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Do it

Robert Pattinson in the new SW? Thoughts?

+Sam Berthel Here's the next script. Sorry it took so long. It's short, but done.
(Montage of TS pulling pranks on the JA except Morph. Sorcerer's is last.)
TS: Good luck with that. No one can prank the King of the Olympians!
Sorcerer: You're not Zeus. Zeus isn't real!
TS: No, really? I didn’t know that. Of course I knew that! I’m a full blown Roman Catholic!
Demigod: (walking in with Droid and Thorn) I like the Roman part of that, but Catholic? You’ve living breathing proof of Roman Gods!
TS: How do I know Mars isn’t Roman?
Demigod: He IS Roman!
Droid: Thanks, Thorn. Can I make an announcement?
TS: It WAS you that ate my cheesecake!
Droid: First of all, I watched you eat your cheesecake on our new plane, J.A. One. Second, Thorn and I are getting married!
TS: You two are going out? Since when?
Droid: We’ve been going to the same high school for years! We even transferred to SPI together.
TS: Oh, yeah! I went to Hero High too!
Droid, TS, and Thorn: Gooooo SUPERS!
Sorcerer: Wait, hang on. I think I left Sonar in our room. Better go wake her up.
TS: WHAT? MY SISTER? Dude, I would get back at you but Morph is my girlfriend and you don’t have a sister!
Sorcerer: Calm down. We were just having dinner and then studied till 1 o’clock. I haven’t made it to second yet.
TS: You never will. Right?
Sorcerer: Actually, after graduation, (Looks at reader) issue six, (Faces TS) I’m going to ask her to marry me. I have the ring and everything.
(Sorcerer leaves)
TS: So, either of you guys watch the Power Games last night?
Droid: THAT WAS EPIC! Remember when Power Man from Alpha Men and Golden Fist from ALJ got deadlocked in the boxing match?
Thorn: I loved that part!
(Arachni runs in out of breath)
Arachni: Everyone! Sorcerer… He was… RAHHH…
TS: Slow down! What’s up with Sorcerer?
Arachni: Sonar is a zombie, and when she woke up, she bit Sorcerer!
Morph: (crying) Guys! Look! (Points to a zombie army lead by Sorcerer)
TS: Gather the survivors! Zombies can’t climb, so get to a high point!
Stone: (Arriving with everyone) What’s going on?
Samurai: Well, looking at the sign its Taco Tuesday.
TS: Actually it’s a zombie invasion. Follow me!
(They end up in TS’s dorm)
Samurai: How can we stop them?
TS: Don’t worry! I’ve seen enough Walking Dead to know that when the zombie apocalypse comes, shoot the zombies’ butts off!
Morph: But they’re our friends!
TS: Not anymore! Now they’re brain-eating, flesh-tearing, blood-thirsty zombies! SAMS!
(Sams appear)
Sam P: Hi! Wazzap?
Sam B: (looking out window) AHHHHHHHHHH!
TS: Yeah, we know. We need guns.
Sam P: Guns are useless against zombies. I’m an expert.
Sam B: We know. Sam believes a zombie apocalypse will happen.
Sam P: Shut up. Now, we can use shot-guns and pistols, but only if the bullets are pure gold. Also, we need grenades. But, they need to be doused in holy water. But the number one defense, are samurai swords.
Samurai: I got those. (Pulls out swords) I’ll make you guys some.
Sam P: Excellent. Does anyone have shotguns and/or pistols?
MM: Yep! (Opens trench coat to find arsenal of guns) I got everything we need!
Sam P: THAT is why I created you! Got grenades? (MM opens other1/2 of trench coat)
MM: I always thought when the robots rise up, Droid would RUFF us over first. So I’m prepared for RUFFing up that RUFFing cyborg.
Droid: HEY!
MM: RUFF you.
Droid: Alright, that’s it! PROGRAM ACCESS DROID! (Droid grows metal over his body and looks like the design)
MM: Alright, RUFFhead! It’s RUFFing on!
Sam B: Yeah, hi. No fighting right now. There is a zombie apocalypse.
Sam P: Also, you’ll need four more teammates. (The four new characters, not Inferna, show up.)
TS: Alright! Since I’m based off Sam P, I know how to deal with zombies.
X: Based off Sam P, huh? (Turns on app that scans Sam P and then TS) DNA matches up! What about the rest of us? 
Sam B: Sorcerer is based off me. That’s really it.
Arachni: Okay then. Let’s shoot some zombies.
(Montage of them going out and fighting. Everyone but the Sams and TS are bitten.)
Sam P: Sorry to leave you in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.
Sam B: But Sam P’s Mem invited us to her pool.
Sams: Bye! 
(Sams disappear)
(Giant bright red letters: RAAAH! Sorcerer as a zombie is shown with his wand)
Sorcerer: Brains!
TS: Dude, I didn’t want to do this, but… (Tries to shoot, out of ammo. Looks for grenades, gone. Gets out swords, blades fall off. Cowers in fear)
TS: No, don’t eat me!
Sorcerer: Don’t worry. This is a prank.
TS: No, NO- wait, a prank?
(Sams appear with the rest of the JA)
Sam P: Ha! Did you really think I know about zombies? No, everyone knows the zombies will come. No doubt. But I don’t study them in my free time.
Sorcerer: I mean, seriously, if there were brain eating zombies, why would they chase you?
TS: Good point. But how’d you guys survive the guns, and how’d you get so many zombies?
Sam P: That was me!
TS: Looks like you got old Zeus.
Sorcerer: YOU’RE NOT ZEUS!
TS: I know. That’s it for this issue!

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My sister is in Hufflepuff on Pottermore. #EpicFail  


I am in the mood for some Old Style Apple Pie.

11 years ago today, thousands died. Requiescat in Pacce, 9/11 victims.
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