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Soyuz Winter Survival

Back in January my fellow +European Space Agency, ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet and I participated in a 2-day winter survival training, which is mandatory for Soyuz crewmembers.

I already told that story on our class blog, The Shenanigans:

Since I also have hundreds of pictures from that special experience, I thought I would share a reasonable number.

I hope you enjoy them! Most pictures have some info in the captions.
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Grazie! veramente interessante. :)
Is that so astronauts can survive the environmental rigors of other planets? :-)
Wow Sam, as an Italian woman I am so very proud of you!
Who was taking these pictures? They're amazing! Keep it up :)
Samantha, thanks, I had been waiting for these pics!!! It's so interesting. I will repeat here a question I put on a specific photo, is there any sort of "theory" material you study on for these survival exercises? Maybe in electronic form? If yes, any way how to get a copy?
Considering that crew returning from the ISS will be muscle atrophied to the point that the act of walking will require assistance, how exactly are you expected to leave the capsule and setup a campsite by yourselves?

It seems like this would only be practical in the event of an aborted launch.
+Tom Nardi You raise a very good point. As you rightly say, an emergency landing could be the consequence of an aborted launch. It could also be the consequence of a number of failure scenarios both during autonomous flight and during docked flight at Station. Of course, the more time the crew has spent in orbit, the more relevant your observation becomes.
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