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Sami Jaber
Fondateur de DNG Consulting, formateur aux technologies Java et .NET, conférencier et bloggueur
Fondateur de DNG Consulting, formateur aux technologies Java et .NET, conférencier et bloggueur

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This session from TED is a must.

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Testing the next big feature of GWT, incremental compilation... For now, not very successful due to a NPE in clienbundle... (-Xmx1024 mandatory for me to avoid OOM)

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Très bonne présentation du futur de GWT
Merci à +Arnaud TOURNIER pour son intervention au #GDGHiPic le 21 mars dernier.

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#gwtcreate   post-mortem. I need something to do on the flight home to SF, so I thought it might be worthwhile to sum up my thoughts on the conference, what went right, and what we could have done better.

Good Stuff:
* For our first conference, we got a lot of attendees. In fact, Frankfurt was overbooked and the rooms barely had room to stand or sit on the floor for some of the presentations. 

* People seem generally receptive to some of the initiatives we announced: NextGen JsInterop, Widget 2.0/Web Components, SuperDevMode, and the need to deprecate older browsers in future versions, even as we acknowledge that we must somehow continue support for them.

* +Daniel Kurka  is superman. Some of the MTV/SF presenters couldn't make it to Frankfurt, and so Daniel ended up doing 4 sessions, plus helping in others, like the contributor workshop.

* I learned a lot, from meeting a large number of people using GWT for important applications, who have dramatically different needs than internal Google needs.  The Steering Committee needs to be thoughtful about providing a transition path for technical debt.

* The incremental/modular compile stuff presented by John and Roberto rocked the house in SF, with very loud applause. People do love fast compilers.

* Power of community. Stuff we wanted to do for a long time at Google was picked up and implemented to a high polish by external contributes. For example, integrating Closure Stylesheets/Closure Stylesheet Compiler into ClientBundle, done by +Julien Dramaix  of gwtQuery frame, who for the second time, took a seed of an idea and ran with it. Likewise, I met another gentleman who took my AngularGWT prototype/proof of concept and actually fleshed it out a lot more for an actual internal app.

* +James Nelson  is on fire. He single handedly took the defunct CollIIDE (cloud based IDE done by the former Atlanta office) and turned it into a pretty rich product.
* Belgian keyboards suck ass for coding. :)
* The Vaadin guys are straight shooters. They risked their own capital for this conference without knowing whether or not it would be a success, than invited competitors like Sencha to share the stage with them. Plus, they graciously paid for their dinner. You can thank them by at least visiting their website and reading about what their product does to see if it fits your needs. 
* +Colin Alworth is a great guy and does a lot of work helping out GWT users and trying to build up the community.

Stuff That Could be Improved:
* People seem to want more practical talks and more '301' instead of '101' level talks. 
* We should expand next year to cover more of the Web ecosystem in general. Invite more speakers from Chrome, Mozilla, etc to talk about the Web and Web tools in general. +Philip Rogers talk at SF on Chrome performance was very well received.
* Add more "fun" sessions? Daniel's comedy presentation on JS received high marks. Perhaps some hackathons on the new stuff, like best usage of @JsInterface or best new Web Component would be cool.

In any case, overall things went better than I thought. And my compiler deep dive talk, which I thought would put most people to sleep, apparently  went over well.

See y'all next year.

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Bravo pour ce travail Xi
#GWTStorage is on github now : … . The latest release gwt-storage-1.1 is available for download !

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I would have been delighted to attend Google I/O this year and meet the new GWT team at MV, +Joel Webber +Bruce Johnson are you planning to be there ? There is also this interesting meetup  => . DNG is working with GWT since 2006 and has developed many (big) applications, It's probably time to talk seriously about the roadmap ... 

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Session GWT au DevFest Google à Nantes 

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Merci encore au JUG Riviera, je vais vous mettre à disposition les slides quelque part  
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