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Samantha Morra
Samantha Morra is a Teacher, Presenter, Consultant, Ed Techie&Google Certified Teacher
Samantha Morra is a Teacher, Presenter, Consultant, Ed Techie&Google Certified Teacher

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Factitious: Can you tell the real news from the fake news? #edchat #njed #medialit #edtech

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This is great! Can't wait to try with students!

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“Be Internet Awesome”: Helping kids make smart decisions online @google

Be Internet Awesome focuses on five key lessons to help kids navigate the online world with confidence:

Be Internet Smart: Share with care
Be Internet Alert: Don’t fall for fake
Be Internet Strong: Secure your secrets
Be Internet Kind: It's cool to be kind
Be Internet Brave: When in doubt, talk it out

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Harvard Rescinds Acceptances for At Least Ten Students for Obscene Memes

These comments would make great discussion points for talks with students about social media, the illusion of privacy, humor, peer pressure, etc:

Luca said the founders of the “dark” group chat demanded that students post provocative memes in the larger messaging group before allowing them to join the splinter group.

“They were like, ‘Oh, you have to send a meme to the original group to prove that you could get into the new one,’” Luca said. “This was a just-because-we-got-into-Harvard-doesn’t-mean-we-can’t-have-fun kind of thing.”

“On the one hand, I think people can post whatever they want because they have the right to do that,” Luca said. “I don’t think the school should have gone in and rescinded some offers because it wasn’t Harvard-affiliated, it was people doing stupid stuff.”

“I appreciate humor, but there are so many topics that just should not be joked about,” Zhang wrote. “I respect the decision of the admissions officers to rescind the offers because those actions really spoke about the students’ true characters.”

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Still so much work to do with #digcit

Harvard Rescinds Acceptances for At Least Ten Students for Obscene Memes

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Great article!
Pulling some interesting quotes from it:

"There is a particularly American tradition of becoming enthralled with new technologies of communication, identifying their promise of future prosperity and renewed community. It is matched by a related American tradition of freaking out about the same objects, which are also figured as threats to life as we know it."

"Somehow, a generation of teenagers from the 1980s managed to grow up despite the dangers, real or imagined, from video games. The new technology could not have been as powerful as its detractors or its champions imagined. It’s easy to be captivated by novelty, but it can force us to miss the cyclical nature of youth media obsessions. Every generation fastens onto something that its parents find strange, whether Elvis or Atari. In every moment in media history, intergenerational tension accompanies the emergence of new forms of culture and communication. Now we have smartphone addiction to panic about."

"...while the gadgets keep changing, our ideas about youth and technology, and our concerns about young people’s development in an uncertain and ever-changing modern world, endure."

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Great resources from ConnectSafely

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The work my students have been doing with Tinkercad is just amazing. Here are just 2 examples.


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Padlet Shelf
Looks like a great upgrade to Padlet Still a favorite web tool!
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