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Google Apps Vault now available from resellers worldwide

When we launched Google Apps Vault four months ago, Google Apps for Business customers gained a greater ability to manage, control and understand their business-critical data through enhanced information governance capabilities which included archiving, retention and eDiscovery. Vault helps businesses reduce the cost and risk from litigation and other compliance related issues. Starting today, more Google Apps customers can take advantage of these benefits. 

New Google Apps customers can now purchase and deploy Google Apps and Google Apps Vault from one of more than 6,000 Google Apps resellers worldwide. Google Apps resellers help businesses deploy Apps and Vault with consulting support, training, and more. 

Google Apps Vault is available for new customers that purchase Google Apps from a Google Apps Reseller after August 1, 2012. Existing Google Apps customers will be able to purchase Google Apps Vault in the coming months and we’ll announce it as soon as it’s ready.

If you want to learn more, you can find a Google Apps reseller that can assist you:

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This is easily the most impactful update to Google Analytics I've seen for digital marketers.  

It used to be analysis to find good segments, then try to figure out how to go find them with your advertising strategy.  Now you find your most valuable segments from GA data and analysis and target them directly across an immense inventory of placements.

This one's big.

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