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Occasionally I've seen photos where bullets or whatever is shot through glass/apple/stuff. Kinda wanted to try that, but I don't have any of the necessary equipment, so just had to photoshop it. And since I don't have any bullets around here, had to use a 75mm russian artillery shell from WW2.
This should fit #fotoshopfriday and #photoshopfriday curated by +Danielle Tunstall and +Alexis Coram
#photoshop #photomanipulation
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wow this is very cool... and I love that you did this the safe way :)
Thank you +Alexis Coram, yeah, no bottles of water were harmed in the making of this :)
(lots of water was splashed around though..)
+Timo Sund Thanks for the link, sound trigger could be handy for many purposes.
I´ve shot with nearly all available calibers with one I linked. Result was sort of "fruitsalad" Imagine 50+ shots and using cabbages, melons, apples, oranges etc as targets.

Spaghetti, single & .22 was too hard.
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