more time living our own life is a very good policy for my simple point of view. Thanks a lot.
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Samsung Mobile

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7 Tips and Tricks for the #GalaxyS7 and #GalaxyS7edge

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have a host of new features that were designed to make the user experience more seamless than ever. Check out 7 tips and tricks to help you master your Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

Lock Screen Customizable App Shortcuts

Place two apps in the lower corners of your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge lock screen for easy and quick access. Create shortcuts for the camera, photo gallery, S Health or other third-party apps.

How to set up: Settings > Lock screen and security > Info and app shortcuts > App shortcuts

More Ways to Manage Apps from Home Screen

Move Apps is a temporary container for managing several applications at once. To move app icons to different home screens, long press an icon, then drag it to the Move Apps icon on the upper right. When you are ready, tap or drag to move them to another page. In addition, look for an app by name in the app tray by selecting “Search” at the top of the screen.

Show All Apps on Home Screen

Show all of your installed apps on your home screen. Simply select “Show all apps on home screen” to get rid of the app tray, and move all the apps to the Home screens.

How to Set Up: Settings > Advanced features > Galaxy Labs

Display Scaling

Display scaling optimizes the DPI (Dots Per Inch) settings of the display. Choose Standard or change to Condensed. Condensing the display lets you view more content on the screen at one time with smaller icons, controls, and text.

How to Set Up: Settings > Display > Display scaling

Icon Backgrounds

For the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the look of the icons has been updated to be more unified and natural. For native apps, the icons all come in a “squircle” shape (a square with rounded edges) to achieve a pleasing and organized appearance. For third-party apps, turn on the Icon background, which creates a squircle container background for all those icons. Many icons now offer two different styles— a traditional flat look, and a more 3D look.

How to Set Up: Settings > Display > Icon backgrounds

Cross App

Use apps from within certain other apps with Cross App. For example, while chatting with a friend in the Messages app, share photos and videos or open a URL without having to close the app.

When using the Messages app, just click on the paperclip icon on the left of the Enter message panel. Three options will appear: Camera, Gallery or Other. Camera lets you take photos or record video and send it directly to the person you are chatting with. Gallery lets you select photos and videos saved on your device, and Other offers a range of apps, including Audio, Voice recorder, Memo and more.

Quick Dial

Quick Dial makes calling your contacts faster and easier. Once enabled, give the home key a long press (even if the display is off), and then speak the name of the person you want to call. Quick Dial takes care of the rest. Machine learning enables your device to become more familiar with your voice over time.

How to Set Up: Settings > Advanced features > Galaxy Labs > Quick Dial

To learn about more features on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, visit:

Original source:

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Caught up with time 2020 usa
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Samsung Mobile

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One fancy walky-talky. The #GearS3 syncs up with your smartphone so you can make plans without picking up the phone.
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Mentena je suisse nu vendeur de montre
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