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This guy who is homeless, currently living in a RV with a cat, needs to be housed. He writes about mental health, an all round good egg determined to not be limited by his circumstances.

More about Brad Esau
Brad Esau and Mrs. Bean need a home Homeless. Vagabond. Vagrant. Hobo. Bum…These are all terms that are associated with no fixed address. Brad Esau and his beautiful cat Mrs. Bean are of no fixed address. They spend their lives camping in the wild with the Bean mobile, a 37-year old van, donate...
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Sam S

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+Nina Anthonijsz​ thought you'd enjoy this. Dogs are more help than cats. They dote upon humans, especially those who reciprocate. Cats are just indifferent.
Oh no, it's snowing again!
                        I have to do some shoveling!
                                Have a Great Week!  :))
For more gifs JOIN our community Favorite Gifs

#favoritegifs #shaveling #germanshepherd #germanshepherddog  
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Sam S

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"...I thought it was so moving I couldn't help but share!  Please share with your circles and maybe we can help spread a little humanity in a world that is so like this remind us who we are.....HUMAN!"
+Peter Basile Jr.​ words who originally shared this.

#humanity #goodness
Must re-share....please learn from this image. This image is powerful. In China, doctors bow to a 11 year old boy diagnosed with terminal brain cancer who saved the lives of many others by donating his organs shortly after he passed. #thankyou   #peterbasilejr  
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Sam S

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Recently someone assured me that his brother had unearthed a conspiracy. The powers that be wish to conceal information relating to a human colony living on Mars.

He'll take this as proof.

#space #mars

Musk’s SpaceX to Test Reusable Rocket With Mars Mission in Sight
Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk is developing rockets that could be reused, rather than burn up on re-entry to earth’s atmosphere, in the belief they’ll drastically reduce the cost of trips to Mars.
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Very interesting for far too many reasons....

Thank you from the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Earlier this year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams gave fans their very first look the new film with a video from the set. Though it put many of us ease with its use of real sets and props, it was actually designed to promote the charity initiative “Force for Change” and raise …
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At least it ain't rise of the the machines

Terminator: Genisys Official International Trailer #1 (2015) - Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie HD
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Sam S
+shelerva in discussion with someone they voiced concerns about the craft being like t3. Arnie has said it's back on par with t2. In some ways it sounds like some akin to that dire tv thing that.

I hope the script covers the aging difference of Arnie 30 years on without being absurd.
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Sam S

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Haha +Firinn Taisdeal​ is Blundering Bojo the actual mayor of London?? Must have someone else doing the real work!!

'Boris Johnson is like an iron fist encased in an iron glove, but on the knuckles of the iron glove are tiny childlike drawings of ejaculating penises'
'Boris Johnson Britain's first self-satirising politician'

~ Stewart Lee
Not seen much of Boris Johnson in London recently? This would be why 
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#Trite #flim-flam. For far too many reasons to list.

Whomever compiled this list clearly got far too many interruptions that day.

Girl [asking for 15th time] "what ya doin'?"
Boy "still trying to complete the same task you interrupted the previous 14 times you've asked me today!"

This is imbalanced and insidious. It's unfair to both sexes. Just plain dumb.

#GooglePlusIsNotFaceBork #peskyTxtSpeak
Attention boys.....
Value a frnd like dis....
Nd girls do feel proud;-)
(Comment if u agree r not).....
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m mark
+Sam S Things are never definite, nor quite right or wrong as opinions are subjective.  I was just thinking how she is/was able to do that for so many times each day, though there are partners who are used to or immune being reminded or nagged frequently.  
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Sam S

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100 Facts About The Bible:

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Sam S

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A mistake on the first page of the new testament....

Richard Herring: Christ On A Bike:
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Saw him doing this set in Manchester a few years ago. The best comedy set I've seen. 
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Sam S

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A piece of music has been enhanced...
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Sam S

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Wow....hard to watch....I will look into this....promise!
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