I love what I do . . . I adore the long hard hours spent on it and I live for the creative freedom it affords. I love growing in it, becoming more useful in it, and building within it. I got here because of wonder and I am useful because of the days without an assignment. My teacher was the Internet and my grader was my pride. My lab was a cheap computer barely holding its weight. Yet, that sorry eMachine was the most powerful device I have ever used.

What is the purpose of education? Hanging at the mercy of a prefabricated scale, what does it mean to have professional validation of skill but question oneself? We must be fully aware of our faults but how do we grown in such introspection? How do we learn while at the same time prove ourselves? In truth, is it even possible?

Only for their sake, I wish I could give that to someone. I wish I could give them the chance to play without these questions. Maybe I can play again too someday. Those were the happiest moments of my life. They probably always will be.
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