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Totally.  I especially think this when I'm in a parking lot on a sunny day, it's super hot, and everyone has already taken all of the partially shaded parking spaces. 
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If you use Chrome, you should have this extension installed.  It pops up and tells you if a site is affected.  If it does, be sure to log out of it, and not enter a password until it says it's not affected.

Sadly, it doesn't seem to check that the SSL certificate has been changed.  The behavior I actually want is to tell me if the other end is running the patched SSL, and they have changed their certificate since the vulnerability was posted.  That way, I know it is safe now to change the password.  The only way I know how to check that is from the command line:

    echo | openssl s_client -host \
            -port 443 -showcerts |
            openssl x509 -noout -text |
            grep -A 2 Validity

Replace "" with the site name: should work on MacOS and Linux.  Make sure to either include the \ so that the command I've split for formatting works, or to paste the part from "-port 443" onwards straight after the site name you're checking and a space.
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How would you verify if they were ever vulnerable in the past, or if they actually issued their certificate after they were patched?
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A smoke alarm that can be disabled by a simple wave of the hand!  What could possibly go wrong, a plume of smoke that looks like a hand waving perhaps?
Company notices the alarm can be turned off inadvertently.
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Burning man comes back to SF! #SFFire
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Sam Vilain

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The ViviendasLeon non-profit, who help a village in Nicaragua with their development, are trialing Indiegogo for their fundraising effort! Your $'s could make a large impact on this micro-finance campaign. And it's for TEA! :-)
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Sam Vilain

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Great chart from BI showing the drop in solar PV cost vs other fuel type
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Be good to see wind on that chart, too.
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Sam Vilain

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There's been a number of complaints that climate model predictions have been inaccurate; in reality, most of them were either very close to being right, or are inaccurate because the assumptions about the truly unpredictable (eg, volcanic eruptions or the behavior of human civilization) were wrong.  This article mentions a couple which are a decade older than the earliest one normally considered to be of predictive quality (ie, Hansen 1988).  I'd also add that Arrhenius arrived at a 2.1°C climate sensitivity figure in 1906 (down from an earlier prediction of 5-6°C); the latest IPCC range is 1.5°C - 4.5°C.  Settled science decades ago, now proven.
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More photos & bids from #SFFire
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Sam Vilain

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Good shot
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This restaurant has plenty of room and is my favorite spot to pick up a bread bowl of clam chowder. They have plenty of room, making it a quiet escape from the chaos of Fisherman's Wharf and have a good beers selection.
Food: Very goodDecor: Very goodService: Excellent
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