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The first wave of Sense 4.0 devices with Ice Cream Sandwich to be previewed in the Mobile World Congress 2012 and to go on sale this April.

Sense 4.0 is amazing. Keep following for the first pictures of Ice Cream Sandwich with a taste of HTC Sense 4.0
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Great, I will be at MWC 2012 and April is when I can upgrade!
The question is, will the current high-end HTC devices get ICS (with or without Sense) before that?
Haha , i have 1 year left on contract with my DHD , by the time i get (if i get it at all) the ICS update , i'll be buying new phone ..
And probably it won't be and HTC device ..
i made a promise to myself that my next device would be a nexus. less headache. more awesomeness :)
Leon Q
OMG!Its a long time
Will the update to ICS on current high end HTC devices include Sense 4.0?
Rich S
I'd still like HTC to offer the option of Sense-less / AOSP roms. I keep buying HTC hardware, but keep going to AOSP roms.
Now that's just senseless! Ba-dump-dump Chhhh
+1 nice one ,cant wait to see HTC Sense 4 w/ Android 4 , GIMME THAT :3
thank god I unlocked my Desire S so I can get the sugar quite early :)
In for pictures!!! Do want to see 4.0 of errything on an HTC device.
Make new Sense for older android devices please :(
NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. If Sense 4.0 is any more than a widget I can get rid of on the homescreen I'm out.
And who thought he was?! Whered that come from...
Ah...yeah i can see it from that post haha...before i was followin him
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