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Sam MacPherson
I am interested in programming, physics and exploring our universe.
I am interested in programming, physics and exploring our universe.

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Check out my buddy's new game! Now on Stream.
The Fortress Is HERE! Robo's World: The Zarnok fortress is now on sale on Steam! Get it 10% off!

Seems like there are some global DNS issues going on right now...

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Long, but awesome read about electric vehicles. Seems like we are nearing the end of the gasoline powered car.

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Elon Musk is going to single-handedly pull our species out of extinction.

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Added support for Push Notifications on SandBoxd thanks to Service Worker. Very cool to see chat messages being sent to Android notifications - even when the browser is closed.
Introducing Push Notifications on SandBoxd - Available in Chrome today!

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Finally MS will have an evergreen browser!!
Nice history + overview of Microsoft's new Spartan browser: - looking forward to playing with it!

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This is a cool little tool for checking how your DNS records are propagating around the world.

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Trailer for my company's upcoming game - EverWorld. Check it out! :D
Trailer for the upcoming game - EverWorld. A massively multiplayer world-building game that runs on every device! Exclusively available at

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Great talk on the history of tcp. I agree with the presenter that understanding the internals of tcp is a must for web developers.

I think one of the more annoying things about asynchronous programming (with promises) is not that the async code is hard to write. It's more the mixture of synchronous and asynchronous functions.

I have a tendency to first write a function synchronously then at a later point if I find I need to use some async function I have to refactor everything to async-style including all code that relies on that function. This makes for a lot of time wasting.

I had a thought that if I take a different approach and instead start by assuming mostly all functions are asynchronous in nature then that will likely cut down on the code refactoring. I'm worried that this may blow up the verbosity of my code though.

We shall see I guess.
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