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#IngressFS Melbourne
Sat, February 7, 11:30 AM GMT+11

Sam Lyon

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All great minds who have advanced humanity throughout the ages resonated with one common trait.
Galileo was persecuted because of his forward thinking by a scared collective that claimed ' #weareawake ' His ideas met resistance, yet lived on. Humanity found another setback when the ideas of da Vinci, again, found resistance among those of the times. Tesla dedicated himself to helping humanity by not accepting the status quo. Rather, he advanced humanity through using his mind, and for what? For the pure belief that we should all advance as one.
Modern examples attest to the light of progress. Often we hear credit given to "resistance" when strong people ignore that same status quo. Rosa Parks did not resist, she took control! Her enlightened mind refused to allow her spirit to be shackled by those around her that embraced fear; by those that embodied resistance. Mahatma Gandhi embraced the ideals of equality among all people and refused to give in to those that resisted decency. He took hold of the mindset that none should be ignored, which was met by resistance from those that feared unification of the Indian people. Martin Luther King refused to believe we should judge others based on color. Yet, because of resistance, years of turmoil and strife, death and destruction embraced a nation.
These individuals, though separate, were joined with one common thread. These thorns in the sides of the powers that be all had one common trait. These minds embraced progress, embraced advancement, embraced enlightenment.
Time and again, we see where the fear of change, the resistance to change, inhibits the very progress of a people, robbing humanity, veiled in terms like "keeping peace", and "security". To resist is to embrace fear and stagnation. To resist is to deny the very thing that makes us great. To resist is to refuse us our humanity.
As we look through history, we see the shaping of our civilizations, our societies, our species. Seldom do we find acceptance of enlightened minds. 'Resist!' they scream, 'resist'... but what they resist is the unknown path that all creatures take. Fear grips those who don't like change, so they will continue to resist; as life travels on, as humanity continues to evolve despite resistance, because of enlightenment.

#enlightened #ingress #ingressenlightened #brandnewday #theenlightened

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A great post !!!
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Sam Lyon

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I like candy !
On 10 June 2014, agents across Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia developed an idea to close the Interitus anomaly cycle off with some style. Eleven days later after coordinating with Indonesian agents, agents across all four countries executed a well planned operation that linked Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Fiji through a common baseline link from Rottnest Island in Western Australia to Mount Warning in New South Wales. In addition, Indonesian agents executed an operation capturing approximately 100 million MUs, with both operations sharing a portal in Bali to connect the operations.

The Western Australian linking team left for Rottnest Island with the risk of the ferry home being cancelled due to stormy weather. Fortunately, after a rollercoaster ferry ride to Rottnest, the linking team was able to battle the heavy rain to get into position. The links from Rottnest to Queensland crossed shore between Fremantle and Perth City and followed a path through a portal dense area through a 1.1 kilometer wide corridor only 5 kilometers from the City centre. The link from Rottnest Island to Stewart Island in New Zealand also passed through the southern suburbs of Perth. Agent ParrotHerder planned and executed a link corridor protection strategy with a team of committed and dedicated agents with needle like precision. To allow links north, agents GumbyRoffo, 5heldon and sgtbread lit up portals in the remote north of Western Australia, while agent Cupugan lit up Bali portals to allow fielding to be completed by Australian agents.

In Queensland and Northern New South Wales work on the fields had commenced a week earlier with agents strategically decaying the portals (including a guardian) attached to remote blocking links so they expired the day before the field was due.  On the morning of the fields a team of 6 began the 5+hr voyage from Brisbane to the portal on the side of Mount Warning.  This usually tough ascent was compounded by rain showers making the rocky surface extremely slippery.  While this team was making their climb six teams roving South East Queensland commenced the clearing operation with agents driving up to 4 hours to remove blockers.  

Meanwhile 450km away the Central Queensland team commenced their operation clearing four of their own fields onto their way to the remote town of Blackwater.   This was the second time this team had made the 660km round trip in the past four weeks.  

In New Caledonia, agent TKOF removed blocking links that prevented Queensland agents fielding to Fiji and capturing New Caledonia and the city of Brisbane.

#Candyland #CandyMountain #Candyisland #Greenmarble

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Indonesian Sitrep (Operation Hijau Indonesiaku):

Planning and Coordination:


Linkers and Fielders:
Rottnest Team:

Queensland Team:

Link Clearers and Portal Captures:
New Caledonia:

Western Australia:

@iNeedJulz and his buns


New South Wales

Key Couriers:
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Sam Lyon

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Red bean soup from the vending machine is good too :)
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Sam Lyon

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I've been playing around with this app for a day now, and its really addictive. This is a great explanation video. 

Here is the play link.
My quick look at #LinkBubble  coz I was too lazy to write words. Please enjoy my accent.
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Sam Lyon

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New toys for old toys I never play with anymore...

#firstworldingressproblems #r4i #3ds
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They've got wifi built in now ? Snap !
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Sam Lyon

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Kickin ass Melbourne. !
#Ingress   Field Report
OP : #BucketList   #BucketList2015  
Mission : To create 100 Level8 portals in 100 cities in 100 countries.

Melbourne, Australia

SitRep#BucketList2015  –  #XMForAll  

Recognised by the Economist Intelligence Unit as the world's most liveable city four years running(1), Melbourne is famous for its street art covered lane ways, cafes, live music and sporting scenes. Melbourne is truly a place to put on your #BucketList .

Starting at 1930 local time, 55 Enlightened agents in 4 teams descended on Southern Cross Station to turn the CBD into a giant L8 farm. 3 hours and 403 L8 portals later, we concluded on the steps of Parliament, the starting point for the Melbourne Anomaly back in May 2014.
Thanks to everyone involved, you know who you are.


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Sam Lyon

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Some of the slightly more edited shots from my holiday. I've been using snapseed for quite a few months and it still manages to entertain me, an especially handy data-less tool for long flights. #snapseed
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Sam Lyon

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Soup from Japan.. Can you guess what flavour animal? I'll give you a hint, it had fur at one point. 
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8 beautiful whales spotted off the cape this morning! And Migaloo, the big white humpback due to pass by tomorrow :)
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Sam Lyon

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Woot.. +Sonos  now has +Google Play music.   Bye byes to Spotifies... 
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Yeah thats the bit that confuzes me, i use itunes and sync via iSyncr which 1. transfers the music and 2. preserves the itunes play list in whatever music app i use. But i saw all this talk about uploading to the cloud and files being saved without tags and im like hold on what the actual fuck.
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Sam Lyon

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White Night Melbourne 2014
Sat, February 22, 2014, 7:00 PM GMT+11

Sam Lyon

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White night was fun... Like a giant real life game of people frogger. #whitenight 
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Glad I stayed home. I hate crowds. 
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