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Python Boltons, simply bolt features to Python which are missing from standard library.
#python #boltons #programming #standardlibrary #recipes #snippets #developer #softwaredevelopment  
Like builtins, but boltons. Constructs/recipes/snippets that would be handy in the standard library. Nothing like Michael Bolton.
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OpenBazaar project threat analysis.
#openbazaar #threatanalysis #security #securitymodel #policy #blog  
This blog post outlines the security model and policies of OpenBazaar. It is written for contributors with push access who are asked to review and merge pull requests, external developers who are interested in submitting pull requests, and end-users who are interested in understanding the ...
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Sami Lehtinen

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Finished configuring IPv6 on all key systems. Even the visitor WiFi now offers SLAAC and DHCPv6 as well as full native IPv6 connectivity. Yes, it took some work. But it's done. Everything is configured correctly. I also found a few things which need to be improved and made tickets about those to my router manufacturer.
#zywall   #zyxel   #ipv6   #dhcpv6   #nativeipv6   #slaac   #wifi   #wlan   #dualstack  
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Estonia's e-residency program expands abroad. How it's possible to get official national digital identity from 34 countries.
#eresidency #estonia #digitalsignature #identification #identity #electronicidentity  
How do I apply? Here's what to do to join the digital society and become an e-Resident: 1. When you are already in Estonia, find your nearest Police and Border Guard Office: Nearest service point to the airport and/or seaport is at J.Vilmsi street 59, Tallinn (opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-
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Any tips how to join tables using Peewee so that join on won't be automatically assigned? It's really ruining my day. Because I can't get results out using Peewee. But if I user pure SQL then it's trivial to get stuff done. I guess it's something really simple, but I've now checked documentation 10 times and tried 1000 different ways and I'm still failing. My problem is that left outer join won't return records which I need because the join on is automatically assigned and prevents me from getting records which do not match that rule.
#peewee #orm #sql #database #python
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Actually I did get the results what I wanted, but not cleanly as I would like to. Let's see if Charles bothers to answer. I really do understand if he can't. Currently I'm using several subqueries and post query sorting and pagination. It works, but I would like to do all that using pure peewee.
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I don't usually share funny stuff. But this one made me really laugh out loud. I enjoyed it. Btw. When will the clouds be floating this way? - Thanks!
#googleactualcloud #cloudhosting #cloudplatform #cloudservice +Google Cloud Platform 
We're elevating cloud computing like never before
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Meteor 1.1 released is future of HTML5 / Web Development here? Easy to use complete package, instead of combining mind boggling number of different partially incompatible technologies.
#html5 #javascript #webdevelopment #programming #nodejs #mongodb #websitedevelopment #linux #windows #osx #meteor  
Meteor is a complete platform for building web and mobile apps in pure JavaScript.
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Processing "big data" using SQLite and IPython Notebook and Pandas.
Yes big data in quotes, because I don't quite agree that's big data what they're talking about. But data analytics they're doing is still good.
#pandas #python #sqlite #bigdata #analytics #programming #database #opendata  
A primer on out-of-memory analytics of large datasets with Pandas, SQLite, and IPython notebooks.
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Sami Lehtinen

General Cloud Discussion  - 
Cloud isn't always a perfect solution, sometimes not using cloud can be beneficial. It's always good to make critical consideration if cloud is the solution or should we use some kind of other solution(s).
#ec2 #amazon #webhosting #cloudservers #cloudcomputing #datacenterknowledge  
This is a guest post by Oleksiy Kovyrin , Head of Technical Operations at Swiftype . Swiftype c...
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Cloud is only for SMBs ..
Matured organizations tends to move away from #Cloud for many reasons !
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ScaleWay Quad core ARM BareMetal servers with SSDs and really cheap monthy cloud plans. This could go a long way with your projects, simple cheap clusters and no problem about noisy neighbours.
4 Dedicated ARM Cores
2GB Memory
50GB SSD Disk*
1 Reserved public IPv4
200Mbit/s Unmetered bandwidth
* Actually the SSD storage isn't baremetal it's virtualized.
Smile: "The craziest cloud technology is out! Welcome on board!
Say good bye to virtual servers, we have defined the next computing standard: the physical cloud!"
So virtualization is out and physical cloud is here?
#scaleway #arm #servers #webhosting #cloudhosting #vps #cheapvps #ssd #cloud #linux #ubuntu  
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Should Finland use X-Road concept from Estonia? Maybe? Here's what system integration looks with or without it.
#estonia #finland #enterpriseservicebus #esb #systemintegration #xroad #kansallinenpalveluväylä #palveluväylä  
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UpCloud IaaS cloud service provider launches IPv6 for all service areas.
I've been waiting for it. Little by little, everything starts to be fully IPv6 operational. Think I'll upgrade my systems (running at UpCloud) to use IPv6 during next week.
#upcloud #ipv6 #cloudhosting #ipv6 #iaas #vps  
As you may have already noticed, we're a very technically oriented bunch here at UpCloud. Our developers and infrastructure teams have worked intensely yet again and we are very proud to announce full support for IPv6 on UpCloud. This functionality is now available for all servers in all our ...
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