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I <3 CondoInternet (and Seattle)

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Such a beautiful, moving voice.

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Really happy to see a stable release of Frameworks 5.

I've always enjoyed using KDE apps and libraries, so it's great to see the dependency graph vastly simplified.
KDE fans will be pleased to learn that an integral part of the next gen desktop, Frameworks 5, has gone stable.

#KDE   #Linux  

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Look deep, deeeeep into my eyes — A female Great Horned owl on her nest. Credit: Dennis Demcheck, USGS. Location: Thornwell, Louisiana.

#USGS #science #biology #ecosystems #animals #owl #wildlife #Louisiana

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Hell to the yes!
The Witcher 2 is coming to Linux via Steam.

The Witcher 2 has made an unexpected appearance on Steam for Linux gamers. Though it isn't playable yet, you can already download a sizeable chunk of the assets whilst you wait for the binaries to finally drop.

Here's hoping for The Witcher 3 on Linux next year!

#Linux   #TheWitcher   #Steam  

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Hooray! Multiple selection is coming to IntelliJ IDEA! The only thing I miss from my Sublime Text days.
Multiple Selection is already available in PhpStorm 8 EAP, WebStorm 8 EAP and coming soon to all other IntelliJ IDEA-based IDEs - learn more about this feature in a detailed blog post

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Some really nice hardware from the ZaReason folks. Definitely going mini-ITX if I ever build (or buy) another desktop PC.
We go hands on with ZaReason's Zeto compact gaming PC.

If you're a space-conscious Linux gamer, ZaReason have packed a lot of punch into a small package.

#Linux   #Review

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Rather interesting to see Plex, Avia, and RealPlayer Cloud adding Chromecast support for "personal media".

Really bummed that Google locked out AllCast, et al. in August considering Plex is a paid app and Avia requires an in-app purchase for Chromecast support.

RealPlayer Cloud does let you cast things from local storage, but AllCast had a seamless media sharing intent whilst trying to send a video to RealPlayer Cloud pops up a non-native share dialog.
10 new apps have joined the Chromecast family!

The ten new apps – including VEVO, Songza, and Plex – have added Chromecast support ahead of the holidays, significantly boosting the content stream device's small, but growing ecosystem.

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Cute ad, though cringed every time the Chromebooks hit the pavement D:

On a related note, my Samsung ARM Chromebook got a bit, erm, disassembled through a Heathrow x-ray machine a few months back. A forceful push here and there and not a scratch to tell the tale!
HP's new Chromebook ad isn't as quirky as Google's efforts, but still fun and informative.

A side of marketing with a dash of humour and you've got a recipe for a decidedly more conventional but fun ad.

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I honestly forgot about it until today, but follow-up questions are that little extra something that really makes voice search insanely powerful.
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