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Co-creating exceptional companies & experiences
Co-creating exceptional companies & experiences


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Essential read for everyone: You'll need to speak the technium language

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Heading to School of Space on Wednesday at Hub Melbourne. Hey +Hamish Curry you coming?

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Meet Chris Tagatac: the first contextual bionic man

Meet Chris Tagatac. Three years ago he fell off his roof which paralyzed him beneath his belly button. So, how was he walking around the Half Moon Bay Ritz today?

Easy, he was wearing an Ekso Bionics Exoskeleton. More about that at

This exoskeleton, through a combination of about 30 sensors, a few motors, and some cloud computing, helps him get out of his wheelchair and walk around. 

He's a delightful human being who is grateful to be here, and be able to walk around while wearing his $110,000 exoskeleton, which is mostly used to help him keep his body in shape, but he says it's life changing because he can look me in the eye and get mobility he can only dream of while in his wheelchair.

We talked about the future of technology that can help him live a better life. He liked the Google Glass, because while wearing the exoskeleton he has to keep his hands on the controls (he pushes buttons to tell his skeleton to sit, walk, or make other movements) and Glass would let him do things without needing his hands.

Today his skeleton only understands one context: flat hard ground. Tomorrow? The sensors might understand he's on sand or grass and help him walk on those surfaces. Also, today he needs to push buttons. We can see a way to use a brain sensor so he could simply think about walking forward, the way we all do, and his exoskeleton would comply. 

Yes, this is expensive but within a decade I expect these to cost less than $1,000 and be usable by not just more people but for more hours a day (his batteries last about three hours, then need a one-hour charge and his body can't take more than a couple of hours at a time anyway.

Oh, and while at the Ritz tonight I talked with many people about the downsides of government technology. Yes, the NSA can spy on us and DARPA pays to develop robots like this to help soldiers be more effective (including things like Google Glass) but I enjoy seeing military technology used to help people's lives. 

I have seen no clearer example than Chris. What an inspiration!
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Here's insight to what I'll be taking people through in our Social Media workshop on Friday and then on Monday...
Here's a sneak peak ...this week and next week's "Social Media is easy!" workshops... enjoy!

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Friendship Gold. It's on my mind. So I wrote about it. 

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Such a great post on getting clever with your online writing. Read! Its quick...

The first GPS with a function to help drivers get lost in nature [Video] ;)
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