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Computer Programmer and Occasional Freedom Evangelist
Computer Programmer and Occasional Freedom Evangelist

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Nice crowds, diverse viewpoints and creative signs abounded. Really got the feeling that the REAL people's movement started yesterday.

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Shared route
From (37.8670908,-122.2644265) to The Albatross Pub via Hearst Ave and Delaware St.

15 min (2.1 mi)

1. Head west on Durant Ave toward Fulton St
2. Turn right onto Fulton St
3. Continue onto Oxford St
4. Turn left onto Hearst Ave
5. Turn right onto California St
6. Turn left onto Ohlone Greenway
7. Continue onto Delaware St
8. Turn left onto San Pablo Ave
9. Arrive at location: The Albatross Pub

To see this route visit

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Stand up for Paris by plugging some of this sweet French producer into your ears.

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Cleaning up a random find: I'm not sure what wood this is. Despite looking light I think it might be walnut. Cleaned up with a block plane and 600 grit paper (for the brass). 

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How complicated this Ahmed clock has become.

be honest with yourself, a big red digital display with a bunch of loose wires in a brief-case looking box is awful like a Hollywood-style representation of a bomb. Everyone jumped to play the race and religion cards and try and paint the teachers and police as idiots and bigots, but in my mind, they were probably acting responsibly and erring on the side of caution to protect the rest of their students, just in case. “This wouldn’t have happened if Ahmed were white,” they say. We’re supposed to be sensitive to school violence, but apparently religious and racial sensitivity trumps that. At least we have another clue about how the sensitivity and moral outrage pecking order lies.

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A sensational, traffic driving headline. But half their sales are still at $1 per 100, and nobody can find anyone who is being priced out of treatment. Meanwhile, 3 billion people carry the disease and nobody is developing any vaccines for it.  I'm not saying I believe the guy, but all the responses I've seen have been blindly following the anti-pharma narrative.

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Non-Restartable System Calls: does anyone have any idea as to why system calls like recv(2) would not be restartable on sockets with timeouts?  Surely it wouldn't be that hard to make this work...

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I need to set up a tech blog so I can write about this.  But it's pretty cool stuff; I've been touching on ideas like this for some time in the far recesses of my technical imagination :)

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I wish Hollywood would make disaster movies that actually prepare people with actual things to watch out for.  This trailer shows off its complete disregard for physics; just look at the building falling over as if it were a tree in this video (at 34s, the link below should be cued).  There's just no way a building would detach from its base, pivot on an edge, and stay in shape long enough to fall over sideways like that.  Even a small lean on a 30+ storey skyscraper is an immense torque that will simply result in an immediate failure of any piece.  After that, the building will fall down largely inside its footprint (and Richard Gage will show up and give talks on it being an inside job).

The real thing to watch out for is falling debris from the building next to you, not worry about whether a skyscraper a block away is going to topple sideways.

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So much win in these answers.  A+
If kids aren't allowed to swear when answering a worksheet like this, where they're supposed to be learning to assert their independence and refuse bullshit excuses against condoms, then schools are throwing out babies with the bathwater.

At most the teacher should have requested that the student use f*** or an equivalent.  And fine, she can lose a point for not putting her own responses on the back as directed.  But her responses are perfect as they stand and should be applauded.

Don't ask for people's voices if you don't want to hear how they choose to speak.
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