Work in Progress  - 
Hacking together a cheap ultrasonic scanning rig using hobby parts, to determine how feasible ultrasonic localization will be.

It's a fun little thing!
Using an arduino uno, a servo, and two sainsmart $5 ultrasonic sensors.

Code is up on (yes that's an oxymoron, so sue me).
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I did this back in college and it worked pretty well for mapping approximate wall locations with our robot. Back then ping sensors weren't available. We had to do it the old school way and hack a polaroide camera to get the range finder out of it. Things sure have come a long way for this hobby. 
Yeah, I'm doing something similar using a low-pass filter.
Depending on how far I get with EKF and maps sensor fusion would be great too.
Using a low-pass filter, we get rid of a lot of the noise, and don't get too much delay either.
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