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At this very moment at the bottom of the world

Hats off to James Cameron and his team.
Honestly, I can't find the words: amazing? extraordinary? epic?

He must be one of the loneliest human beings ever right now. Coming close to Apollo astronauts who remained in the command module while their crew mates descended.

And by the way... 12 human beings have been on the Moon, only three down there, where James Cameron is at this very moment. What a day!
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I wish him godspeed and much safety and a very triumphant return.
I don't like Avatar or Titanic films but this is an interesting exploration.
After the bathyscaphe Trieste (made in Italy) now the Deepsea Challenger with Cameron. :)
I'm sort of "holding my breath", for both a safe return and the release of the data/photos. Whew, what an adventure.
epic could be the right word! I can't explain why, but while being completely at ease with spacecraft and astronautics, these deep ocean explorations somehow scare me!
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