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First EMU run in the NBL

Earlier this week I had one of the most intense, challenging and exciting experiences of my life as I started my EVA training in the Neutral Buoyancy Lab in Houston.

I hope to find some time in the next days to write in detail about this so-called Suit Qualification three-hour run. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions, so I'll know what not to miss!
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How limited is your movement in those suits? Are they as uncomfortable as they look?
That looks like so much fun. How supportive is the suit for you? You're pretty much in a 'neutral' position in the photos, so I had to ask. Is it holding you like that, or is that the 'resting' position for the suit?
Like smiling fully armured underwater deadrisen.

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Very cool time! how much prep time? What's the mix you breathe? is the mix the same here as up at ISS? Is there decompress time?

Also, a shout out to the support teams. They also serve ...
Thanks for sharing those great pictures!! What are those robotic arms and structures made of?
Hello Samantha. Thank you for your Post and I wish you all the best in your further training and a lot of fun. In your face in the picture I can see that you enjoy preparing the job. Many greetings from Germany.
Does your fingers feel the tools?
Congratulations! I've had nightmares of those training tanks since seeing one in action in Huntsville, Alabama when I was a child. You are very brave. :)
Strange feeling to view excellent works of mankind at global level. Google has proved ancient Sanskrit proverb true that " Whole World is a Family"
+Karen Schumacher Indeed, that is the neutral position. Moving out of the neutral position requires quite some energy because the suit is pretty rigid once pressurized.
+Greg Poulos People typically show up on the pool deck around 6:45 - 7:00 to get all their tools ready. After medical checkup and briefings, astros start to don the suit around 8:45 to be in water by around 9:30
+Greg Poulos We breathe Nitrox, on orbit it's pure oxygen. No decompression. Support team is great, I intend to write about their work.
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