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More to the Edge on the Galaxy S6 edge+

The Galaxy S6 edge+ comes equipped with a bigger and better Edge Screen that adds an extra layer to your mobile viewing experience.

You can now access your favorite apps on the Edge Screen through the new Apps Edge feature. The Edge Screen handle now also goes wherever you want, on both sides of the edge display, even on the lock and home screens.

Navigate faster with Apps Edge

The new Apps Edge shows shortcuts for your most frequently used apps, and you can directly launch each app from the edge screen. Whether you are a social media fiend or an avid podcast consumer, the Apps Edge puts your most frequently used applications right at your fingertips.

1. Switch On.
2. Select Add application.
3. Select app to be added.
4. Instantly access your favorite apps by swiping inwards from the Edge handle and tap the app you wish to open.

Automatically reply to incoming calls

As an added bonus, the Galaxy S6 edge+ gives you the option of Quick Replying, a feature that allows users to respond to incoming calls without answering, turning the phone over or even picking it up.

1. Switch On.
2. Tap Quick reply and switch it On to reject an incoming call and send a preset message to the caller by placing your finger on the heart rate sensor and holding it in place for two seconds while the device is turned over.
3. Set your Quick reply message.

Customize how you access your Edge

Adjust the placement of the Edge Handle to any position on the screen with these easy steps.

1. To change the position of the handle on the Edge Screen, tap the arrow key, then drag the Edge screen handle to the location of your choice.
2. Tap Show Edge screen handle on to select on which screens you want the handle to be displayed. (All screens or Home and lock screens only.)
3. From the Edge screen position menu, select Edge screen side and choose Right side or Left side.

To learn more about the Galaxy S6 edge+, visit:

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user friendly
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Samsung Mobile

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Introducing the #GalaxyView . A whole new viewing experience.
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Love it but where can I get one in Uganda which is original
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Fast just got faster with #GalaxyS6edgePlus and #GalaxyNote5

The Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note5 both come with incredibly fast charging speeds for all kinds of charging options.

Fast charging: wired

With Adaptive Fast Charging technology, the battery charger can communicate with the smartphone, so if it finds an AFC-compatible device, it will start charging at a higher voltage. The Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note5 each take only about 90 minutes to go from an empty battery to a full charge.

You can also keep your energy vampires in check simply and conveniently with Smart Manager, a tool that shows you which running apps are consuming the most power.

Fast charging: wireless

Since built-in wireless charging technology was first introduced on the Galaxy S6 earlier this year, charging wirelessly has become a lot more common. With Samsung’s new wireless chargers, you can now charge wirelessly even faster on the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note5.

The updated wireless charging technology also offers significant improvements in speed. The Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Note5 need only 120 minutes to become fully charged. 

Both devices support both WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) and PMA (Power Matters Alliance) certified standards so you can enjoy wireless charging without worrying about compatibility. The Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Note5 come with an integrated IC for wireless charging, combining two different materials for magnetic shielding required in the wireless charging components to enable hybrid use.

Fast charging: portable

The new Fast Charge Battery Pack lets you charge faster on the go. When you need to quickly revive your battery when you’re constantly on the move, the updated Battery Pack can charge your Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5 from 0% to 50% in around 30 minutes.

The Fast Charge Battery Pack has 4 LED indicators that display remaining charge when you press the button next to the light. The LEDs also light up when the battery pack is charging and blink to indicate how close the battery is to being fully charged.

Enjoy minimum interruptions on the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note5 with new innovative ways of staying charged.

To learn more about charging the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note5, visit:  
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+Samsung Mobile
It isn't really wireless if I can see a cord
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Information always at hand with #GearS2.
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#cool 😉
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Have a look around the #GearS2.
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Nice watch
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Samsung Mobile

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Learn about the #GearS2 on Sep 3.
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Tizen not for me, Samsung already suck in the Android phone software update, so tizen will be worse if the OS don't sell good. And just few dev on board is like a pebble with high tag price.
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Staying healthy made easy with the Gear S2 and S Health

The Samsung Gear S2 is full of incredible features but perhaps none are more beneficial—especially when it comes to your health—than the S Health application

How to Track Your Movement on the Gear S2

The Gear S2 allows you to manually log your fitness activity by the type of exercise you’re doing. 

1. Rotate the bezel until you reach the Exercise screen within the S Health app.
2. Tap the arrow.
3. Select your desired exercise. (For example, tap Walking.)
4. To use location-based services, tap Accept.
5. Touch the target time to adjust it, or rotate the bezel to the right to choose a distance or calorie target—or no target. (For example, rotate the bezel to the right to the distance option.)
6. Tap START.
7. You can review your stats while you exercise. To pause your workout, touch the screen. (Note: Swipe to the right to see Music or Duration, or swipe to the left to see Calories, Speed and Heart Rate.)
8. Tap FINISH.
9. To end the workout, tap the Stop icon.

Stepping to it

You don’t need a personal trainer to start down the path towards a healthier lifestyle. The Gear S2 comes equipped with a pedometer to help you set and achieve your daily exercise goals.

1. In the S Health app, turn the bezel to the Settings menu and tap Settings.
2. Rotate the bezel to the right and tap Step target.
3. Rotate the bezel to set your daily step target.
4. Touch SET.
5. Press the Back button twice, then turn the bezel left to the Steps menu. It will display the number of steps you’ve walked for the day out of your daily target.
6. Tap the number and turn the bezel left to review your steps history.

Using the Heart Rate Monitor

The Gear S2’s heart rate monitor lets you quickly check and track your heart rate before, during and after exercise.

1. Turn the bezel to the right until you reach the Heart Rate Monitor.
2. Tap the monitor icon to start the heart rate monitor. The built-in sensor on the back of the device measures your heart rate.
3. Record your heart rate by selecting a tag that describes your current state. (For example, Resting or After exercise.)
4. To view heart rate history, press the Back button. Then, tap the center of the Heart rate screen. Turn the bezel to navigate recorded history.

Track your hydration

Water consumption is one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle and the Samsung Gear S2 is here to help you monitor how much you drink each day.

1. Turn the bezel until you reach the screen with the water glass or coffee mug icons.
2. Tap the plus sign to track the number of glasses of water or cups of caffeinated beverages you consume.
3. To review your water and caffeine intake, tap and hold down the icon. Turn the bezel to the left to review intake history.

Keeping track the easy way

The Samsung Gear S2 is designed to know when you’ve been moving for an extended period of time. It will automatically identify this as exercise and encourage you to keep moving. If a bit of extra motivation is what you need, the S2 will also let you know when you’ve been sedentary for too long.

1. Turn the bezel to the 24-hour activity log.
2. Tap the center to see your current activity level. Tap again to see how long you’ve been at that activity level.
3. Rotate the bezel to the left to review activity levels for the past 24 hours, along with the amount of time you exercised, the type of exercise and your heart rate based on your input measurements.

To learn more about the Gear S2, visit:

Original source:

*S Health is not intended for clinical or medical use, including diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, alleviation, compensation, cure, prevention or mitigation of any disease, ailment, defect, injury or other conditions.
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+asharam verma 섹스
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Lightweight. Feature-heavy. #GalaxyTabS2
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Best new features of the S Pen on  #GalaxyNote5 

The new Galaxy Note5 comes with an updated S Pen. It  includes a new clicking mechanism which feels like a real pen (and is fun to play with!) and gives quick and easy access from the S Pen compartment. The S Pen is also designed to be more solid and balanced in the hand. 

But the innovations of S Pen go beyond writing. There are more ways than ever to conveniently share information and ideas with others. Below are convenient tutorials to provide an easy way to see how someone could take advantage of some new S Pen features. 

Screen Off Memo

The Screen Off Memo feature lets you write memos while the screen is off just by detaching your S Pen. This feature is especially optimized for the Galaxy Note5’s Super AMOLED display, which saves you battery power on black pixels. 

1. Remove S Pen while screen is turned off
2. Activate Action Memo
3. Using the S Pen, write or draw on the screen. 
4. Save
5. Find Action Memo saved in S Note

Screen Off Memo: 

Scroll Capture

Everyone knows the struggle of not being able to capture all the information they want because you have to take separate screenshots each time you scroll down. The Galaxy Note5 makes it easy to capture a single long screenshot of long pages that require scrolling. It even lets you write directly on the screen to add personal notes.
1. Air Command
2. Screen Write
3. Scroll Capture
4. Capture More. With each click, it adds one more screen. Just keep clicking this button until you’ve gotten all you need.
5. Done
6. You can now write directly on the screen. Choose any pen, color or thickness you may need and add your recommendations directly.
7. Share
8. Message. Select the names you want to share your recommendations with.
9. Send

Scroll Capture:

Write On PDF

PDF files are common, but they can be hard to modify when you’re not at your computer. When you are on the go and need to update a document fast, this can be an especially big problem. When you have your Galaxy Note5, you just need to download the PDF file from the important email, write on the document directly with your S Pen and save the results.
1. Download the PDF
2. Save and Open the file
3. Use your S Pen to write directly on the PDF. Choose your nib and color to make comments, scratch out items you don’t like or draw new suggestions onto the document.
4. Save
5. Attach. Choose the new version of the PDF with your comments
6. Send

Whether it is the earlier innovations of pressure sensitive writing and Air Command, or new ones like Write On PDF, the all-powerful S Pen continues to find ways to make your life easier and more productive. 

Write on PDF: 

To learn more about the S Pen on the Galaxy Note5, visit: 

Original source:
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Hindi sayri
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A unique look into #GearS2.
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Have never handled it
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I love it to

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It's almost time. Join us live on Sep 3 for the #GearS2 Showcase from Berlin.
Samsung Gear S2 Showcase Livestream
Thu, September 3, 1:00 PM

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