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Introducing the #GalaxyNote7.
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very nıce smartphone
very Thanks Samsung
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Samsung Mobile

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The whole family of Galaxy devices work together. Like birds of a digital feather. #GalaxyNote7
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Hey,@SamsungMobile, I've pre-ordered Galaxy note 7 on Aug. 8 & I still haven't receive my phone? Order # 9574983505
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Samsung Mobile

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Access your files in the blink of an eye. And keep them protected from outside glances. #GalaxyNote7.
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Ike Ike
+Nardo Moulton With the inclusion of the new Iris Scanner and the ability to use the VR Gear with the Note 7, the least they could have done was to make more RAM available to handle these new features.
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Samsung Mobile

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The making of the all-new S Pen on the #GalaxyNote7

The signature of the Galaxy Note series, the improved S Pen experience extends far beyond its expected capabilities. It is the first stylus of its kind to be water-resistant and its smaller pen tip and increased pressure sensitivity replicates the ease and accuracy of a real pen. The S Pen is also battery-free and does not need to be charged.

The Science Behind Water Resistance

The Galaxy Note7, including the S Pen, is water and dust resistant with IP68 certification.* The S Pen’s water resistance was made possible by electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology. The S Pen’s internal coil and the phone’s digitizer recognize each other’s electromagnetic fields, and utilize those signals to identify the pen’s location and pressure to enable writing and drawing functions. Unlike a stylus or the human finger, which both use static electricity to work, the functionality of EMR technology is unaffected by water.

In order to make the S Pen water resistant, Samsung engineers had to ensure the protection of every component. They did so by integrating multiple technologies, including printed circuit board (PCB) molding and rubber sealing. The material used in the PCB molding is ultra-thin but durable enough to ensure complete water resistance.

The S Pen’s rubber sealing prevents water damage by sealing off all vulnerable entry points. This sealing process provides the ultimate protection from water without affecting the S Pen’s functions or components.

Analog Meets Digital

The optimized pen tip—which is possibly the most important component of a writing utensil—is made from an elastomer material that allows it to glide smoothly over the smartphone screen. It is also about 60 percent smaller than its predecessor, measuring 0.7 millimeters in diameter. The pen tip is comparable in size to a traditional writing tool, allowing for finer penmanship and more detailed illustrations.

Together, these components work to emulate the feeling of ink on paper. The button on the S Pen has been moved to a new location to eliminate the possibility of unintentionally pressing it, making the writing and drawing process even more comfortable.

The pressure sensitivity levels on the new S Pen have been improved from 2,048 to 4,096.

Digital Doodling, Redefined

The Galaxy Note7 also boasts six types of specialized drawing tools on Samsung Notes. The oil paintbrush allows users to mix multiple colors and the watercolor paintbrush enables color layering. Additionally, with the calligraphy brush users can change the thickness of their strokes by applying different pressure levels.

Translate, Zoom, and Share

For world travelers, the S Pen can now Translate** text on the fly, while Magnify helps examine every detail. It is also now easier to create, save and share not only images, but also animated GIFs, which can be captured from videos with Smart Select.

Whether painting, scribbling or jotting down ideas, the smoother, faster, more intelligent Galaxy Note7 S Pen lets users push the limits of what they can do on their smartphone—whether it’s for work or for play.

*Dust and water resistance based on IP68 rating, which tests submersion up to 5 feet for up to 30 minutes.
**Available languages may be limited.

For more information on the Note7 S Pen, visit:

Original sources:
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+Said Adly dude, that didn't really make much sense halfway through. It was pretty much one huge run in sentence, no offense. 
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Samsung Mobile

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Up to 256GB of expandable storage means more music and movies at your fingertips--at all times. #GalaxyNote7
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Samsung Mobile

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The #GalaxyNote7’s 5.7 inch screen is not only cinema-quality, it’s the first smartphone that can play HDR video.
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Samsung Mobile

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Improved Security: How the Iris Scanner works on the #GalaxyNote7

The new Galaxy Note7 introduces iris scanning technology to smartphones for the first time for added security.

As the world becomes more connected, keeping your personal data safe is essential. Security is nothing new for Samsung: the Galaxy Note7 already comes with fingerprint scanning capabilities and the Samsung Knox security platform.

The new iris scanning technology has been integrated into the experience to provide users with an additional form of authentication that reinforces security. With this innovative, highly secure technology, users don’t even need to touch their phone to verify their identity; they simply look at the device’s screen to complete the scanning process.

For Your Eyes Only

Iris scanning uses mathematical pattern recognition to analyze images of an individual’s iris, either from one or both eyes.

To obtain these images, an authentication device scans the iris, the thin, colored ring of the eye that opens and shuts the pupil like a camera shutter.

Every person has a uniquely different and highly intricate iris pattern in each eye, which is developed at a very young age and remains unchanged throughout his or her lifetime, just like fingerprints. This, combined with the fact that iris patterns are almost impossible to replicate, makes iris scanning one of the most secure and reliable biometric security methods available.

As a result, it is widely being used for access control in pharmaceutical dispensing, border control and airport security. Samsung has had success with this technology with the Galaxy Tab Iris, a highly secure biometric device created for government organizations and enterprises in India.

Bringing Biometrics to the Smartphone

The Galaxy Note7 is equipped with a dedicated iris camera, which utilizes a special image filter to receive and recognize the reflected images of the irises with a red IR LED light.

This red light allows for the best range for iris scanning. Furthermore, unlike traditional visible (or RGB) images, which can be affected by iris color or ambient light, infrared images display clear patterns and have low light reflection.

Iris information is stored as an encrypted code on the Galaxy Note7. Whenever a user attempts to access protected content or apps, the infrared LED and Iris camera work together to capture, identify, extract, digitize, and compare the pattern with the encrypted code. Samsung’s proprietary technology also makes use of the light emitted from the Galaxy Note7’s display so the scanner can receive data even in low light environments

Together, these components ensure that iris readings are accurate and speedy. In fact, iris scanning requires fewer registration trials and results in fewer false acceptances than fingerprint scanning.

And with the Galaxy Note7, users get the peace of mind knowing that their iris data is encrypted and stored safely in the hardware by the Knox platform, just as fingerprint data has been stored in the past.

All Eyes on Mobile Security

Leveraging this iris scanning technology, the Galaxy Note7 offers newly added services to provide an additional layer of security.

The first is Secure Folder, a separate folder that lets users manage private apps and files securely via fingerprint, iris scanner, pattern or PIN.

Another added security feature, Samsung Pass, enables users to quickly log into websites on the Samsung Internet Browser using biometric authentication. Users no longer have to waste time constantly inputting a username or password.

In addition to secure storing and faster access, Samsung is also establishing partnerships with major financial institutions to explore the integration of the iris scanner into mobile banking apps.*

But mobile banking is only the beginning. As developers start to make use of the device’s onboard iris scanner to enable the verification of transactions and other activities, Samsung’s iris scanning technology will expand to various industries.

As we continue to store and have access to more private and highly sensitive information on our phones, the Galaxy Note7 delivers the security users trust and the privacy they rely on.

*Service availability and scope may vary by region and market.

For more information on security features on the Galaxy Note7, visit:

Original source:
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Hey,@SamsungMobile, I've pre-ordered Galaxy note 7 on Aug. 8 & I still haven't receive my phone? Order # 9574983505
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Samsung Mobile

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Back up your contents. Get 15GB free storage on the #GalaxyNote7 with #SamsungCloud.
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Thank you so much
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Samsung Mobile

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Stay tuned for a timely innovation. August 31. Berlin.
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Thank you so much
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Samsung Mobile

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USB Type-C keeps things simple. And fast. It’s the only phone that can keep up with your hustle. #GalaxyNote7
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Why didnt you adopt this system before?
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Samsung Mobile

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A wide array of accessories for the #GalaxyNote7 give you the power to think big, even when you’re off the grid.
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why not put a kickstand for the battery back cover...
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Samsung Mobile

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Mobile gaming never looked this good, thanks to Vulkan API and the Galaxy Game Pack. #GalaxyNote7
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Thank you so much
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