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'During a visit to Mexico, Humpty Trumpty has defended his controversial decision to build a wall along its border with the USA. The hilarious-looking figure of fun denied that the wall would end up breaking him, and said he is not sitting on the fence when it comes to who should pay for it. Humpty Trumpty said he has the right policies to win the US presidential election in November and was going to "have a great Fall (Autumn)".'
Paul Foot

I think it would be apt if Trumps inauguration speech was used to highlight the flaws in the political system that exists in the US. Where an oversize upalpoompah can hold the attention of so many without having a grasp any of the tasks that await him. Perhaps this was a PR stunt and he never thought he'd have so much support. He must realize that he is not up to task

Dissatisfaction is so rife that the Humpty Trumpty has a platform from which to launch himself into the whitehouse

#USElections #Trump

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Seems this week might have been the week the over inflated self blowing trumpeter brought about his own demise. Elections often have turning points!

Below is an astonishing excerpt

#DonaldTrump #trump2016


Polls at the end of his terrible week showed Mr Trump sinking to a perhaps insurmountable 15 percentage point deficit against Mrs Clinton. Suggestions emerged that Mr Trump had gone rogue and his own advisers had no control over him.

Campaign staff were said to feel they were "wasting their time" and their mood was described in one leak as "suicidal". Paul Manafort, Mr Trump's campaign chief, denied such reports but pointedly said that "the candidate is in control of his campaign".

Behind the scenes the Trump campaign was described as "Crazytown". One Republican insider said: "He's an egomaniac." Another Republican strategist said Mr Trump seemed "willfully destructive and sort of sadistic about other Republicans".

The big fear for Republicans was that Mr Trump's growing unpopularity in the country could have a devastating knock-on effect on other races in November, leading the party to lose control of the Senate.

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Ritualistic behaviour in chimpanzees

Mysterious chimpanzee behaviour could prove they believe in God, according to scientists

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Pick a fee. Any fee so long as it's close to extortionate. If at all possible inflate way past extortion!

The TSA spent $336,000 on a random number generator

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The Custom Shelving In This Home Keeps The Cat Happy

Still feels the need to sit on the computer thought

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Apparently Kanye's greatest wish is to be able to see his own performance live. Skreli is imprisonioned for charging extortionate fees of people dying of AIDS, life===$$$. Donald his greatest wish is to perform as POTUS. He'll grant wishes specially selected ones geared towards certain ethic demographics.

Inflated egos should remain within the creative arts, Kanye is a source of amusement to the world . Skreli thought of himself as the hiphop hustling gangsta of the boardroom and corporate world. Let's not see the culmination of trumps greatest wish unleashed on the whirled

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Top tomatoes: gourmet canned and jarred varieties tested
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