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" The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear? " Proverbs 18:14

Your spirit is a two-edged sword. It can cut away life’s troubles and leave you happy on top of the world. Or it can slice your soul to where your pain cannot be described. It is your wisdom to keep your spirit with all diligence, so that you can use it for your profit.
A wounded spirit is more painful than a wounded body, for the spirit is more vital to your happiness. If the spirit is wounded and hurting, it does not matter how healthy and strong your body might be. If you allow any difficulty or sorrow to gain the victory over your spirit, the crushing pain can be intolerable. Fools will seek the comfort of bodily death.
Ruled and directed by wisdom, your spirit can help you survive any difficulty. Allowed to rule you when wounded, it is unbearable to you and others. Ruled and directed by the Spirit of God, you can be cheerful in any adversity. Allowed to run free, it can and will drive even conscientious men toward suicide. Are you ruling your spirit today?
Natural men have done incredible things under horrible stress, pain, danger, and difficulty by a strong and courageous spirit. Their exploits are wonderful to read, but a Christian can do better. For the knowledge of present reality and future expectations, and the sustaining help of the Spirit of Christ, are things the wicked know nothing about.
Ruling your spirit is the best evidence of Christian maturity and the means to help others. Fighting heretics or troubles on the outside is easy. Ruling an angry, impulsive, melancholy, or offended spirit on the inside is much more difficult. Growing in grace and walking in the Holy Spirit to bear His fruit will result in the wise rule of your spirit.
Is there a godly and great man to stand up and be counted? Is there a virtuous woman?
Nothing you do in life is as important as ruling your spirit. If you let it rule, you are a loser (Pr 25:28). If you rule it, you are greater than a man who defeats a city himself (Pr 16:32). Your spirit is the vital force behind your benefit to others or your burden to them. Your spirit can arm you to accomplish great things or keep you from ever being useful.
When Job ruled his spirit, he worshipped and blessed God, though his circumstances were terrible (Job 1:20-22). When Job let his spirit run wild with thoughts about his great losses, he cursed the day he was born and wished he were dead (Job 3:1-26). And he went downhill from there, until Elihu and God corrected his self-justification and self-pity (Job 32:2; 38:1-3). His spirit first sustained him, and then it nearly destroyed him.
What did Job do wrong? What happened between Job 1:20-22 and Job 3:1? He thought too much! And his friends were worthless. Self-examination is good, if it is done within the limits of scripture. Negative pity parties are ungodly and unproductive. Job should have fasted and prayed and asked his friends to join him (Jas 5:13). Instead, he let melancholy reflection take him down to self-righteous questioning of God (Job 2:11-13).
When David faced his greatest crisis in running for his life from Saul, when his own friends wanted to stone him, he “encouraged himself in the Lord his God” (I Sam 30:6). And his true friend, Jonathan, strengthened his hand in God by encouragement (I Sam 23:16). Here was a true friend, in great contrast to Job’s three miserable comforters.
A man ruling his spirit in the fear and joy of the Lord has a continual feast, regardless of circumstances; but a man allowing his spirit to be afflicted can find negative things every day of his life (Pr 15:15). Ruling your spirit with joy brings a cheerful disposition, but unchecked sorrow breaks the spirit (Pr 15:13). What a horrible choice! A merry heart heals the soul, but a broken spirit will dry up your life. See the comments on Prov 17:22.
It is possible to dance in economic failure (Hab 3:17-19). Peter and John rejoiced to be beaten by the Jews (Acts 5:40-43); Stephen prayed for his murderers (Ac 7:60); Paul and Silas sang in a dungeon (Ac 16:25); Paul had a picnic in a storm at sea (Acts 27:33-36).
The martyrs of God, from Abel to present persecutions in Muslim nations, have suffered horrible tortures with cheerful, overcoming spirits by keeping their hearts focused on Jesus Christ by His Spirit. The world is not worthy of these great spirits. You have never faced their difficulties, but do you have days or hours in which you despair of life?
Happiness is a choice. Do you grasp this simple but profound rule of life? Happiness does not depend on circumstances, contrary to what most think. It is a choice. Bitterness of soul or an offended spirit is also a choice, and most circumstances cannot help the man that makes the foolish choice to be bitter or offended. Be glorious – choose to be content and thankful for your life, and pass over the transgressions of others (Pr 19:11; I Ti 6:6).
King Ahab pouted in bed with his face to the wall and refused to eat, because he could not have Naboth’s vineyard (I Kgs 21:4). His wife took advantage of his melancholy mood and killed Naboth to appease her inconsolable husband. Let no Christian man act like this toward wife or family, for you mark yourself a very wicked man (I Kgs 21:25).
Even Elijah was discouraged after his great victory over the prophets of Baal, when he wished for death (I Kgs 19:4). We learn his passions were normal (Jas 5:17), yet being cast down and destroyed are two very different things (II Cor 4:8-11). A ruled spirit might be discouraged, but it will not turn to sinful melancholy excesses of self-pity.
The early days of World War II cost the British enormous losses of ships and crews by German U-boats. Seeking to save lives in the horrific events at sea, they discovered that older, more experienced men had a higher survival rate than younger, more physically fit sailors. More years of life’s hardships fortified the spirits of the older men and gave them an advantage over the younger men in survival situations. The head of this research, Kurt Hahn, applied this knowledge in forming the Outward Bound training program, which increases a person’s fortitude by controlled, progressively more difficult challenges.
This principle of building the spirit was revealed much earlier than 1941, for God builds your faith and patience (enduring of difficulties) the same way. He carefully prepares afflictions and trials to increase your spirit’s strength (Jas 1:2-4; Rom 5:3-5). You will not face any temptations today you cannot escape and defeat (I Cor 10:13), if you will see a faithful God in their design and the personal profit of working through them.
Paul could face great adversity and personal infirmities by the knowledge that Christ’s grace would sustain him (II Cor 12:7-10). And cannot you do the same, knowing that all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28)? You are more than conquerors through Him that loved you (Rom 8:35-37). The Lord is able to heal your broken heart and bind up your wounds (Ps 147:3).
Sin will destroy a right spirit, but confession can restore it (Ps 51:10). David groaned under the Lord’s heavy hand of chastening for his heinous adultery and murder (Ps 32:1-5; 38:1-11; 39:11; 51:8). But confession and repentance bring refreshment, favor, and joy (Job 33:19-30). Peter wept bitterly for denying Jesus, but fifty days later at Pentecost he was a powerhouse. If sin is pulling your spirit down, confess it fully to God right now.
Unforgiven sin can bring hell this side of eternity that cannot be told. Cain’s pain was “greater than he could bear” (Gen 4:13). Saul’s despair drove him to consult a witch in his great grief (I Sam 28:15). Ahithophel and Judas chose strangling as the cure for their pain (II Sam 17:23; Matt 27:3-5). They tasted only a drop of hell, but the excruciating torture of that punishment was far too much. How much more the full dose for eternity!
Do you rule your spirit? Or do your spouse and family know the little setbacks of life put you in an irritable mood or silent depression, when you snap at others or ignore them in your selfish withdrawal? What folly! What childishness! Grow up, today! Your spirit is a pain to have around, and it is a sin. Rule your spirit today. They and you will benefit.
Christians experience heaviness through many afflictions and manifold temptations (Ps 34:19; I Pet 1:6), but the Lord will deliver out of them all. Joy will come in the morning.
Jesus Christ faced greater darkness, adversity, and agony in Gethsemane than your mind can fully measure, yet with sweat like blood dropping from His brow, He found comfort and strength in doing His Father’s will (Luke 22:41-44; Mark 13:43-44). He looked ahead to the joy before Him, and He endured the calamities (Ps 16:8-11; Heb 12:1-4).
Will you crumble today from slow traffic? Too many projects at home? A disappointing career? A bad hair day? A frustrating day at the office? A few pounds overweight? A disappointing spouse or child? A fiery dart from hell that you are a loser? Let the shame of these questions drive you to joy and strength in the Lord, for the thought of such insignificant things wounding the brothers of Jesus Christ is disgusting and ridiculous.
If you have a melancholy spirit bent to inward thinking, take precautions. Stop thinking, and go do what you should be doing, now. Get outside yourself. Blocking out others is foolish: you need them. Use your spouse, family, and brethren for counsel and comfort. Go to the Lord in prayer and find His peace that passes all understanding (Phil 4:6-7).
Keep your heart with all diligence. Rejoice, and again I say, rejoice. Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal. Your spirit can be better quickly by the power of God’s Spirit.
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Thanks Alex, btw Happy belated birthday. Cheers!
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What to know this morning; How Successful People Stay Calm, 10 Movies Every #Entrepreneur Should Watch and 5 Great Things About Procrastination.
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hahahaha, nice one
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So many atheist have come out of the wood work on the attack against the Christian post that I post. We all have the right to believe whatever we would like to believe.  I just want to point out however,  if I'm wrong about being a Christian in the end it will cost me nothing.  But on the other hand if you are wrong about being an atheist it's going to cost you everything for all of eternity.  Go ahead.  Roll the dice with your soul, I prefer to commit mine to the one who has never failed me. From the Pastor's heart praying for the lost and spiritually blind. 
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i like.
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‪#‎What2KnowThisMorning‬ The World in 2025: 10 Predictions of Innovation, How to Build Your Long, Medium, and Short-term Career Plan and Social Experiments, Find out more on
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#Kenya  this is for you too
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We can create a World of Peace where we help each other build bridges to cross our common challenges as the boy does in the gif. :)

One day Peace will reign, nations will help each other... :)  How could we help Ukraine cross the bridge towards Peace?  First of all, thank You to all who send peaceful thoughts/energies to that area.  :)  Perhaps a good bridge is for all nations to tone down nationalism and recognize we are first Earth CITIZENS and national citizens second, so a trans-national Union for World Peace makes sense.  :)  The more democratic nations of the world could build a COMMON BRIDGE, A COMMON  GLOBAL PEACE ALLIANCE or GPA, with the aim of making wars history and protecting existing borders.  A GPA Military-Economic-Monetary Union could include US, India, Ukraine, Turkey, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, European Union countries, Brazil, Australia,  Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, New Zealand and others.  :)  Maybe someone who is young reads this post and will help create this some day, as we all want to finally move on to Civilization and World Peace.  :)  All the trillions lost in warfare could be used for healthcare, Longevity, eliminating starvation, death due to dirty water, etc.  

The Ukraine crisis can be seen as one of many opportunities for a deeper WORLD PEACE, for monetary-economic-cultural-linguistic integration.  In a hilarious twist of history, some (not sure how many) people in Finland, Baltics, Philippines and other nations (afraid of being invaded by Russia/etc) want to hold referendums on whether to become semi-independent countries within some future American federation or American territories or protectorates, to prevent becoming the next Crimea.  That sounds almost comical, lol, but it shows how karma works.  Seriously though, perhaps establishing English as second official language in more nations could help the Global Peace Alliance♥ goal of WORLD PEACE.  Time will tell. :)  

Long-term though, the world will move beyond languages to TELEPATHY, beyond trade to Materializing by Thought, so all these things like economy-language, etc will vanish.  :) More on the future of Teleporting Shapeshifting Immortals of the ONE WORLD OF PEACE can be found in the videos below, some featuring the Google Director of Engineering 



Shapeshifting matter means a tablet will change into an anti-gravity flying belt & we'll overcome the tendency to look at outward appearance - looking instead at Compassionate Intelligence. :) We won't recognize people by their shape, form, gender, height, skin color, which all will be fluid and changeable, but by their kindness & IQ. :)  Here is a shapeshifting gadgets 3 minute video ► Intel Claytronics (Programmable Matter) - DARPA from Intel.  What is more amazing is when we can re-assemble subatomic particles some day, so that we take air, water or anything solid and shapeshift it into any material object or even nutrients in our bloodstream (eliminating the need to eat and fixing all molecular damage, curing all dis-eases, making us ☺☻♥Shimmering Immortals♥☻☺). We will then be able to 'materialize' things out of thin air. :) We will be able to shift our form :), much more than the octopus in this 1 min video: Shapeshifting Octopus, amazing camouflage


NANOYOU PART 5 - The Nano Future is a 2 min video about a nanoconcept of human-human telepathy using physical technology, tiny robots that swim in our blood or brain.  Using the same idea, in the future, holographic computers, made of light and/or energy, could assist our brains to use telepathy and navigate other dimensions.  The video talks about the disposable nanobots [the cellphones of the future] enabling us to become Immortal global telepaths. Computers become smaller, so smartphones will become nanobots. Forget email, texting and phone... telepathy is the future :) see, hear, smell, feel, think what others (who answer your '♥telepathy call♥') ☻☺think-feel-hear-see-smell☺☻, full communication :) Brainwaves can be recognized (every time we speak or think a word, there is a voice or brain pattern), as voice can be today, so telepathy will be natural. We'll even move beyond basic sensory + verbal telepathy to conceptual complex trans-linguistic telepathy allowing us to have a communication ☻a billion times richer and more exact than human languages today☻.

In the coming telepathy age we will communicate thru concepts, colors, images & true sensory information instead of language. It'll be a communication a billion times more exact, as you can get a nuanced version of every 'word' or 'bit of info' encoding. ☻Telepathy allows fast transfer of Immortality technologies, volumes of info as vast as the present internet processed in 1 minute by our new brains.  We'll evolve to use a trans-linguistic high speed telepathy & present human languages will disappear. 

Telepathy will obsolete the monetary system even, as blueprints for 'goods' (things are information patterns) are exchanged freely & as pico-technology materializing centers [within human template] provide ability to re-assemble dirt protons-neutrons into any object. We'll also be able to create perfect weather thru a planetary shield.  Compassion & Peace will prevail♥.  

"Race is a social concept, not a scientific one" according to Dr. Craig Venter, one of the first to see biological proof of this by sequencing the human genome. :)  Telepathy will help us see that even more, as the identification with language will disappear.  The New York Times article ► made it clear even in 2000, after we sequenced the human genome, that race is a social construct, unsupported by scientific data.  Since 2000, many studies show within the same ethnicity/race there is often far more variation in DNA between  random people than between people of 2 nationalities.  Nationality is a very political social non-scientific label that has no basis in reality, since the nose, eye shape and skin-hair-eye color, appearance are just 0.01% of the DNA.   Science knows of tens of thousands of human genes so far and 3 genes have a role in how much melanin we have in eyes, hair, and skin. A little melanin means white skin, blue eyes, blonde hair; more melanin means darker eyes, hair, skin. :)  It's not worth having wars over such super-tiny differences.  Another article from Washington University highlights the illusion of races being real too ►  


Teleportation will make fixed physical location outdated and nations will disappear as a result.  Anyone will be able to be anywhere. Professor Zeilinger hopes it will be possible to teleport people in a few decades, as the 7 min video explains: Visions 19 Beam me up :). Certainly ☻♥Immortal Humans♥☻ should be able to teleport, why not. :)  Michio Kaku explains more teleportation in this 1 min video ► Michio Kaku on Teleportation.  Nations and languages will disappear and a multi-planetary Galactic Union of Immortals - GUI :) -  (extended to many planets we will terraform and colonize) will emerge.  


Quantum computers (here is a 6 min video from Google about their potential to help us understand the multi-verse, time-travel, Immortal aliens, etc Google and NASA's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab) will make possible another faster billion fold increase in computation power/dollar (as the one that happened in the last 3 decades) so we will have petaflop supercomputers the size of red blood cells, nanobots that could repair cells and enable us to live for thousands of years as Google Director of Engineering explains in this 4 min clipRay Kurzweil — Immortality by 2045.  Already, today microrobots can do amazing things, as they travel thru our blood vessels, see this 2 min video for more info:  Micro robot aids surgery

A Recent Time Magazine Cover asked if Google can solve death thru  the founding of Calico, a company that aims to cure aging using Google's vast computational resources to figure out which genes cause aging, etc.  Some say that this is a hundreds of millions of dollars effort over several   Here is a post about Calico from the Google CEO ►  Defeating aging has been the dream of humanity for eons, but these days, with science we are getting much closer to that dream.  Worms have been created that can live 6 times longer by 17 year old Laura Deming who explains her wish to bring Physical Immortality to all interested in this 5 min clip ► Laura Deming - 20U20 Episode 1. Laura has started IMMORTAL IP, a Venture Capital Fund to bring Immortality Tech faster to the mass market.  Calico will inspire more companies to enter the market for curing aging and Physical Immortality therapies.  

Calico is not alone.  There are other billionaires, Immortality efforts, scientists who gather and discuss at congresses about connecting the soul body (not all believe in it though) with the immortal android bodies of the future. Mystics and emperors have sought physical immortality for millennia.  Modern astral researchers have thought of Immortality for decades.  
ASPR OBE Experiment 1983 is a 25 min video about some ESP experiments.  In the video Alex Tanous explains at 7min22sec how the scientific understanding of astral energy will enable us to attain physical Immortality - just like understanding electricity brought us a lot of progress in medicine.  

Ray Kurzweil wrote a book about Immortality by 2045 and TIME Magazine published an article called "2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal" and had a cover page about it.  Body temp element transmutation nanobots (future quantum computers maybe, who knows?) can make nutrients for cells directly from air, take back waste chemicals from cells and turn these chemicals into molecules cells need, thus eliminating the need to eat.   Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest geeks of all time, whose inventions are in every home with electricity, predicted one day we would live without eating.  Combined with terraforming billions of barren planets, Living on Nanobot Energy eliminates any worry about agriculture land, food or space.  All want Immortality♥ or at least living in perfect health. One day the trillions spent on war (that shortens our lives) will be used for nano robots and quantum computers that help us stay youthful for centuries.  :) 

Over time, more and more people in governments and private sectors will allocate hundreds of billions of dollars towards Immortality related projects.  Some billionaires have given already hundreds of millions of dollars to stem cells research ($100 Million Gift from T. Denny Sanford Launches Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center) and other anti-aging ventures.    This process of shifting the societal focus to constructive Immortality endeavors will be done in hundreds of ways, even thru Departments of Immortality at the Government level and University Level, thru new startups that focus on anti-gravity belts or nanobots and apps able to extend lifespan.  Video games will often be about how people help each other, how they find Immortality technologies and cures for aging, how they bring a World of Peace and Immortality.  A culture of Immortality will emerge and pervade the contents of movies, songs, TV programs, radio, books, and all media, thus enabling us to create that reality of Immortality.   Life will be valued more than anything else. :)  Millions of people will dedicate their entire lives to manifesting this great Immortality future because inside we are all beings of compassion. :)  


We will become a Type 1 Civilization, a unified planet of peace, as Michio Kaku explains in this 10 minute video about aliens of Type 1, 2, 3, etc and our future ► Michio Kaku - Alien Life.  He explains that the European Union is the beginning of a type 1 civilization. Type 0 are like us. Type 1 attained World Peace thru kindness, create perfect weather (no more climate change) & have no natural disasters.  Type 2 and above are Immortal.  Type 2 are those who engineer stars.  Type 3 engineer galaxies.  Type 4 engineer an entire universe.  Type 5 include Universe creators. Optimists don't attack others verbally/physically (fear=expecting/creating others' negative behavior), but with gentle forgiving compassion♥ they are kind to all, expecting/creating others' positive future behavior.  Saying/doing positive things creates a positive present/future, so kindness is optimism. If we're helping and praising others more, we'll attain ♥World Peace♥ faster.   Armies will be only for asteroid defense, terraforming.  We'll invest trillions (lost in wars) in healthcare, enabling us to live as long as we want. :)   Benjamin Rush, one of America's founders, wanted to set up a ♥ Department of Peace ♥  ►, with the same budget as the Department of Defense ►  All nations could create Departments of Peace and Immortality.:)☺☻☼ Imagine a world where human           #immortality and           #worldpeace   are real! :)  As we imagine, so we create... ♥  World Peace is required for true Longevity of thousands of years, let alone Immortality, since wars cause death.  World peace will come as we return compassion for hate, quantum computers for today's computers:), altruism for selfishness, gentleness for aggression, immortality focus for death focus.

It is likely one day USA, Canada, Mexico, India, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, Ukraine, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, South Korea, South Africa, Vietnam, Australia, Turkey, European Union will join and form a GALACTIC UNION headquartered maybe:) in a moving GIGANTIC MOTHERSHIP ORBITING THE EARTH, with other  ♥GIGANTIC SELF-SUFFICIENT MOTHERSHIPS♥ IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM being rotating headquarters after we terraform other planets.  :)  The goal of our ☻♥Immortal Union of Altruistic Galactic Citizens♥☻ will be to Promote PEACE AND IMMORTALITY GALACTICALLY.  Within this Galactic Union that aims for Trans-Linguistic Telepathy to replace languages, we will also strive for the  Pursuit of Immortal Freedom, Immortal Happiness, Immortal Life.  "We, the citizens of the Galaxy, herein birth the Constitution of the GALACTIC UNION of Immortals... "  


Physical Immortality will be real one day & when we get bored of this dimension, we might even go to live in an inter-dimensional city by translation. Maybe we will be able to come back & use cosmic rays to precipitate an etheric-physical body template in a lighter more astral like dimension that resembles our physical one.  We will probably have millions of people willing and able to dispose of stomach, teeth, eating, reproductive organs, as human kids of 18 years old physiology could be precipitated by cosmic rays. Tech theoretically can allow kids with a billion parents, pro-creation done via 3d printing a "body for the soul" thru a mind-ray field of 1 billion Immortals, making everyone love any new born as if it's theirs as in true world peace and unity. :) That would be a little far out,lol, but not impossible since scientists today talk of birthing babies with 3 parents ►  :)


The IBM 1 minute video on mind reading computers makes many wonder ► IBM Next 5 in 5 2011: Mind Reading. Selflessness-Honesty-Compassion-Understanding are enhanced by mind-reading technology. The super-intelligent ultra-compassionate ☼♥Shimmering♥☼ (due to luminescent picobots) ♥☻Immortals☻♥ (who are smarter than all science geniuses of the past combined) will be able to live without eating, shapeshift their forms & materialize anything (off-spring too, no reproductive organs needed). It will be natural to telepathically share the Bliss of Eternal Life with billions of Immortals in a mind-field of Ecstatic Joy.


There is proof we have more to our mind than the brain...  I guess it could be that selfless seekers of truth will become Immortal by discovering via other dimensions the locations of planets (soul body can travel at trillions of times the speed of physical light) of Immortals and maybe even co-creating with these Immortals a civilization of Immortals here. :) Entanglement (Quantum Entanglement is a video with mind/matter experiments) potentially allows us to see and connect to multiverse (Multiverse Theory by Dr Michio Kaku) planets (NASA astral star traveler: where people attained peace & Immortality and where they are ready to help us move towards Peace. War=death, so only peaceful folks are Immortal.  The Selfless, Kind and Intellectual will be Immortal only, naturally - as those who are selfish war with each other and war leads to mortality via death. :)  Plus one needs to be super-intelligent to maintain one's Immortality.  Immortals may build their own dimension later. Long-term though, picobots will enable everyone to become 1000 times smarter than all geniuses of all current history combined eventually, so more people will engage in more intelligent selfless activities than today. :) picobots will enable all to learn in 10 minutes what we have learned in 10 years, to gain full learning at neuron level in a high-speed movie (there is no word for it, but it's a movie that has all knowledge in it, all the emotions, intentions, etc) of the lives of the greatest geniuses and their knowledge, universal compassion, selflessness and grace. :) Everyone will be like a super-genius sage, a soft song of boundless compassion for all. Mind reading gadgets will be about freedom from limitation and from 'low intelligence'. Why move our hands to dial a phone and use our mouth with voice recognition when we can control a computer with our mind and that energy of speaking can be spent learning something that would help us live a few thousand years in any dimension we want? :) Mind reading gadgets will be seen as a natural evolution towards Immortal kindness and Immortality in any realm we wish. :)
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Will Ferrell just posted this photo on his Twitter account (@FillWerrell). 

I didn't get it until the very last line. Great work, Jordan Nichols--whoever you are.
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