It's L-500 days! Not that I'm counting of course :-)
Launch date might always change a little bit, but one needs to have a target in mind, so I thought I'd start the countdown and also start a little logbook on what's going on in my training days.
Thanks to +Michael Sacchi for indirectly giving me the idea!

L-500: Logbook

I'm in Star City! In a few minutes I'll ride my bike to the training facilities. Today, I'll have four hours of Soyuz sim with my Commander, Anton. It will look somewhat like in the picture.
But before the sim itself, this morning we'll have a two-hour brief with our instructor, Dima, discussing what awaits us in the afternoon.
Yesterday we went over a nominal reentry... which of course turned off-nominal when both the main computer and the engine failed on us.
Today we'll do the emergency descent scenario... that's when something is really wrong and you need to get down quickly!

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