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Car salesman and cycling addict.
Car salesman and cycling addict.

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Troubleshooting APM 2.6

I've got a scratch built tricopter controlled my an APM 2.6. Until yesterday it was flying splendidly.

Yesterday started behavior that I can't sort out. The tricopter will lift off as expected in stabilize mode and begin to fly normally. Then, after several seconds, it'll pitch or roll wildly and shoot off in any direction while spinning wildly.

During this time I have no control over pitch, roll, or even throttle. Oddly, however, yaw works fine.

The only way to get the thing back to ground again is to flip to RTL mode then back into stabilize. This gives me about enough control to crash before any damage can be done to people or property.

I've reflashed the firmware, tested motors and speed controls and can't sort this issue out. If the problem was compass related I wouldn't think it would present itself in stabilize mode. The compass/nav receiver are mounted up and away from anything and I have no problem with 3D lock or compass heading.

I'm at a loss here. Any help is appreciated 

Anyone know how to get rid of the buzzing sound which can sometimes come from digital servos?

I'm powering the tail servo for my tricopter from the onboard 0.5A BEC on a speed controller. The signal wire is separate from any power wires and all connections are solid.

The Internet tells me that this just happens and people deal with it when using digital servos.

I've tried multiple servos and all do the same thing.

CC +Adrian Chapmanlaw and anyone else into r/c

Can anyone second the motion that the problem outlined in this post:
is, in fact, related the to the ESC?

tl;dr  - tail motor is erratic, doesn't always spin up, and when it does, doesn't reach full speed and gets very hot.

The motors and ESCs are brand new, properly wired, initialized, etc.

Based on the fact that the motor will oscillate a quarter turn in each direction when given throttle (again, not consistently) I'm leaning towards the ESC being bad.

The problem now is that I can't reproduce the behavior and I don't want to blinding start throwing parts at it...similarly, I don't want to have an issue mid-flight.

Finally got the new tricopter flying and after the maiden I noticed the tail motor was extremely hot.

Not only that, but it wasn't as responsive as one would expect and it even has a hard time spooling up on the ground.

The three AfroESCs have been properly initialized and are ready for flight. Everything else is setup properly.

Unfortunately I don't have any other motors to swap out to test, but does this seem to sound like a motor problem as opposed to the ESC?

#multirotor #tricopter #esc #help #ohno 

Anyone having issues with #Google #Inbox on #Android not displaying notifications for new email?  Mine hasn't worked in several days with no outside changes from what I can tell.

After one too many hard landings the +David Windestål​​ battery tray finally died. The thin plates holding the wire on the tray and the tray itself cracked.

I replaced the tray and drilled four holes for bolts then used a bent coat hanger to make new struts with eye loops bent at each end to bolt to the tray and tricopter body.

The solution isn't as elegant as original, but definitely more sturdy and seems to provide a similar amount of vibration dampening. 

I'm curious how many people typically fly with self-leveling on.  I tried learning to fly the tricopter using it, but found it a much more enjoyable experience to fly without it.  Handling is more predictable and the tri is better able to cope with wind and quick altitude changes.

I'm having an issue with forward flight on my #tricopter. The tail rotor bounces vertically making it difficult to attain any kind of speed.

It's controlled by a kk2 running 1.6 firmware. I've tried messing with the pitch settings but can't sort it out.

I have no problems with roll, and even backwards flight is fairly smooth.

For what it's worth, I'm running 10x5 props which I suspect are on the large size.

Motors and props are balanced nicely.

Any help is appreciated.


#tricopter #multirotor
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