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Ceres Solver 1.11.0 is out.

This release has been a long time coming and has more than a hundred bug fixes and improvements. I strongly recommend upgrading. 

1. Adaptive numeric differentiation using Ridders’ method. 
2. Cubic and bicubic interpolation objects to allow smooth interpolation of sampled functions and integration with automatic differentiation.
3. Covariance evaluation in tangent space.
4.  ProductParameterization, a local parameterization that can be constructed as a cartesian product of other local parameterization.
5. DynamicCostFunctionToFunctor. 
6. Lots of CMake improvements.
7. Faster SPARSE_NORMAL_CHOLESKY in the presence of dynamic sparsity.

And a whole bunch of other changes that you can find out about at

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Ceres Solver, & Jump at CVPR 2015

Sunday: I will talk about Ceres Solver as part of the Open Source SfM tutorial.

Monday - Tuesday : At the Google booth, I and other members of the Jump team, we will be showing the Jump camera and videos shot using it on cardboard.

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Ceres Solver 1.10.0 is out.

1. Ability to solve general unconstrained optimization problems.
2. Use Eigen as the sparse linear algebra backend for solving and
covariance computation.
3. Faster inner iterations when using multiple threads.
4. Faster ITERATIVE_SCHUR solver for small to medium sized problems.
5. Faster automatic Schur ordering.
6. Reduced memory usage for problems with dynamic sparsity.

And a whole bunch of other changes that you can find out about at

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If 3x3 matrices of rank 2 occupy your dreams, and the Demazure polynomials don't let you sleep then this is the paper you have been waiting for all along.

Our opus on the fundamental and essential matrices that was rejected from ECCV for being too theoretical is now on arXiv in its fully fleshed out glory.

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+Hugues Talbot +Ron Kimmel +Yuri Boykov and Luminita Aura Vese are editing a special issue of CVIU (ELS)  on Discrete and Continuous Geometry in Computer Vision. 
The deadline is July, 15th.

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Ceres Solver 1.9.0 is out. 

Download from

Major New Features

- Bounds constraints: Support for upper and/or lower bounds on
  parameters when using the trust region minimizer.
- Dynamic Sparsity: Problems in which the sparsity structure of the
  Jacobian changes over the course of the optimization can now be
  solved much more efficiently.
- Improved support for Microsoft Visual C++ including the ability to
  build and ship DLLs.
- Support for building on iOS 6.0 or higher.
- New website (
- Faster LBFGS.
- Faster solves when using CXSparse as the sparse linear algebra library.

And a whole bunch of other changes that you can find out about at

Last but not the least, +Alex Stewart is now a Ceres Solver maintainer!

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This came from our group at Google!

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OK. I know this is an ad. But this is one of those things that just makes you happy to watch. (You can turn on English captions) Via +Shenaz Z and +Amit Singhal, who added: 

I got teary eyed watching this beautiful video.

Growing up as a child in northern India, we had numerous close family friends who were deeply impacted by the India-Pakistan partition. We are all incredibly fortunate to be living in today's world where technology is helping us become more human.

Amen to that -- this sort of thing is why we work so hard.
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