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Sven Karsten Greiner
Nerd, Fotograf, Hundeliebhaber und vieles andere.
Nerd, Fotograf, Hundeliebhaber und vieles andere.

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Endlich ist sie da! Die erste c:geo-Coin. Na ja, fast. Geokrety. ;)

How to find date of when a package was removed from the repo?

I just checked which packages that I have installed are neither in the official repos nor in the AUR. One example is pspshrink which was in the official repos IIRC. How can I get the old PKGBUILD and how do I find the date when the package was removed?

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Opinel N°08 "Slimline" Mod

Ein handelsübliches Opinel N°08 abgeschliffen, damit es kompakter ist. Auch der Klingenrücken wurde leicht abgerundet, damit er nicht so scharfkantig ist.

Das Holz wurde anschließend mit reinem Leinöl und die Klinge mit Ballistol behandelt, sodass es auch für Lebensmittel gefahrlos eingesetzt werden kann.
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Just a quick heads-up to all Firefox users: Starting with FF 54 you will need pulseaudio to get audio.

I'd like to make my Smart Launcher even more minimal by removing the categories and replace the bar by an alphabetical index like in Trebuchet or Evie launcher. Is that already possible? Otherwise I'd like to suggest this as a new feature.

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Why was Thunderbird patched with a 70 KiB patch just to enable experimental gtk3 support? I thought that Arch ships upstream and patches only for compatibility reasons.

Don't forget that upstream has not enabled gtk3 and the upstream source isn't even able to use it.

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Still minimal. Same wallpaper as a year ago. awesome wm slightly modified. Browser is Firefox with Vimperator¹.

¹ Too bad that it won't work anymore in a few months because XUL addon support will be removed from Firefox.

Wow, the last update forced me to use libinput. A few of the issues I have after that:

- Pointer acceleration is different. The previous way with "Device Accel Profile" and xset doesn't work anymore. This is nice because now there's a new interface without unnecessary compatibility with the really old acceleration method (before the profiles). On the other hand there's no transition guide how to get the same behavior as previously. Result: My mouse works different than expected.

- Keyboard is laggy. Actually 95% of the time KeyPress events are sent with some hundred milliseconds delay or together with the KeyRelease event. And the time is variable! Result: Key presses are late and typing feels sluggish.

Latest qt5 update from 5.7.0 to 5.7.1 broke most (all?) qt5 programs. This includes all programs from the official repository! Starting such a program will just crash with

Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x50700) with this library (version 0x50701)

edit: Sorry for the noise. The reason was qt5-styleplugins from AUR which just needed a rebuild.

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Mein "Park and Grab Celle" beim Frieren. Die Tasten brauchen manchmal ein paar warme Hände zum Auftauen, ansonsten läuft aber alles noch.
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