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My little baby boy has become a HUGE little man overnight. 13 years old and already 6' and sharing my shoes and shirts. It never ceases to amaze me how amazing this dude is.

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Samir Osman

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In the last 6 months I've had two major spiritual/emotion breakthroughs that coincided with major life changes. BOTH times, the first one six months ago, and the second a couple days ago, my "third eye" has developed a dry flaky patch as if it were shedding skin. I've had monumental growth throughout that period, but in much smaller and evenly transitioned increments, but the two "holy shit epiphanies" have both caused the first two dry patches of skin of my life. Seriously. It's never happened before. I'm not gonna start getting all mystic or hoodoo voodoo guru on you, but that sure doesn't seem like happenstance to me.

Let go and let love. It's really that simple.

I hope each and every one of you have the chance to reflect inward long enough to be hit in the face with same brick of light that I have. My life is so beautiful and blessed that even a wordy ass like myself can't put it into words. I wish that for every single one of you.

To those of you that I know personally, thank you for being one more gear in the works that make my universe keep spinning. I'm eternally grateful for all of you, no matter how finite our time together, or how seemingly insignificant our interactions. Nothing is coincidence. That is one thing I have undeniably come to know.

If you're still reading at this point, go make your own happiness and quit lapping up my drivel, already ;)

I love you guys. 
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Thanks gFamily. I miss all of you guys. Luckily my free time is about to be greatly expanded so I'll be able to pick up the camera and the keyboard more often.
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Samir Osman

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I have the coolest kid of all time. Playing hold em, listening to Houses of the Holy on the record player, sitting by the fire, drinking some Prisoner. Life is so amazing when you're surrounded by pure, gentle, positive, curious, and loving souls. Don't ever accept anything less. 
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Wow, he has really grown up!!
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Samir Osman

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So since I got my 1959 Silvertone console stereo rebuilt I've been slightly obsessed with collecting vinyl (most of which I found from my old childhood collection, and a lot of my mom's old records) but I've been increasingly aware that I only need three records to get through the winter:

Tom Waits - Blue Valentine
Nina Simone - I put a spell on you
Dinah Washington - What a diff'rence a day makes

In the days of buying one song at a time through  a computer the art of the record as a complete piece of art has been lost. What would be your three snowbound stranded by the fire must have records?
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Damn fine choices +Nick Gatens, and I completely agree about it being a more meaningful listening experience.

Echoes would definitely be in my summertime list, as would Jason Isbell's Southeastern for every other season, and I'm pretty sure Blue Valentine will always be there regardless the season or my mood, although Small Change may leap frog it as my favorite album ever on occasion. Jeff Buckley Grace could easily slip in any of them as well. 
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Samir Osman

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Wow, the first page of this was funny, then it was not.  I am sort of happy she slapped him?  He took it too far with the eat my dick comment, didn't need to go there.  Sort of threatening, childish.  Well, the whole "writing notes" thing is awfully gradeschoolish isn't it?  Yes, the woman was crazy nuts, probably unstable maybe off her meds.  Best to just leave those ones alone I have found.  
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Samir Osman

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Hey SFers. I'll be in the Bay for the next few days. I'm booked solid with meetings and research until Monday afternoon and then it relaxes a little, but I should be able to squeeze in some personal stuff too, so let me know what's happening and where you'll all be. It'd be great to even grab a hug and a hi if we can't find more time.

Please plus in anyone you think might be interested.

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Samir Osman

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#FloralFriday shot from the Portland Japanese Garden this morning.

"Light amongst the darkness"
 Something we should all strive to be. It's a great feeling.
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sooo, nice
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Samir Osman

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Hey Portlandia! I'm all up in ya personal space for one day. It's a business trip but I've got a little workable time this afternoon. What should I shoot, where should I go, what are the three "can't miss" things to do in PDX?
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Thanks Jeffrey!
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Samir Osman

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Fun things are happening. Check it out. Share the post. Like the page. Show some love. 
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I'm no shepherd nor a sweater maker, or even a hairdresser, but methinks these lambs may have been shaved a slight bit too close. 
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Seems to me to be just right! When's supper? :)
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