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Musical floppy drives, and beyond!
Musical floppy drives, and beyond!

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Huh, this might be fun to try out next time I'm editing some music.  I like that it's free and open source, but my experience with other free MIDI editors has been a little disappointing.

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3x Noobilator edited one of his pieces specifically for floppy drive for this video.

Up next: some more requested music and hopefully something a little bit classical.

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For the first time in quite some time, a new floppy drive video! (I'm going to try to post a few more in the upcoming weeks, but no promises)

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Hey there musical floppy aficionados!  Over the last couple days, I've committed a bunch of minor changes to the Moppy software codebase.  Most notably:
- No more RXTX library (switched to NRJavaSerial)
- No more "Swing Application Framework"
- Performance and pooling improvements
- Some new features to make it easier to (hopefully) play unedited MIDI files

I've also created a better floppy drive simulator so that it's easier for me to test out code changes without needing to have the drives assembled.  Which means it'll be much easier to add new features and accept pull requests.  Give it a try and let me know how things go!

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I've seen some people complain about adding backing tracks to floppy music, but when the result sounds this good, I don't see how they could complain!
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