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Shivam Batra
Don't just dream, work hard to fulfill it too.
Don't just dream, work hard to fulfill it too.

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Redmi 2
1. Insufficient storage, can't install gapps nano or pick
2. Very poor battery backup, beansgapps installed.
3. Processor heats up a little more than usual.

Redmi 2
Not getting good ram management...ram only 500 mb free where as with miui its almost 900 mb free...with the same no. Of apps. Is there anything that I could take care of?

Redmi 2
Aosp Ext. 4.0
Humongous drain in idle mode. Last night I clean flash ROM and Bean gapps after that I slept in the morning I got battery at 63% where as at night I left it at 98%. There were no apps installed. Mobile data and Wifi was turned off and also from the location scanning.

Redmi 2 4.0
All of a sudden systemui FC....that's weird...
I was into a shopping complex reading my Google Keep list, and mobile restarted and went in a bootloop....I clean reflashed AEX with open gapps and tried to change display size. And system ui crashed every time I changed and then I restarted my phone and tried ti change wallpaper then again system ui crashed. :(

Redmi 2
Aosp 4.0, doze mode not workibg properly, 8% battery drain overnight. Data, gps and WiFi all were switched off. :(

How can I get Nougat 7.1.1 rom? Because in 7.1.2, battery backup is poor and also when ever I turn off my gps I get a weird popup saying 'No location Access' .

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Redmi 2
On the latest version google now is not working.

Redmi 2
Everything is buttery smooth its just that at night when wifi and mobile data was off I lost 11% battery juice, it went from 33% to 22%.

Redmi 2 RR 5.8.3
A weird thing I just noticed that, lockscreen shows Charging Slowly no matter I used laptop or wall charger, and I tried may chargers of different phones and also my own. All state the same Charging slowly. A 2 Ampere one toggles between Charging and. Charging slowly though.
Anyone having any fix of this pls enlighten me. And its a clean flash of rom.

Redmi 2
Is this rom support OTA?
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