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+Google +Nexus +Google Play we want answers regarding the #Nexus4  launch and everyone stuck in #limbo .  The best way to do that is to get sites like +Engadget +Gizmodo +TalkAndroid +Phandroid to cover the story.

I (with the help of another member at XDA) drafted up an email to be sent to the major tech sites in the masses so we get some coverage.  Info can be found on my Google Doc:

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Some of you might not agree with this..if this is you, then don't send one. The only reason Google is sweeping this under the carpet is because Tech Sites like Gizmodo, Engadget, the Verge, etc. are n...
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Downvote, it´s just 7 days ago come on
It is 3-5 day shipping estimate (2 day processing, and 2 day shipping).  It has been 7 days processing without a SINGLE piece of communication.  Google needs to tell us something, do we even have a device?
The email is way too long, consider putting a bulleted summary at the beginning.
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