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Another problem on the "virus free" OS has been pointed out to apple by one of the great virus scanning companies (Dr. web), apple denies its existence just like the last time and does nothing to fix it, just like the last time, leaving every fool who believes apple wide open to attacks still!

There isn't any magic that makes apple computers virus free, people just hadn't bothered writing up the viruses for Mac, well now they are, but its bad business if apple admits it, after all, its one of their selling points.
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I just got a McBookAir. All my stuff was reloaded from my old macbook by the guys at the mac store. I have lost a ton of docs. However, when I go through my doc menu, there are thousands of websites (they that I have visited). I have no clue why they are there instead of my docs. Instead I have thousands of files ending in png.. They are websites that I have visited over the years. I don't know what these idiots did to my computer Anyone have any suggestions..
Sorry, apple isn't my area of expertise
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